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Obama's Girls Shake It Up

8/6/2009 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michelle and Malia Obama stepped out of the White House to satisfy one of the First Lady's biggest cravings: Hamburgers and shakes.

Malia & Michelle Obama: Click to watch
We're told the two chowed down on burgers, fries, onion rings and a variety of shakes -- cocoa, vanilla, toasted marshmallow and Milky Way -- at Good Stuff Eatery, the restaurant owned by former "Top Chef" contestant Spike Mendelsohn.

As for the Secret Service -- they just watched. No eating for them.

FYI -- the onion rings got the First Lady Seal of Approval.


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1906 days ago

cosmo in texas    

Has anyone read this cows college thesis. There is a reason it saw sealed during the election. This healthcare plan he is pushing, is it for all americans or only the ones who pop out out babies on a yearly basis and don't even know their baby daddy's last names. I have family who are out of work and can't even qualify for assistance. Probably because of the color of our skin. He bailed out large corporations who still put money aside for their million dollar bonuses. The only stimulus I get is an extra 15 - 20 dollars each paycheck. whoopee. His Aunt who is here illegally is still here. The day after the election I stood in a store line to see a person of dark skin color wanting to know why her items weren't free. What were these people told they would get if they voted for him? Our own local news had a woman on that said after Obama was elected she would never have to pay for gas again and she would also never have to pay another mortgage payment on her home.

1906 days ago


OHHH-there spending so much of our money!

RIIGHT-I believe you have that confused with Bush 2.0

Trillions on 2 un win able wars
Extolling the virtues of free and easy credit which put us in this depression
5000+ good American lives lost
1 million innocent Iraqi civilians killed

all for the oil for your big old SUV's

1906 days ago


as far a i know there is a salary that comes with the
postion,,,,, i do not think that my taxes are buying burger,fries and
2.) while i was never a Bush supporter, I respected the vote of the
people and never expoused hatred like i see and read now. we live
in a democracy and I am so grateful for that. WE have the
opportunity to vote, The opposing side side offered McCain and
palin, They lost ,, other side won, time to accept that , we have
choices and candiates , so much more than many many countries,
i was not terribly happy that the last guy won the second term,
but the country voted and i respected that vote,,, of equal concern
to me was the cheny/rumsfield act. lets not talk about stealing from
the american public. one only needs to read but a few balance sheets
on Haliburton,, Oh, but somewhere we still have those weapons of
mass destruction,
If all are so dissappointed with current cabinet, organize, come up
with ideas which i have yet to hear and take back the house and the
senate,,,I seem to be hearing 2 conversations that are contridictory ,
Why isn;t the govenment creating more jobs,,, but no we can;t have
the govenrment creating capitalist opportunies ,, that would be
socialism... we long ago gave away our manufacturing base, which
employed the largest number of the middle class. No one wanted to pay
500.00 for a 300.00 TV so now the asian markets enjoy that business,
Uneven trade agreements,,, not from this current adminsttation or
even the last one,,, are responsible for that,,, just take a look at
NAFTA, Our corporation base embraced those labor rates , moved
whole manufacturing lines down to MEX and those jobs were lost...
India is another prime example of taking from our economy to give to
theirs, The current adminstration can dump dollars in the economy
but cannot make people buy stuff, As for the housing crisis, banks
literally enjoyed a business left with no regulations, but worse yet people made
some very poor decisions regarding their financial well being,,, The
quick buck lured many .Many saw this as a quick way to move up the
social ladder,,, bigger house, another car ,, a boat , vacations,,,
pulling all equity out of exisiting home or buying the one they can;t
afford,,,, Not feeling terrible bad for this group,. No one saved up
for a rainy day and it rained,
As for health care, i believe something has to be done, the costs
are exhoribant, I actually work in a factrory that produces printed
circuit cards for electronic end use,, The manufacturing people might
makes somewhere between 10-20 an hr depending on skills and tenure.
To insure a family of 4 at my faciility is over 600.00 per month,,,
300.00 a payday,, that is in addition to the taxes, social security
and if they are lucky enough to plan and afford a contribution to
their 401 k.
very few people can take this expense and put food on their table,
pay the car insurance, mortage etc. i do not think that health care
should be free but it does appear to me that there is a tremendous
amount of fraud and duplicity in our system,
this does need reform,,, so other side,,, pls offer something ,,,,
Many of my neighbors are on social sec and medicare, no one complains
about the medicare system in my area ., so that governement system
must work, VA hospital,, with the exception of the atrocities found
at walter reed ,,, is government run and most seem to be acceptable
and serviceable..
i say continue the dialog, offer the ideas, become involved, contact
yr state and local government but reduce the hate.. we are after
all,, one country and one flag, There is no other government that I
would choose over this one,,,,Democracy has many more advantages than
not, The side in the white house right now won this round of
elections, Next time go out and vote for who you would prefer... but
if they don;t win,,,,, we still have to remain as one country under
one flag or we really all lose.

