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Kate Gosselin Still Has a Ring On It

8/10/2009 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They've split and Kate Gosselin says she holds no hope of getting back with Jon -- but this morning on "Today" she was still wearing a suspicious piece of jewelry: her wedding ring.

Kate says she wears it because she doesn't "want to upset" the kids. Scroll to the four-minute mark for the waterworks.


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1903 days ago


jon is a loser

1903 days ago


i dont try for 1st anymore i wait for 69

1903 days ago

Mark Byrn    

The exploitation of kids goes on

1903 days ago


She is a liar and refuses to admitt her role on distroying her marriage. Jon was lucky to escape her rant and controlling ways. She knows the date he moved out. Every women who breaks up with a man, knows the time line of their break up.

1903 days ago

Justice !    

I'm sorry ... but I don't buy that BS about doing it for the kids. She has hopes, but if I was her I'd start looking for someone new. Anyone who would walk out on wife and kids isn't worth waiting for.

1903 days ago


i bet they never even told the kids like they said and they continue to tell them that mommy and daddy are "working" whenever one parent is missing. Sick and disgusting people

1903 days ago

Sand D    

UM.........fake but as long as she can pull in the $$ she will put on the show. I bet she is a true bitch.....oh wait of course she is........she had a litter.

1903 days ago


She's so fake. What a control freak! I feel bad for those children being raised by her.

1903 days ago


I think they'll get back together... the whole thing on the show about the house with getting a new kitchen together. I just think this is a publicity stunt!

1903 days ago

Linda Mott    

If it makes her feel better fine. 5 and 8 yr old children usually don't ask mommy where her ring is. I think they should try to save the children by giving up the show.

1903 days ago


Please TMZ don't at all continue to show updates on either Kate or Jon as not newsworthy. She's wearing the ring as probably most expensive piece of jewlery she owns. Kids don't check that out, they know Dad's gone. She commented that she didn't even remember what day he left!! Now, really..... this is the first time I saw her on Today show which I do sometimes watch in the morning,and wondered what all the fuss about this Kate is. I know she was caught slapping her child in public and I think she has quite the temper. Just because they have all these kids they somehow qualify for a reality show to make money and then they break up but still have the show to make more money. Honestly!!

1903 days ago

Canadian Girl    

I'm thinking the fact that the kids father has moved out would be a little more upsetting to the kids than if their mother has a ring on her finger or not, and really you don't have any idea as to the date your husband moved out of your house I'm sure even with 8 kids that is something you would remember. Kate is a big liar in May she was on all these shows claiming everything was OK between them and now she's doing interviews again and still telling lies, if you don't want to be honest stay home with your kids and don't do interviews and Kate if you want a private life take your kids off TV and stop exploiting them.

1903 days ago


oh that was so fake, nobody feels sorry for you. we just feel sorry for the kids

1903 days ago


Nobody starts of bitter and bitchy in a relationship for no good reason. Kate seems to be a very organized and structured person and I think because Jon is a little more slack and harder to arouse, it became a constant stress. It was more like she had 9 children instead of 8. No one would want to have a partner that you have to constantly nag to get things done. It makes both feel bitter.

1903 days ago
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