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Paula Abdul -- $10 Million For Your Thoughts

8/8/2009 2:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We confronted Paula Abdul head-on with our story that she will return to "American Idol" for a cool $10 million. Trust us, it's true, but Ms. Abdul played poker after landing at Burbank airport.

Paula Abdul

Sadly, our cameraman got it wrong by asking Paula if she was bent out of shape because she felt disrespected by Simon. She legitimately answered "no." The truth is -- even more than the money, she Twitter-quit because she felt disrespected by "A.I." execs, who agreed to pay Ryan Seacrest $15 mil a year, Simon Cowell a gazillion a year, and Paula a puny $4 mil a year.

Hey "American Idol" cheapskates -- $10 mil is a bargain ... because crazy sells!


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It's sickening how much these people get paid and the average individual has to struggle to survive. Well who said life was fair. There should be a donation fund for the average individual, we seem to be hurting the most.

1865 days ago


IT'S SEXISM IN 2009!!!

1865 days ago


she has gotta go back to AI or am not watching it. it would be so boring with victoria beckham doing her fake niceness got that woman is not nice at all. her husband is... but she isnt.. bring back the crazy you cheapskate AI EXECS..!!

1865 days ago


All of these so called "celebs" on these so called "reality" shows should bow down and kiss the ground they walk on for what they get. The shows are infinitely dumb, comical in execution and anything but unscripted. All of em!! One day the dumb downed viewers will wake up and see these shows for what they really are. Studio produced trash that should be disposed of. Out!

1865 days ago

June Pollard    

Paula, you go girl, keep holding out until you get what you deserve. Those English men are so sexist.
You make Idol what it is, a mega money show. They need you for it to remain on course. Simon is nothing but a blockhead. He reminds me of that game back in the day that I think was indeed called Blockhead. Randy would
not be missed if he left and that other female, I don't even know her name...

J. Pollard
S.I., NY

1865 days ago

Mary Worth    

Kara was obviously brought in to replace Paula. But she added nothing to the show. Paula was memorable and Kara and Randy just aren't!

A whole season and I can't remember anything about Randy and Kara. Well, except for that awful song composed by Kara that the finalists had to grapple with.

1864 days ago

Still in Shock    

I don't post on boards but I feel pretty strongly about this subject.

I agree with the poster re: Kara's song she wrote that the contestants had to sing...that song was TERRIBLE!

I would also like to say that w/out Paula...the show is not going to be as interesting. first off, they drag the show out too long (its getting a little old)

Kara gets on my nerves.

I like Randy because he gives constructive criticism that, if the contestants would listen to him, they would do better the next week.

He is the most honest and for the most part has been right on about how good/bad some one did. I have been in the acting business for awhile and while people think he is being harsh...YOU HAVEN'T SEEN HARSH UNTIL YOU HAVE BEEN IN THE ACTING BUSINESS AND GO ON AUDITIONS.
You have to be VERY thick skinned. They tell you like it is, which is exactly what Simon does.

Now, Paula...she is the ying to Simons yang. There is so much sexual tension with those two, I can't help but watch.
He is always staring at her (he does mouth off) but his facial expressions say a lot. I have seen people who are in love/lust w/ people & he has it written all over his face for Paula.
I'm like "Would you two just get together and get it over with?" LOL
He is always leaning back in his chair, puts his arm on the back of her chair & looks at her.

Also, Paula knows what it is like to perform, and she can give the contestants ideas on "stage presence".
She worked her way up from a Laker girl, GREAT JOB PAULA!!!
So, American Idol, please keep Paula, she helps soften the blow when it comes to Simon's critiques.

Ryan is great, he needs to go ahead though and take Larry Kings place on CNN.
Ryan does better than anyone who sits in for Larry when he is gone.

They are making a BIG DEAL about Posh sitting in as a guest judge...huh??? A one time spice girl, who would have already been forgotten if she wasn't married to David Beckham. I wont be watching that night. Posh thinks she is much more than she really is.

My prediction is....if they do not put Paula on the will be the beginning of the end for American Idol.

1863 days ago


i have two things to say about this, the only reason ryan got all that money is because he is every where, he is on enews he has a radio show a production company. those things translates into free promo and press for american idol (not that it needs it) because whenever anyone see ryan they are automatically going to think american idol, if ryan didnt have all that he would not be getting anywhere near what he is getting.
second paula may be playing a game here. in the past paula has kinda of mention doing other things beside idol but not being allowed to do them because of american idol. maybe paula asked for so much money knowing they would never give it to her so she can say she left and will be free to do other things.

1863 days ago

Texas Girl    

Why hasn't TMZ hit on the obvious - $14 million a year for Ryan Seacrest? come on, for real? He's totally disposable. What's he got on execs - who's he in bed with?

1863 days ago
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