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Bill Clinton

A Hero's Welcome

8/7/2009 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Having secured the release of journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee from a North Korean jail, Bill Clinton continued to do what he does best yesterday in NYC: Proving how much he really is The Man.

BTW -- We're pretty sure we heard an "MVP" chant in the background...


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Uh Grandma Dynamite, selling nukes to the Middle East? They can't even build their own nuclear weapon, and somehow they're selling it to the others? Time to pull your head out of your a**, and read the news once in a while.

Clinton was the last good president. He wasn't as incompetent as Bush, who started two wars, but couldn't finish either one.

1903 days ago


please ,he's no hero-does anyone even know what this cost you as
americans---this is politics at its best---there was a deal with
these people-(n.koreans) our country will be paying for this out our
rear-ends forever--if you don't believe this then that is why our
country is so nieve---people wake-up america

1903 days ago

doc murry    

This is terriable,I just saw on world news that the two chinese ladies are selling the rights to their story to People magazine for 4 million dollars,,this is shameful.I knew this was going to happen and i told everyone here that yesterday

1903 days ago

you must stupid    

Good grief TMZ. Could you liberal Nazi douchebags be even more obvious? Why no mention of how Billy gave the crazy Koreans the technology to build their nukes to destroy the world?

1903 days ago


Here's an 'Atta Boys' for Bill and Al!

1903 days ago


I like Bill.....And Grandma...whats wrong? Are you granny panties in a bind?

1903 days ago

you must stupid    

What's funny is the fact that without the Republican controlled Congress that Billy had, he would have been just as bad and hated as Obama is now.

1903 days ago


My understanding is they were already going to be released. Talks had been going on for awhile. He basically went over to pick them up. He isn't the one that negotiated their release. I don't think he is claimng he's the man - other people are. He was the pick up system only.

1903 days ago

you must stupid    

And some people actually think this isn't a liberal cesspool site of propaganda and lies.

1903 days ago

doc murry    

didnt clinton have a little party in somalia that he totally dropped the ball on ..seems i remember a few american soldiers being dragged through the streets ..all because slick willy didnt have the balls to send in the troops,,he should have been impeached..ohhh the humanity

1903 days ago

you must stupid    

Why isn't TMZ reporting on the fact that this was a done deal before Billy ever got on the plane? Oh that's right, because Harvey doesn't believe in honesty when reporting on anything political

1903 days ago

you must stupid    

Let's recap. Clinton was offered Bin Laden AT LEAST 4 different times on a silver platter, refused every time. He destroyed the CIA and FBI and made them enemies of one another instead of teammates. He left our soilders to die and be slaughtered like cattle in Mogadishu (Black Hawk Down) and he gave the insane and unstable Communist N. Korea nuclear factories to build their warheads.

Wow, what a great President!!!!!

1903 days ago

you must stupid    

You know Bill is excited. With the complete f*ckup we have in office now, his failed Presidency is going to be a distant memory.

1903 days ago

just sayin    

lol gotta love bill

1903 days ago

you must stupid    

The current administration arranged their release (probably gave up national security secrets to do so) while Billy boy served as the cab driver. Wake up people.

1903 days ago
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