1906 days ago


Come, girls, let's have a shake while Daddy ruins the country we hate so much! Please impeach Obama!

1906 days ago

Robert De Niro    

I wish I was the first lady. I wish I lived in a huge mansion. I wish I could travel on airforce one and be famous. But I can't. I wish I had a law degree and a masters degree like the Obamas. But I don't. Thats why I'm a hater. Thats why I'm typing on TMZ comment threads because I'm a failure with nothing else better to do. You know I'm a failure because successful whites don't hate on black advancement. They're to busy making money to worry about what blacks are doing. Thats why I'm typing on TMZ. I'm a low life. I'm jealous of black people for what they've accomplished and gonna accomplish in the future. Truth be told I'm afraid of black people. Look at the white race. We're the underdogs now. We have nothing. No investments, no financial security, no goals, We've lost both respect, credibility, and stature in the world. I'm nothing but a piece of poor white trailer trash. I'm 7 months pregnant by my cousin and I had to drop out of school in the 9th grade to work so I could support my mother's heroin addiction. Maybe I should just kill myself. That's what white people like myself are used to doing when we're upset. Committing suicide is the best way to go. We have a black family in the Whitehouse who set policies we must follow. Can you believe it. White Joe Biden takes his marching orders from ol black Barack. I can't believe this. I doubt they'll ever be a white president again. All the colored politicans are gonna come out the woodworks now. White america you know the truth. The real reason we're angry, bitter, upset and full of hate especially on these TMZ comments is because we're jealous and afraid of blacks for what they've acomplished and gonna accomplish in the future. We should be in the Whitehouse ruling the country controlling things. We're the ones who are suppose to be superior. Blacks are now the superior race and I can't stand them taking over everything. They've taken over corporate america, education, entertainment, sports, and now politics. What is left for us? NOTHING!! White people are now worthless. My life is worthless. I'm nothing and will never amount to anything. I'm about to overdose on my pills now. Bye TMZ.

1906 days ago


I love seeing the Obamas out and about. They are a lovely family. May God continue to bless them. And may God forgive those who throw rocks at them, while living in glass houses.

1906 days ago


What a bunch of low life racists in here. How despicable. TMZ should be ashamed

1906 days ago


U know what the best part of having a black president is?

Telling all the beigefaces to go back to Europe if they don't like it.

Done it 3x this week so far....and it feels so good to see them fume.....

1906 days ago


It's interesting to have a young mother with kids in the White House. The Obamas appear to be great parents. I believe that the girls will turn out as well as Chelsea Clinton. BTW I didn't care for Bush's policies at all....I believe that he is the reason that this country is in such terrible shape (i.e. the economy). However I NEVER criticized his wife or his daughters who seemingly had a difficult time being children of a president. To call the Obama kids and Michelle rediculous names is childish ( I really don't believe that grown people are doing has to be teens).

1906 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Oh the fun of watching the right wing nut crazies get even crazier as they destroy their own party by handing it over to the likes of Limbaugh, Beck, Palin and Joe the Plumber (whose name is actually Sam and has no plumbing liscense).
Their ignorance, paranoia and racism on display for all the sane people of America to be amused by...
Now get off of this site - don't you have a bus to catch to the next tea bag party or town hall meeting?? C'mon, I like watching you all act like two-year olds - shouting down Congressmen and women with your jibberish. Do you teach your chidren that that is the way adults act?? You Betcha!! Uncivilized, ingnorant and intolerant - nice way to go through life.

1906 days ago


both him and her educated on our dime...forever field-hands from another time.

1906 days ago

cosmo in texas    

Well, at least the beige faces came to this country on the deck of the boat. This will only be posted once and never again.

1906 days ago

Robert De Niro    

FIRST LADY MICHELLE OBAMA is a educated, intelligent, down to earth, classy, beautiful black woman. She doesn't need her hair done all up and a face full of makeup to go out in public unlike the other white first ladies. Then again they are white and you know how they are about their age spots, crows feet etc, etc, etc. White definitely cracks!!
I love sexy, beautiful, ageless, exotic, educated, outspoken, independent, strong black women. Thats why I only date and married beautiful black sistas because of their smooth cafe o lait skin tones, nice hour glass figures, radiance, gracefullness, sassiness, regalness, essence, style and intelligence. Black women always and forever will have it going on.

1906 days ago


1906 days ago
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