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Actor Claims He May Be Paris' Daddy

8/9/2009 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The godfather of Michael Jackson's three kids says he "could be" the father of Michael Jackson's daughter, Paris .. and it sounds like he may be waging a legal fight.

Mark Lester -- a longtime friend of Jackson's -- says M.J. asked him if he would donate sperm during the time the singer was married to Debbie Rowe. He says a London clinic contacted him and he obliged with the donation.

Lester claims there's an uncanny resemblance between his 15-year-old-daughter Harriet and Paris.

Lester, who spoke with News of the World, says he is willing to take a paternity test.

Lester says he has "concerns about the welfare and upbringing of the children." Lester says he does not currently have contact with Jackson's three kids and it's "heartbreaking."

Lester did not say he's gearing up for a legal fight, but the signs are there ....

UPDATE: 2:27 AM ET: Katherine Jackson's lawyer, Londell McMillan, is scoffing at Lester's claim and the move made by Dr. Arnold Klein's lawyer in court last Monday. McMillan said, "These genetic lottery attempts aren't going anywhere. They have no legal standing. They may seek 5 seconds of fame but the claims have no merit."


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Michael wanted his children with his mother..and that is exactly where they should stay..Can't you just accept it? None of us know the family, all we know is what the media has told us...From what I heard over the years from Michael himself was how strong of a wonman is mother was.He loved his mother and felt that she would be the best for his children..
This was Michael final wishes...Let us the fans give him what his so-called friends did not..SUPPORT..

1867 days ago

Just sayin    

Now i'm not sure if MJ is their Bio father
but I do know this

You can not take two very fair skinned white people and get a child that is a medium toned skin color.
Look how dark Paris looks when compared to that girl. Debbie Rowe is fair skinned too.
And if you see those kids next to the rest of the jackson clan, they look lighter for sure, but they don't look white.

1867 days ago


8. Paris is much too dark to be from a pairing of Mark Lester and Debbie Rowe. If Mark Lester is Paris' bio dad, then Debbie Rowe is not the bio mom.

Posted at 8:25PM on Aug 8th 2009 by LoveHimMore

I agree with this and I do believe Debie Row is the bio mother because her and Paris look like twins, I don't believe he is the father I still believe MJ fathered all 3 children, I mean MJ has had surgery over the years so they may not look so much alike what you need to do is look at pics of MJ when he was young and you will see Prince Michael 1 looks alot like MJ and on his hands he has blotches could be VITILIGO something he may have inherited from MICHAEL, untill its proven MJ is the farther in my eyes and even if he wasn't he would still be the father after all he has done for those kids !

1867 days ago


this is junk so what both girls have blue eyes that does not mean anything. I do not think she is his or kliens at all these children are too beautiful to be either of these mens children. I am not saying they are MJ's kids but they do have darker skin and klien nor this dude do

1867 days ago


She looks similar to my kid,too. I may be her father!!! They're going to come out of the woodwork now, everybody wants some money.

1867 days ago


Jacksons wishes are for the kids to STAY WITH HIS MOM. RESPECT HIS WISHES YOU SO CALLED FRIEND. Do a pat test before you open your big fat mouth

1867 days ago


Who wont come out of the wood works and say they are the kids parents. This is pure bs

1867 days ago


I have to admit I do see some resemblance. However, if there is a DNA test and this guy does not turn out to be the father then he needs his you know what cut off. To put a child through something like that is horrible. his defense if Paris is his biological daughter and there is some reason that he was worrying about the welfare of her then I agree that he should have the right to know. This is a total head f*ck because there are so many what ifs and buts involved. I hope she is not his daughter though because I would hate to see those kids broken up. Another thing...all of Michael's kids have a strong resemblance to one another OMG I give up because I'm going to go crazy thinking about it.

1867 days ago


I think I might be the father of the children---oh, no, maybe I am the mother!! Anyway I just know I am related some way.

1867 days ago


this is crap he is not concerned and anyways you gave your sperm willing and I bet you were paid for it ha

1867 days ago


Ok so they both bave blue eyes, And??? Joe Jackson has blue eyes too.
Sorry, Mark, no similarities. and by the way, great work you're doing here, confusing a little child even more. Shame on you!

1867 days ago


FFS ! leave those kids alone , who care's who the father was even if it was the pope himself.
They only know one father,who they loved and who loved them , and thats all what matters.

1867 days ago


This is turning out to be a joke, sort of... but there are
real children left behind here. As for the comment about there being
actual sperm banks, yes, but I believe Michael took having children
seriously and didn't want just anyone's DNA. I believe first that
Michael would have fathered his own children had he been in a real
loving relationship. However, I also believe that given Michael's
vitiligo, which runs on his father's side and another autoimmune
disease, lupus, he probably felt that he did not want to possibly
pass down those diseases. Autoimmune disease runs rampant on my
father's side as well, in fact my aunt has vitiligo. A person may
have the predisposition, but it doesn't always develop. Many times,
stress can/will trigger it. It is also believed that childhood
trauma/stress will cause an adult to develop autoimmune diseases....
I know this to be true within my own family/self. In any case, I
believe Michael chose certain individuals he trusted and knew well
and asked them to donate. We know Dr. Klein admitted to donating
sperm and now Mr. Lester.... whether Michael actually used their
sperm or which sperm he used for which child, I don't think we will
ever know for sure.... maybe not until the children are old enough to
decide if they want to know or not.

What is known, Michael, is that your children are safe and seemingly happy.
You did a fantastic job as a father, providing an education and
foundation for your children during their most formative years. I
worry a bit for Blanket, as he is still so young and tender..... You
were the consummate performer and absolutely no one could, can or
will, in my opinion, have an effect on people on a global scale the
way you did and still can. People spend hours upon hours commenting
and speculating on the "why" the "how" on everything/anything
Michael. The reality is no one has lived a day in your shoes, thus no
one can or will ever know the mind and the magic that is you....

1867 days ago


And yeah Halle berry Is blanket mother every since Mj claims shes black...

1867 days ago

my 3 cents    

Kevin Federline just announced that he fathered 2 of the Jackson's children.

1867 days ago
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