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How Rich People

Watch Football in the Rain...

8/6/2009 5:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The one and only Snoop Dogg brought his executive umbrella assistant to catch the Baltimore Ravens football practice yesterday.

For the record, Snoop is a self-proclaimed HUGE Pittsburgh Steelers fan -- so what the hell is he doing supporting their arch-rivals!?!

Is Snoop undercover? Is he secretly obtaining information for his beloved Steel Curtain? Or is he simply there to support his pal Ray Lewis?

We smell a traitor!!!!

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What's with these Thug Bad Boi's acting as if a little rain drop is gonna hurt them? Uh, he's got a hat on and a crappy hooded sweatshirt so why's he worried about a few rain drops! Seriously, the Snoop Poop should be holding the umbrella for his 'assistant' since he's the one wearing a nice looking suit! Oh, and doesn't Snoop look like he needs to take a crap but there he is stuck on the sidelines! Daaaaang that taco bell he had just before rollin' up to the game is kickin it up like a hurricane all up in there! Kind O' like Dumb & dummmmmberrrrrr thing goin on now!

1872 days ago


how pathetic! this guy has no talent and hes fudly too boot!

1872 days ago

J C    

He's SO important.

1872 days ago

Winsome Davis III    

Funny thing is, he still refuses to wear a condom. Ain't that f*&^ked.

1872 days ago


I can't believe he does not have a white guy or at least a mexican doing this. If it was a white guy his people would love him even more.

1872 days ago


What an ass*ole

1872 days ago

Crystal Rose    

Omg... this is the funniest picture of snoop I have seen in a long, long time... at least he lets his butler stand under the umbrella with him.. although the butler looks like he kinda snuck in there ready to jump out at any time .. and the kid in the backround... you know he's dying to get under the umbrella too,,,

1872 days ago


sickening thug!!!!

1872 days ago


I don't care what color your skin is that is just wrong. Snoop what the hell are you doing?

1872 days ago


shizzle, its rainizzle fizzle, holds my umberizzle my little nizzle.
Come on, hold your own damn umbrella, ella ella, ey ey ey?

1872 days ago


“its so weird to hear comments about "don't criticize other african americans"......pretty lame of whatever AM's think so. OK, because you're A Am you're ok no matter what dumb ass thing you do ? you're only asking for more criticism........which you deserve in that case. Stupid.

Posted at 8:49PM on Aug 6th 2009 by Ann

Ann - Go read dj #35 and maybe you'll understand what one commenter was referring to. It isn't "criticism" - it's a racist rant. It ain't cool.”


1872 days ago


He was there for Ray Lewis. They're BFFs. Obv.

1872 days ago


“That dumb ass who keeps bringing up racism against Snoop should grow up...this has nothing to do with racism. Its got to do with a bonafide proud thug whom gets high on cocaine and whatever else and is a bad influence on young people. Furthermore, he haw not made contributions to humanity like real stars do.”

Cocaine? Snoops smokes weed and doesn’t hide it either. Futhermore, he does give back. Maybe not as much as those you mentioned, but he isn’t nearly has rich as they are. He actually lives a pretty down to earth life with his wife and kids. I think most of what he does is an ACT. I like him. He’s not supposed to be a role model to kids. His music isn’t geared towards young people. You need to raise your own dam kids and stop plopping them in front of the TV

1872 days ago


The tears were running down my cheeks from laughing because this is a very funny and playful staged pose. There is nothing racist about it at all. Study their expressions. I see some good comedians there.

Sometimes I wonder if many of you people who post on TMZ haven't fallen on your head out of a tree - you seem to spin everything and everybody into some sort of racist frame of reference. In particular, you complain about the guy holding the umbrella. If this was a real job - there is nothing wrong with such a job. All work is dignified. You would be the A-hole racist for looking down on the person holding the umbrella.

1872 days ago

john dho    

Snoop is the biggest front runner, band wagon jumping celeb out there. he pretends to be a RAIDERS fan then becomes a STEELERS fan when they win the Super Bowl. Somebody remind him that he had a school bus decked out in the SILVER AND BLACK of the RAIDERS. He is PATHETIC. I lost all respect for his sorry ass. He would dump his momma for your momma if she was the mother of the year just so he cna be up with the times. Maybe if he stopped smoking that crap all day long, he would have a brain cell or 2 left to realize what he is doing.

1872 days ago
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