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Beckham Puts the KiPOSH on Paula Abdul

8/7/2009 6:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Victoria Beckham has landed and is ready for her closeup ... as a temp judge on "American Idol."

Victoria Beckham
With Paula Abdul off "Idol" -- for now -- the former Spice Girl arrived in Denver on Friday just in time for the start of the show's auditions.

If anyone can help crush the hopes and dreams of thousands of wannabe singers ... it's Victoria.


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Give Victoria a chance! She is only doing it temporarily anyway. You can say what you want but the girl has class and is damn good at what she does. I disagree that she is just Davids wife. She has achieved a lot on her own!!!!!
I understand the name Beckham helped her along but she is good at a lot of other things. Dont be so critical, a change sometimes is good. I have personally have watched a few of her interviews and yes whilst she may not smile as much as we would like, she still has a great sense of humour and is far from dumb. She can actually hold a conversation.
Go Vic, its about time that they gave you a break.
I am totally inspired by Victoria. I do think she can afford to put on a bit of weight, but you have to admit she looks fabulous in her Armani underwear.... She can give a lot of 18 year olds a good run for their money.

1801 days ago


please please dont send her back to us its taken forever to get rid of her, my sympathy to all of you who watched AI, it will never be the same with this hasbeen, why do you think shes over there not to bewith her hubby, but because she cant get nowhere in the uk, lord help those poor contestants, someone should warn them to ignore eveything she says, she knows nothing, and even less aout music

1801 days ago


American Idol!!!! Bring Paula back!!! Posh and her "million dollar contract soccer player husband that couldn't play due to injuires" husband need to go back home! They already came, they saw, they got the money...

1801 days ago


I am a Brit and in honesty I find the Beckhams an real embarrassment - as do many other Brits! - lets be honest without being nasty, the Spice girls may have made "some" good tracks and collectively they were a talent - not a huge talent, but some of their tracks were catchy and differn't, but individually they were not particuarly talented, other than perhaps Mel C as she does have quite a good singing voice. But I think that in the main their lack of individual talent was bareable until their egos got in the way of their endearing qualities and that is why people have taken a dislike to them (yes, Brits included). I must admit, I am not someone who has a lot of time for people who think they are better than everyonelese - it really is an extremely un-attractive trait! I can't comment about the Soccer element since I can't stand it and don't follow it. I find it questionable that A.I, have chosen someone to judge with no talent but then again they sometimes do this with X-Factor! Mind you guys, I don't know if any of you guys have come accross, Cheryl Cole of Girl's Aloud (group), she is one of our X-Factor judges, she is also married to a Footballer, but she is one of the sweetest, charming and down to earth celebs you can come accross - and she has talent - the whole group does and individually - so please guys - don't be slateing us Brits - since we feel the same way too, and we too appreciate real and down to earth folks, with a warm friendly smile and air of genuinity (if that is a real word - you know what I mean), about them, that have a good sense of humour & don''t take themselves too seriously! (on encouraging them back home - thanks a bunch guys)"! lol ;) Stay cool! :) I hope that you get Paula back on, yes she is a nice "real" person and who posesses talent of her own. But I beg you not to send em back here - Pleeeeeeeezzee!

1801 days ago


Bobble head is a joke..........she looks deformed!

1800 days ago

Is this newsworthy?    

BRING BACK PAULA! She balances out the judge pool. You need atleast one positve upbeat person on there and she is worth 10 million atleast. REALLY, they have no qualms about paying Simon 100M but will nickel and dime PAULA! These people make no sense. She attracts a demographic that will be lost if she is no longer on the show and it will not be regained with the likes of VICTORIA! She is like a female Simon, do you really need two similar personalities like that! PLEASE BRING BACK PAULA!

1800 days ago

doo doo    

Her face looks fatter and younger than I've seen it in ages ... even though her body is continuing its disappearance. She must have had loads of fillers injected. I wonder will they last the whole season?

1800 days ago


What is FOX even thinking ?! First letting go of Paula and now getting Posh in! Its like one horrible mistake after the other , AI 's going down the drain if FOX is too arrogant to admit that they did a mistake. Get Paula back and let's all go back to the good old days (even if Kara is still there)!

1800 days ago



1800 days ago


OH HELL NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1800 days ago

Lori in Chicago    

Please get rid of Victoria and get Paula back.... Beckham is almost as appealing as Ryan O'Neal as a judge..... I will BOYCOTT American Idol unless Paula is back..... Beckham is BORING AND SHALLOW.... I've seen bigger boobs on a Pez Dispenser.

1800 days ago


Are you kidding me with some of these comments? Paula Abdul is a crazy ass hack and that's why AI didn't want to pay her so they just let her go. She's not even worth a mill. I'm TELLING YOU. If Victoria Beckham ends up taking Abdul's spot, it'll ring in SO MANY VIEWS. Don't even start telling me that you P.A stans wouldn't watch it. I'm not a crazy fan of VB, but that bitch is fierce and WAY better off than any of us will ever be.

1799 days ago


Why would they want this boney bit*h on AI? She has no real talent.

1799 days ago


I love Victoria she is so pretty. She has great taste in fashion. I am so happy that she will be in American Idol. I hope its permanent. I love the Beckhams so much. Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz are so adorable. And David is just DAMN. I watch every LA Galaxy game to see him.

1799 days ago
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