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'Real Housewife' Kim

NeNe Choked Me Twice!

8/6/2009 5:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim & NeNeIt's gonna be a rough season of filming -- "Real Housewife of Atlanta" Kim Zolciak is saying NeNe Leakes got a hold of her throat not once, but twice during their now infamous confrontation.

We just got off the phone with Zolciak, who supplied some unknown details about the widely reported throwdown between her and her co-star. Kim says Bravo suggested the two meet up that day to hammer out their issues -- but instead of working anything out, Kim just got choked out.

Zolciak also says she lost her breath for a minute and a half as NeNe choked her ... the first time. Moments later, according to Kim, NeNe went for the neck again -- and producers had to step in to safely escort Kim to her car. That's when Kim filed a police report.

Taking one for the team, Kim says she didn't file a restraining order so filming of the show could continue. She tells us "Violence is unacceptable, this has definitely changed my life. I wish NeNe would be humble enough to apologize."

When asked about the incident Tuesday night in NYC, NeNe denied the choking incident ever happened.


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Linda Mott    

Kim gives women a bad name. She is a talentless and self centered woman.

1874 days ago


NeNe does have valid points about Kim, but if she wasn't so jealous over Kim to start with it wouldn't be a problem. She's just mad because she looks like a horse herself (NeNe). Normal people just stop going around people they detest. NeNe should stop being so ghetto, it doesn't improve the audience's view of her one damn bit.

1874 days ago


You are really one to be pointing fingers and calling racist. WTF is a hunkie? Affirmitive action is probably the only reason your ignorant ass would ever get an education/job. Smoke that, heffa.

1874 days ago


Kim is a friggen idiot. She's a no talent bitch who causes trouble all the time on the show. You cannot believe a word this bitch says. Bravo should get rid of her. Let her work the streets of Atlanta, she might have a chance at making money.

1874 days ago

i still hate retards    

13. Robert stop with your racial AZZ comments. You clearly show that you have a lack of education what in the hell is Nigress. No such word. What about you stupid hunkie because that is what your azz is. A low class trailer park trash hunkie. I bet your peter is small as hell too. Small wee we Robert and whomever else making racist azz comments. Bring it on I hate a hunkie...........................

Posted at 7:20PM on Aug 6th 2009 by tonya

hey tonya, "nigress" is a word:

robert just spelled it wrong--negress. but the trick to making fun of someone else is to at least spell and use correct grammar in your reproach. because you couldn't be witty enough to call him a "hunkie" if you are accusing him of spelling "nigress" now could you?!?!? guess you are a racist "AZZ" too? are you proud?

1874 days ago

Hugh Gentry    

Kim lost her breath and almost had to put down her cigarette. Both of these durty ass women need to go away forever...preferably in the ground.

1874 days ago

I did it my way    

NeNe: You are boss bitch! Tear that weave off!!

1874 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

Who the hell cares?!!! Take all the "Housewives" shows off the air. They suck.

1874 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

WTF. Where's the assault charge? Double standard. Violence against men is OK, while touch a woman is a felony.

1874 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

I wish someone would cloke that show

1874 days ago


Don't believe a word out of this woman's mouth at all. When the hell is she going to learn to STFU?? It's funny cauuse she was running around saying she had cancer and that's why she wore wigs but on a recent episode where she went to beauty school to learn how to make wigs she sat in that chair and said I was sick but, it wasn't cancer. So which one is it? Face it she is too lazy to do her own make4 up and has some one airbrush a grip of it on, so you know she wears wigs cause she can't afford a salon after spending all her sugar daddy's cash on BS.

Go back to the trailer park Kim!

1874 days ago


Kims still breathing aint she? maybe the choke will improve her singing?

1874 days ago



1874 days ago

Tonya is my maid    

I love how reverse racism is often used and justified by black's..... BLACKS & LATINS ARE RACIST AGAINST WHITES and seems to be politicallt correct ... HELL TO THE NO !! racism belongs in the garbage can Tonya, Jump in one and enjoy life

1874 days ago


17. NeNe does have valid points about Kim, but if she wasn't so jealous over Kim to start with it wouldn't be a problem.

Posted at 7:52PM on Aug 6th 2009 by lalalala


JEALOUS!!?? You're joking, right?

Nene has a husband, a stable home and a book that she has written. Kim, conversely, is a PROSTITUTE (that's what it's called when your only source of income is having sex with a married man). Kim also cannot spell "cat," LITERALLY.
The woman is BOZO, complete with "clown wig." So why would anyone be jealous of her?

1874 days ago
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