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DEA -- Douglas' Son Moved 'Pounds' of Meth

8/6/2009 11:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Douglas' SonThe DEA claims Michael Douglas' son Cameron is a big time crystal meth dealer -- one who moved "pounds" of the drug since 2006.

According to his federal complaint filed in New York, DEA agents claim they ran a 3-year investigation, proving the 30-year-old actor sold "multiple pounds" of crystal meth to several people -- many of whom are now cooperating in the prosecution of Douglas.

All three witnesses mentioned in the document have pled guilty to narcotics violations. They are cooperating in the hopes of receiving a reduced sentence.

Douglas has been charged with one count of possession with the intent to distribute 500 grams or more of crystal meth and one count of possession with intent to distribute 50 grams or more of "Ice" -- which is the purest form of meth.

The DEA further alleges that Cameron deposited and withdrew tens of thousands of dollars in cash from the drug deals.

According to the indictment, Douglas was set up in New York after agents ran a sting operation-- in which they caught Douglas accepting $15,000 in cash in exchange for a promise to deliver a half pound of crystal meth.

Douglas later followed up with the drug buyer and had the following conversation, using drug code:

Buyer: "The bath salts are fabulous! Thank you so much."
Douglas: "Yeah, I thought you would like them my friend ... I was so excited for you to take a bath and see for yourself."

The docs say the sting hauled in somewhere around 215.2 grams of "ice."

If convicted on all counts, Douglas faces 10 years to life in prison.

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This A$$hat - and others like him - is the reason why I have trouble buying allergy medicine (Claritin D). I have to show my license and can only buy a certain amount a MONTH. He definitely deserves major jail time - especially since meth isn't huge in NY yet like it is out west. We don't want it here!

1883 days ago


He'll do AT LEAST 5 years Fed time. No doubt on this one. He's not gonna get off he should be facing like 30 years but if he cooperates the lowest he'll get is 5 years...maybe 7. He's gonna do time for sure.

1883 days ago


He's going away for a long long time....adios!

1883 days ago


Mug shot reminds me of his fathers "Falling Down" movie post... same glasses? :)

1883 days ago


I think he had a messed up childhood. His father cheated on his mother with Catherine Zeta-Jones, who seems as snuggly as a porcupine.. she makes Sharon Stone seem like a loving person. Imagine your dad cheating on your mom with a total b*tch like that..

I think alcohol/drug addiction might run in the family. Regardless, this is a sad situation.. He seems as messed up as Redmond Oneal.

I wonder how much time he's looking at?!?!

1883 days ago

There is no such thing as reality tv    

This is sad. He needs to go to jail, not some celeb rehab. He is a dealer and user. I hope they don't cut him a deal because of who is father is.

1883 days ago


The arrogant little prick is looking at serious prison time. Don't drop the soap, Cam.

With all his advantages, he shoulda become a lawyer like Harvey so he could screw people legally.

1883 days ago


30. It's a FEDERAL charge.... I'll bet he SERVES 15 years...

Posted at 11:51AM on Aug 6th 2009 by Some Faustkateer

Gentile, I disagree. You thinking about person terms for the unchosen. Like I said, he will serve less than a year.

1883 days ago


As with the celebs, and their dead beat kids often just get a slap on the wrist,and community service. The rich parents get them off the hook time and time again,or they end up dead and become legends. That has got to stop. What type of judical system do they have on their side,the "paid off "Hollywood kind!This kid needs to be locked up just like anyone out there.He is a drug pusher and he knew fully what he was doing. He is no less than a small one man mafia,that gets people hooked for his cash flow ,and ability to provide his own habbit.Did he gorw up watching deal old dad with a white powder around the nostril area? He was condtion from early on that bad behavoir and drugs in Hollywood eleite get a just a slap on the wrist,why not just continue with the lifestyle?

1883 days ago


AHHHHHH......Celebrity children, does a child good to be raised with privilege

1883 days ago


This f*cker needs to go to JAIL, he is one of the reasons that many kids get on this crap. If he gets off with a slap on the wrist, there should be questions asked about the judicial system

1883 days ago


His Mother is a very wealthy woman, Mikes first wife..Why do rich kids do this?? Money aint good..His Mother has millions..He can leave the country..Brazil

1883 days ago


Gentile, I disagree. You thinking about person terms for the unchosen. Like I said, he will serve less than a year.

Posted at 12:03PM on Aug 6th 2009 by COOL JEW


1883 days ago


Don't feel bad for him, he made choices.
While the rest of us cracked books and wrote term papers, this guy had a rollicking good time with his drug money.

1883 days ago


This is totally awesome. I love ya Cameron. Have fun in lock up!!!!

1883 days ago
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