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Actor Claims He May Be Paris' Daddy

8/9/2009 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The godfather of Michael Jackson's three kids says he "could be" the father of Michael Jackson's daughter, Paris .. and it sounds like he may be waging a legal fight.

Mark Lester -- a longtime friend of Jackson's -- says M.J. asked him if he would donate sperm during the time the singer was married to Debbie Rowe. He says a London clinic contacted him and he obliged with the donation.

Lester claims there's an uncanny resemblance between his 15-year-old-daughter Harriet and Paris.

Lester, who spoke with News of the World, says he is willing to take a paternity test.

Lester says he has "concerns about the welfare and upbringing of the children." Lester says he does not currently have contact with Jackson's three kids and it's "heartbreaking."

Lester did not say he's gearing up for a legal fight, but the signs are there ....

UPDATE: 2:27 AM ET: Katherine Jackson's lawyer, Londell McMillan, is scoffing at Lester's claim and the move made by Dr. Arnold Klein's lawyer in court last Monday. McMillan said, "These genetic lottery attempts aren't going anywhere. They have no legal standing. They may seek 5 seconds of fame but the claims have no merit."


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Even it would be true, that should be a secret between Michael and you.

You speak on TV about that ! wow !

I'm so sad for Michael and his family.

1870 days ago


I don't care what people, the tabloids, or any other joker out there claiming to be the father of these kids says, these are Michaels kids and he is their daddy. Period. Biology doesn't matter, it's all about what is in your heart. Michael is all that these kids have ever known and the rest is irrelevant. These kids need to be left alone so they can grieve. They are in good hands and the court is on their side. Paris, Prince, and Blanket.. you are in all of our hearts and I hope the family takes every effort to shield you from the junk written in all of these rags.

1870 days ago


These kids are going to be spending a lot of time on this site, ie Lohan, Brittany etc. With that family, the situation around their conception/birth etc the kids are going to have a pretty screwed up future if someone doesn't step in and put a stop to all this. That family is just an evil family of self-indulgent and self-interested people. Say what you want about Katherine, but this is as much her fault as Joe's. They raised a family of full of sleezoids and freaks.That is the legacy of this family....

1870 days ago

just sayin    

this is actually turning into a joke, first Dr. klein now him.
paris looks nothing like his kid the only resemblance is the blue
eyes, if this is the case then all blue eyed childen better step
forward since they may be "related" to the jackson three

that being said, this guy was never god father to mj's children it's
always been macaulay culkin. i guess all the stories he's been
spilling out to the press hasn't got him any attention now he feels
the need to add fuel to fire.

if mj did use sperm donors for those children, there's something
called a sperm bank which you can go to.

may i add that mark is a natural blonde and so are his daughters,
debbie rowe is also a natural blonde, if paris is truly his why in
the world does she have brown hair,no hint of blonde hair not even
when she was a baby, that alone says it all. i'll also repeat there
are absolutuely no similarities between mark's kids and paris except
for the blonde eyes. this is just another ploy to get attention

1870 days ago


hell im the dad if theirs money involved

1870 days ago


Oh please! They don't even resemble him the slightest! BS! And why only Paris and not Prince? Oh yes, Prince does not look like him either...

1870 days ago


When will all these people leave these poor kids alone! Michael WAS their daddy! Those 3kids look like MJ!! Not only in appearance but also look at their bone structure (it's small just like MJ) I truly believe 100% Michael is the bio-dad of these children. he signed all 3birth certificates,he raised them since birth MJ loved them and they loved him!! The media always judged and ridiculed MJ they never took the time to talk to him or tried to understand him! and now the media is starting the same crap with MJs children! When will the media back off of the Jacksons and leave them alone!! Lets get to what is the most important...catch the person/persons who mudered MJ!! Love you Michael

1870 days ago


Larry Birkhead is the daddy he has Annas baby now he has another goldmine

1870 days ago


I knew it . Goodlife Paris and Prince. R.i.p Michael even though hes rolling in his grave.

1870 days ago


Oh, here come the father wannabes. !!!!

Next will be the Blanket mother wannabes !!!

Actually Harriet looks a lot more like Debbie Rowe than Paris does.

This wil go on forever.......................................................................

1870 days ago

screamin in dig    

who cares who the father is at this point the only legal father is mj period!! whydont you post useful stuff like why he is not buried? why the memorial contained none of his frieds? why the autopsy is faked with bogus info. Why dr murry was never on any broadcasts defending himself? whay the whole mj is a hoax done to make billions a dollars to live his final years in seclusion . show us theproof that he really did die if tmz ia so good put up or shut up. Why not report the truth not the garbage lies that everyone else had produced. Now why when tmz announced that mj died on fox news they were not fazed about it, Because he never died people wake up again i will put more info on here that will furl the best and lnowledgeable conspiracy theroists around the world... This is it tour was actuall this is it watch what i do to the media and pull a hoax.. that was planned many years in advanced . Open your eyes and mind and you shall see the light . Hail To The KIng !!

1870 days ago


Interesting ... I believe this is the same person who spoke with Paris following MJ's funeral and she said, "Oh Uncle Mark and I come and spend time with you?"

Best thing for these children is DNA tests. They have to live in this world with rumors surrounding their lives.

1870 days ago

just sayin    

this is total BS my god people are so deluded they actually believe anything these days. next thing you know macaulay culkin is going to come forward and people will jump on that bandwagon as well and start saying they see similarities.

1870 days ago


Paris looks uncannily like Dr. Klein.....take a look at pictures of the two of them side by side. I was floored when I saw it the first time!
Other than having blonde hair and blue eyes, these two kids look nothing alike.

1870 days ago


LOL @ # 19- "hot_mama"

"Hell, I'm the mother of Blanket...."

1870 days ago
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