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Hockey Star

Arrested Over

20 Cent Fight

8/9/2009 1:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0809_patrick_cane_getty_bn-1Fighting over money is common -- but does $0.20 even count as money?

Two dimes (or four nickels) was allegedly the cause of a fight between NHL star Patrick Kane and a cab driver in Buffalo, NY. According to the Buffalo News, Kane (along with his cousin) were arrested after they allegedly roughed up a cab driver who couldn't give them the required change.

According to a police report obtained by the paper, the Kane boys paid $15 for a $13.80 cab ride -- but became incensed when the cabbie had the dollar bill, but not the coinage, to make change. The cab driver told police he was punched in the face and head, grabbed by the throat and had his glasses broken during the incident.

Both men were charged with second-degree robbery, a Class C felony, as well as fourth-degree criminal mischief and theft of services, both Class A misdemeanors. WIVB-TV says Kane has pled not guilty.

Kane plays for the Chicago Blackhawks but grew up in Buffalo and was in town to announce the funding of a local hockey rink.

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Some of you peope are complete idiots. If you read the story THOROUGHLY, the report says "the cabbie had the dollar bill, but not the coinage, to make change." THAT MEANS, he didn't have the 20 cents but had the dollar... Anyhow, I hardly think these morons needed the 20 cents so badly they needed to be agressive about it, nor do I think the cabbie was gonna pay off tremendous debts by withholding the 20 cents either. Read the stories before you post comments fools!!!

1903 days ago


These guys must be the Hanson brothers off spring.

1903 days ago


Bill- your a moron. Who cares what the cabbies name is. You seem to have some pent up rage against cabbies. U mad because they cut u off in traffic? What these douche bags did (if the story is true) was horrible. I wish that when someone commits a violent crime part of their punishment includes having the crime committed against them. To all you idiots who are talking sh*t because this guy might be foreign please use you brains for just a minute. If this dude was an illegal, do u think he would risk getting deported to report a crime? If he is foreign, who cares? What those a**holes did was messed up, no matter who the victim is.

1903 days ago




1903 days ago


Is it that hard to read the article before posting rude comments only to make yourself look stupid because YOU are wrong after all? Geez, hey there CAN'T SUBTRACT who posted #2, how do you figure they subtracted wrong when the article CLEARLY states that the cabbie HAD the dollar change but not the COIN change (20 cents)? Do YOU know how to subract? All because people can't wait to post rude comments or find fault....that's what it boils down to. Now how does it feel to have someone bust your chops over either a mistake or a wrong statement? Just sayin'.......

1903 days ago


I love all of these conspiracy theories you people are coming up with in defense of kane. The incident happened at 5am, the Kanes were pickupped on w chippewa street, the city's bar district, last call is 4am. Doesnt take a genius to realize that he was at a club/bar. In regards to why name and backround info on cabbie isn't being made available, why should it be. The guy appeared on the news, he didnt even have to do that. He didn't commit a crime. If you got to wivb.com, and watch this guy's interview, you'll realize that he's not some smooth con artist, who lured the kane's into a trap. Just an older blue collar guy. The Kane's not only assaulted the cabbie, they took back their money, and took the rest of the guy's money too, hence the robbery charge. Millionaire 20 year old and cousin got drunk, made poor judgement, acted stupid, got arrested, i highly doubt kane wouldve done this sober. Go to wivb.com and buffalonews.com, and if anyone is still convinced that this is some sort of conspiracy theory against the kanes, you need help.

1903 days ago


Ha ha if Black Hawks think this dumb nuts will lead them to promise land they better think again. IDIOT.48 years and counting. AND COUNTING.

1903 days ago


"The driver, who asked to go by the name "J.R.," was interviewed by Buffalo television station WIVB. He showed visible marks below his left eye and on the left side of his neck."


why hide his name?

because JR is a con artist who has a prior reputation of scams that would be exposed

the duke rape hoax "victim" also wanted her name shielded

1903 days ago


Just watching Sportsnet here in Canada....The cabbie was saying when they arrived at their destination they opened they door to get out and the cabbie said you have to pay first before you get out and Kane (not sure which one) said well I have to get my wallet out first. The cabbie said college kids run off all the time and said they have to pay first b4 they get out. Patrick Kane said dont you know who I am? Cabbie replied I dont give a F who you are you pay first.

then of coarse the money thing happened, the cabbie swore he didnt have the money

The Cabbie didnt know which one was which he said one had him around the neck and the other punching him in the face.

1903 days ago


I can't believe the way some people are defending Kane! If you agree that he should have gotten all his change and the cabbie was wrong, fine but then call the cops or take the cabbies info and take the PROPER steps, it still doesn't give him the right to TOUCH the cabbie, PERIOD! Do you all not get that? I personally could care less if I were in Kane's shoes, I'd have let the guy keep all the change anyway as a tip but again regardless if he wasn't going to tip him he still can't go beating people up - follow the law!! Especially when you are in the spotlight and KNOW a big deal will be made of it? Wimpy boys are what they are in my eyes........can't handle their liquor besides not being of legal age to drink it anyway.
And Bill, I'm wondering if one of the reasons they did not release the cabbies info is for his protection. The way some people behave these days......some crazed fans would do anything to defend their Idol! Just an idea......

1903 days ago


Hey cheapo's you are supposed to tip the taxi driver.

1903 days ago


The cab driver is probably in cahoots with the tooth fairy and the easter bunny. Guess what Bill, this isn't the Duke rape hoax incident. You should be ashamed of yourself for coming to the kanes defense. Or maybe you just condone the beating of innocent 50 year old cab drivers by snotty rich kids. I hope the same thing happens to you, then we can all go to tmz.com and compare your beating to the duke rape hoax.

1903 days ago


I highly doubt that sportsnet knows more about the situation than wivb.com, the local news channel does, and I haven't heard one confirmed report of the cabby getting mouthy. Sportsnet article says nothing of the sort either.

1903 days ago


This stinks of a shakedown. Kane's cousin prob did all the swinging and now this cabbie sees a nice settlement out of this. C'mon, PK starting fights?! He must've been drunk as a skunk to do somethig that stupid. But he wasn't. I didn't see underage intoxication or underage drinking in the list of charges against him.
He might've tried to restrain his cousin and got caught in the middle of it, but pounding on a guy 3x his age?! No way. This case is between his cousin and the cab driver, period.

1903 days ago

Mr. Attitude    

All this over 20 frigging cents! (The cabbie had the buck) Kane makes 875K a season. Wait until the cabbie complains he can't work because of headaches and all kinds of other ailments related to the beating. That 20 cents will quickly become 200K not including his lawyer's fees. Kane is a complete idiot. I can't wait to see the signs people make when the Blackhawks are on the road. Imagine the promotions in the buildings. Everyone through the door can drop .20 in a jar for charity. .20 beer, popcorn, hotdog, etc, nights. Marketing folks will have a ball with this one.

1903 days ago
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