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Billie Jean: I Want to Bond With Blanket

8/10/2009 8:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Billie Jean Jackson is bound and determined to be a part of Blanket's life -- she just filed legal papers, begging the court to give her three days a week with Michael Jackson's youngest son.

Billie Jean asks the court to grant her three wishes:

1) Hire a handwriting expert to check Michael's will for forgeries
2) Not to be arrested by Katherine Jackson or John Branca
3) Get to visit Blanket every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 2 PM

And there's this: "MICHAEL JACKSON IS GOD, and GOD cannot die, yet his ESTATE is in this probate court."

Let that simmer for a bit.


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Lorenzo Perugini    

OMG leave the family and kids alone!!! nobody cares who you are becasue your jus sad NOBODIES with NO life!!! PATHETIC!!!!

1901 days ago


c'mon peeps, MJ has said since the early 80s he was SCARED OF THE FANS! they show up randomly in his home, on the lawn, claiming they have his babies or are his soulmates, refusing to leave. when he goes out they MOB him. this was back when he tried to attend public school as a young boy!

and you wonder why he can't be "normal"?

1901 days ago


doodle are u leaving or staying?

I'm going to be here for maybe 1/2 tops...gotta go work tomorrow early

so if all of u could hang out for a little while great, if not.. that's cool

1901 days ago


I am buying that Michael had the mind of an 12 year. None of the brothers had a childhood. Tito and Jackie were performing long before him. Marlon was 12 when they made it back and he is one of the more stable and mature of the group having been married for more than 30 years .

I believe had a certain naivete as they all seem to have to a degree if you really listen to any of them closely. But being 12, no way, he was way too smart and savvy for that.

And as far as what he bought, how he lived some of these spaced out rock stars do a heck of a lot worse, most of it is R-Rated, yet the focus was always on MICHAEL. Just because you don't like someone's choice for their life does not mean that they are not mentally all there. And remember Bashir edited what we saw to meet his needs to paint Michael in a certain light.

1901 days ago


...And people wonder
why Michael put masks on
his kids!

1901 days ago


I'm sure if you stand close enough to this lady,,, you can hear the sounds of the ocean from her head!

1901 days ago


Oops! I meant to say that I am not buying that he had the mind of a 12 year old.

1901 days ago

pink floyd    

here come the freaks.

1901 days ago

buh-bye weiner party!    

What kind of psycho names TWO of their kidnapping victims/rent-a-kids the same freakin name? And Prince isn't even a good name! It's typical of black people to try to sound classy by using a name like Prince!. lame!

1901 days ago


Why are these poor sick people even allowed in the courtroo? The bailiff can keep the obviously mentally ill people out.

1901 days ago

Hayden Mounsey (skateboard)    

Someone should tell her just to jump in a dumpster and wait for the garbage truck to come collect the entire thing (dumpster) and toss the whole mess inside into a large, deep hole to fill in and cover up w/ a NEW layer of garbage. Not fit to live ON this Earth; under, is fine... but *not* ON! :-)

But I wish her well.

1901 days ago


Curious SHE DOES LOOK LIKE BLANKET in thie photo AND M J named him as dad without a name for the mother. In fact wouldn't someone having a baby and giving it to M J be nuts .. and obviously she is .. SHE could be the boy's mom .. there's parents of these kids somewhere and Blanket came out of some mommy's tummy .. it could be this crazy .. Jackson was nuts ... and again . .no name on the birth certificate for the mom who gave birtgh .. COULD BE HER IF YOU LOOK AT THEIR FACES .. THEY LOOK LIKE MOTHER AND SON ..

1901 days ago

buh-bye weiner party!    

39. here come the freaks.

Posted at 8:26PM on Aug 10th 2009 by pinkfloyd


Are you talking about the Jackson family or just their twisted fans?

1901 days ago


she has been arrested several times for trying to see Blanket at Neverland when Michael lived there. she also sued hin in court for 1billion dollars last year. And, she is 60 years old.

1901 days ago


These crazy people who harrased/stalked MJ trying to get a ride on the gravy train probably have a lot to do with why he was so withdrawn/secrative/misunderstood people who were on this earth, I hope Katherin can get a restraining order against these women who need meds and leave her alone to deal with the real issues

1901 days ago
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