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Pilots Heard Noises Before Barker/DJ AM Crash

8/7/2009 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The pilot of the plane that crashed with DJ AM and Travis Barker on board heard a series of strange noises just moments before the fatal crash.

Pilots Heard Noises Before Barker/DJ AM Crash

According to a log of intra-cockpit communication, one of the pilots can be heard saying "What was that?" The other pilot responds, "I don't know. We're not going though."

The NTSB released the log today, along with several photos of items recovered at the scene, but is still months away from issuing a final report with the probable cause of the crash.

The plane crashed as it was trying to abort takeoff from Columbia, SC just before midnight on September 19, 2008. Four of the six people on board were killed.


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Hearing about this really makes me sick. Those two pilots are both dead, and Travis and AM are trying to blame them for the crash, saying they should have tried to take off with a messed up tire. How in the world would they have landed? And I think that pilots know how to fly a plane better than two sub par musicians.

Now both of them are suing the families of the poor deceased about pitiful. Two rich people suing two poor families that just lost their fathers. The two of them have no honor, and I don't see how they sleep at night. They ought to be ashamed of themselves.

1902 days ago

doc murry    

maybe the pilots couldnt see because barker was smoking so much weed in the back the smoke overtook the this was barkers fault,,the sound they heard my sources tell me was the electric pump for the super nuclear powered bong barker was useing...time to get high for me too

1902 days ago


THIS is news?....OF course he heard noises...the plane was about to old is this story...c'mon TMZ is this the best you can do....a year old plane crash...What happened to Michael Jackson....who killed him...why isn't Dr. Murderer Murray arrested yet...where is he going to be burried....why is fat SOB arnold klein trying to control the kids..,.,.,.so many questions and we need answers.
RIP Mj.......We love you more

1902 days ago


And I agree with #1...they livedand still bitch about it. Better they live and show their douchey ways than die and get the Kurt Cobain treatment.

1902 days ago


Maybe they heard Tiger Woods farting.

1902 days ago


Travis has been given a second chance. I wish he would stop being mean and hurtful to Shanna.

1902 days ago

Gay With Acne    


Eat my dust, Homosuals!

1902 days ago


gotta agree with number 2 the pilots were probably so caught in the recklessness of the passengers that they were not able to focus on their job.

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1902 days ago

Real American    

Does anybody else think it's funny that only the two "celebrities" survived this crash? Did the others defer to them in the escape from the plane? Could they have helped the others out, but said "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here"?

1902 days ago

Chrissy in Texas    

Whoever posted the first comment might want to get your facts straight before mouthing off. If you took ten seconds to research the crash you would see that the lawsuit that was filed was not against the pilots families, but rather against the aviation company that the pilots flew for. As for the grounds of the lawsuit it's certainly acceptable. There are reports that the tires blew on the runway (and parts of the tire were found) before take off. The pilots who are trained should have realized that there was a problem and aborted the take-off. Regardless of wether or not the tire issue was known in advance, or who wanted to continue with the take off inspite of the issue, it was ultimatly the pilots decision to make. This time he made the wrong one, and it cost him his life. The aviation company is being held responsible because the pilot worked for them, he represented them. This means that the company is responsible for any decision, good or bad, that any employee makes. While this is a tragedy in all respects, I think that Barker and DJ AM are more than in the right for these lawsuits. Next time, check your facts!

1902 days ago


im reading some of these peoples coments and it amazes me on how stupid some people really guys should do some research before typing some stupid nomsense

1902 days ago


Maybe what he heard was Barker drumming. I'd have ditched the plane, too.

1902 days ago


Travis wastes his life fighting with that IDIOT Shanna on Twitter all day. They are all worthless!

1902 days ago


If you blow a tire at high speeds (V1 or close to it) you can take out the squat switch along with the tires.
No rubber left=brakes on asphalt=sparks.
No squat switch in ground mode on one side=no ground mode on airplane computers.
No ground mode=air mode.
Air mode=no brakes, no anti-skid, no spoilers, no thrust reversers. So, loose the squat switch from blown tire=emergency braking system is all you have left. Triple the stopping distance or more and that's after the shock of realizing you only have emergency braking.

1902 days ago


Chrissy in Texas, here is an idea, how about you get a life? My message is still the same regardless:

They shouldn't be suing anyone!

1902 days ago
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