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Another Random Woman Wants MJ's Kids

8/10/2009 12:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Claire ElisabethThey're coming out of the woodwork -- someone else is trying to lay claim to Michael Jackson's kids.

A woman who goes by the name Claire Elisabeth Fields Cruise has filed three guardianship petitions -- one for each of MJ's three kids -- claiming "I am the biological mother of Prince Michael Jackson II and all of his siblings." Cruise also claims she's married to Michael Jackson "who is now deceased" -- but is also "engaged to Prince Michael Jackson II's biological father."

She also thinks she's the mother of one of Tom Cruise's kids.

Welcome to Neverland.

Claire Elisabeth


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Come on TMZ - find us a pic of Blanket's mom. You guys should be able to dig that one up.

1849 days ago


and I donated more than she raised, lol.

1849 days ago


She has a MySpace page and it's SCAAAARRRYYY!!

1849 days ago

tania from Germany    

What the hell is this???? "I-wanna-be-a parent-shopping"????

1849 days ago


They don't even look like your ugly face..Sorry, but none of those kids have that pig nose.

RIP Michael Jackon

1849 days ago


75. Come on TMZ - find us a pic of Blanket's mom. You guys should be able to dig that one up.

Posted at 1:31PM on Aug 10th 2009 by YoMomma

They did. She looks like George Washington! Really! Google her name; Pia Bhatti

1849 days ago


MJ's plastic surgeon is a mental case too. Read about it here

1849 days ago

tania from Germany    

# 77: UUUUUAAAAAGGGGHHHHH!!!!! You`re so right! Thanx for the link! I`ve laughed as loud as I can!
How crazy is that????

In Germany you would say" die Alte hat eine Vollmacke" - this woman is totally mad!

1849 days ago


Michael Jackson was plagued by looney, crazed fans ever since he moved to Neverland Ranch. There have always been crazy people that come claiming to be his long lost wife, lover, or whatever. Everyone ALWAYS trying to get a piece of the action, and pretending to have some connection with him or his kids.

This is nothing new, and it is only going to get worse, because when he was alive, he was there to deny it.

1849 days ago


Pay attention to the posts that state this nutcase liar is to be believed. She's here posting. I'm no MJ fan, but this stalker who is out of her mind needs to be hauled into the nearest mental hospital and not let out. You want attention you twit, you're gonna get it and it won't be pretty. Hope Katherine smacks you hard for causing her distress which is exactly what you're trying to do.

1849 days ago


And i think she is a wack job. Jacko and his wacko... anyway There is NO possible way that she could be Paris's Mother Period End of story ect. Its really sad and ugly that she would make herself out to be ... well.. anyway i hope she gets some MENTAL MEDICAL Help. Debbie Row is the mother of paris you can see it in her face. She is incredibly mentally ill. PLEASE get some help. I hope that this blog and stupid fame/ attention seeking shananagin gets her reported and locked up where she belongs.

1849 days ago


1849 days ago


Here goes another money bloodsucking leach again, what is wrong with these people? Micheal isn't even buried yet and are crawling out like insect. This one needs to go the the mental hospital.

1849 days ago


I'm suprized it too this long for some unknown to make claims....Just curious how many more there will be....This is just a sad story all around...

1849 days ago


It wouldn't matter if she actually was the biological mother (which I highly doubt she is - it's just some bimbo looking for her 15 minutes), I don't know if she gets how the system works, but she is NOT entitled to guardianship of the three kids.

stupid lady.

1849 days ago
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