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Gay Miami Newsman Fired After Filing Complaint

8/7/2009 1:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gay Miami Newsman Fired After Filing ComplaintAn openly gay Miami news anchor has officially been fired from his job, just one week after the guy filed a sexual discrimination complaint against his bosses -- and the anchor claims the timing is no coincidence.

The man in the center of the controversy is Charles Perez -- who you may remember from "Inside Edition" or his nationally syndicated talk show, "The Charles Perez Show."

The drama all began in June, when Perez was "demoted" from the local ABC nightly evening newscast to the weekend edition -- and Perez claims it was because the station felt he was "becoming too gay" for the public to handle.

Perez decided to file a complaint with the Miami-Dade County Equal Opportunity Board, in which he details a performance review, where one of his bosses warned him that he smiled on air too much and that he and his female co-anchor were "like girlfriends while on the set."

Perez believes he was fired in retaliation for filing the complaint with the EOB. The station claims Perez's recent "actions" left them "no real choice" but to fire him, according to The Miami Herald.

Here's the catch -- the boss who demoted him is himself gay and issued a statement saying, "As a gay man myself, I can safely say the station does not discriminate against gay people." The station also denies the allegation.

But Perez isn't buying it, and tells TMZ he plans on filing a "7 or 8 figure lawsuit" against both the station and it's parent company, the Washington Post.

But there's more -- Perez believes this whole thing started because of a very private email that was hacked out of his computer by an ex-boyfriend and sent to his colleagues at his news station back in March.

Perez claims the email was a private exchange with his therapist, in which "sexual identity" was discussed. Perez claims when his co-workers read the email, they wrongly believed that he wanted to become a woman -- and that's when people at the station began treating him differently.

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London not England    

#41 - justsaying

Hmmmmm....a little Paranoid ARE WE?!!?!
Most Straight MEN or WOMEN who are COMFORTABLE in their sexuality have Noooooo problems with Gay men or women....
It's been my experience that the ones that do have some "issues" about themselves they haven't come to terms with....
There might be some closet-case issues there....????

Me thinks "Justsaying" doth protest TOO MUCH.......

I'm just sayin......

1904 days ago


I remember him when he had his own talk show. I don't recall him being gay back then but good for him for coming out.

1904 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

43==KCB--You just proved #41's point. I'm gay and I'm comfortable with myself. I accept that 41 doesn't want to see men dressed. You have hostility toward straight people. You have a deep rooted guilt about being gay. You may not sense it if its in your sub-conscience. An ex-lover of mine suffered the same way. He would accuse straight guys of having all these issues even the ones who didn't mind that he was gay. Only one who minded him being gay was him. His guilt made him dislike straight people. Turned him into an alcoholic. You're the bigot., not 41. Get help before you end up like my ex.

1904 days ago


Charles Perez was/is, without question, the best news anchor in S. Florida.

1904 days ago

joey aguilar    

i myself being openly gay hate ignorance and that what this store is. I hope he wins and the people who fired Mr. Perez get theres.

1904 days ago


Re: Comment #8

Guess what Toby... YOU ARE A MINORITY!
The "chickens have DEFINITELY come home to roost"!

1904 days ago


Just being gay itself is too much for the public to handle. Gays have come to think their behavior is normal and are proud to be what they should be ashamed of. As I said long time ago....the backlash is coming. It is not normal behavior and offensive to just about everybody.

1904 days ago


As a GBM I've never felt that I was owed anything...I only wanted to be treated like everyone else around me...I never chose to be gay..its like a straight person deciding they want to be straight..when did they decide? Until u walk in my shoes and see how I'm treated you don't understand...Some people are always so quick to jump on the "what do we owe u bandwagon?" You owe me the right to be treated FAIR and EQUAL! I came in this world the same as everyone else. Naked!!!! Society labeled me! He's a man like every other man who deserves to be treated as an equal...Yes gays do discriminate against their own..gays are no different then anyone else our sh*t stinks too.

1904 days ago

London not England    

#65 Tommy

WHOA!?!?!??!?!.....PSYCH 101 Rears it's ugly head?!?!?!?!

Where oh WHERE did you get all that?!?!?!?!?! Some of my best friends are straight......even my parents LOL....
I have NOOOOOOO issues with Straight people.... but the one's that do not know themselves seem to...... and as I said before.."it's usually the ones that have closet issues".....believe me, if a man is NOT into Vienna Sausages...or a Smoocher of the ROOT....he isn't uncomfortable around Gay guys...except for maybe not wanting a bunch of phone numbers slipped to him by a bunch of trolls....the same applies for Women.....

So save the Therapy for your Ex....he sounds like he needed it being with YOU....LOL.
Nice try though, but keep your day job!

1904 days ago

lets be real    

i'm a stright woman and i am sick of seeing men act like women and i am surely happy with my sexuality. To say that i am uncomfortable in my sexuality is just a TIRED way for homo's to defend their disgusting actions. I walk down the road and vomit is all over the place does'nt mean i will ever like seeing it.

1904 days ago

Real People    

Gay or NOT Gay....He had an on air Job.. He must act Appropriately ! Just because your Gay does not mean you can act it out on the air... If Your a cross dresser and a man, you couldnt come out on the air dressed as a women either.... When your ON the AIR, you dont act out your personal life....Its just like if your in a bad mood, you dont come out and let it out ON THE AIR.. Perez doesnt have a case.

1904 days ago

London not England    

#73 -letsbereal

And AS FOR YOU MISS BITCH....Most Gay Men today DO NOT act like BIG Queens...
Go into any GOLDS GYM and many of those muscle hunks are sooooo Buff & Hot & Masculine you almost couldn't tell they were GAY....The ERA of the Pink wearing, swishing queen has loooooong been ova!~! Now Gay men are MEN, with big biceps and even bigger chests....THIS IS WHAT F@#KS YOU WOMEN UP, AND YOU STRAIGHT MEN........!~!
Women don't like it because it throws them for a loop because the can't believe that all the men who are in shape & that look good are GAY....and it F@#KS straight men up because it throws them for a loop because they WANT all gay men to act like little girls, that way they don't "accidentally" befriend one, or even they feel safer if the guy is a queen instead of a butch man......and for the record, you POOR BITCHES...why don't you tell your STRAIGHT men (the few that are left) to GET IN THE GYM! WORK OUT FOR A CHANGE...THIS IS WHY WOMEN HAVE TO SETTLE FOR ALL THE FAT, OUT OF SHAPE GUYS TO MARRY....ALL THE GOOD ONES ARE IN THE GYM, THEN HOME WITH THEIR BOYFRIENDS....
You know it's true....! LOL

1904 days ago

Some Faustkateer    

Unfortunately, the newsman will lose. In Florida, there is no employment protection for gay people. The station can stand up in court and scream, "Yes, we fired him because he's gay!" All perfectly legal....

1904 days ago

Some Faustkateer    

Hello? Gays are NOT covered under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act! "Sex" does not include sexual orientation and it is perfectly legal to fire someone solely for the offense of being gay. Ask Cracker Barrel.... Ask Winn-Dixie.... Both companys have fired workers just for being gay and got away with it. If a company endows their gay workers with rights, they do so completely voluntarily.

The right to equal treatment is exactly what the LGBTI community has been askinf for all along! I can't understand why so many people still believe gays have equal rights. They do not....

1904 days ago

jOhNNy bOttLeS    

Tho thend'm to channel theven thilly

1904 days ago
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