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Another Random Woman Wants MJ's Kids

8/10/2009 12:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Claire ElisabethThey're coming out of the woodwork -- someone else is trying to lay claim to Michael Jackson's kids.

A woman who goes by the name Claire Elisabeth Fields Cruise has filed three guardianship petitions -- one for each of MJ's three kids -- claiming "I am the biological mother of Prince Michael Jackson II and all of his siblings." Cruise also claims she's married to Michael Jackson "who is now deceased" -- but is also "engaged to Prince Michael Jackson II's biological father."

She also thinks she's the mother of one of Tom Cruise's kids.

Welcome to Neverland.

Claire Elisabeth


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OMFG lady you need help .... if your the mother of MJ's kids im Mother Teresa

1900 days ago


Diana Dimond say she was following MJ for 30 years how come she doesn't know anything? She is always guessing. She bigmouth MJ during his trail big time. Now who is this hiprocat going to follow for the next 30 years?

1900 days ago


I feel so sorry for Michael Jackson children, they are so sad and lonely on the passing of their father who provided for them I can only imagine the confusion and nightmare they are having.

I think they should be left with their granmother.

Where are all these crazy peopel arriving from.

I wish to god that Michael had taken care of himself better to be alive today to take care of his children, all the money in the world and so much of confusion.

He should have choosen a good woman.

This is the result of money and fame.

The children should stay with the immediate family.

1900 days ago


4. TMZ You guys are the best, but don't print these stupid ass people!! How ignorant can they be?! Get a life all you losers who are trying to "claim" MJ's kids as yours. Bottom line. they are HIS kids! Doesn't matter who the bio parents are. He has raised them since birth and he is their Daddy. So who cares who the bio dad is (or mother for that matter) Michael is the Father end of story!

Posted at 11:46AM on Aug 10th 2009 by Candyk

I wanna know if the media realize these kids will grow up to hear all the crap written about them and theie father Michael Jackson

1900 days ago


O, God! Nasty women. I wonder how many more miserable freacks out there going to claim they are related to kids or slept with MJ? No wonder why King of pop wanted to sleep deeply with anesthetics, to stay away of surrounding weirdos as long as possible........

1899 days ago


this woman is mad.. LOL

1899 days ago


She's nuts, if you go to youtube and watch a interview that michael did with martin bashir, he says that blanket's surrogate mother is african american,and this lady doesnt have not one bit of african american in her body as you can see. I think that she needs to get a new day job and stop worrying about these children (becasue there not her's) they have been through way to much in there short little lives.I think she's just the type of person that lost one to many of her marbles of the nut train.There are many others who think that there the mother and father of these kids but, where were they if this true (Which its NOT) So if she get's to read my comment tell her to email (( because i think i can help her with her mental problem that she having in her lonely life.

1899 days ago


WTF..i don't believe u're their mother..u insane..just wants to get a fame by claiming that u were their mum..WTF!!!!

1898 days ago


this woman is mad..crazy..insane..TMZ..i want to get my face on TMZ too just like that mad woman....what i'm supposed to do??lol

1898 days ago


does anyone have eyes to see..? look at her smile, and compare her face with those 3 little beautiful kids. no question she is not altogether upstairs, but she has been and still is, a beautiful woman. Prince looks so much like her and Paris has her smile and her look in her eyes. there were surogate mothers, she is making it clear, that she did not give birth just conceived out of her own eggs. so, is she the mother or not..? i can bet anything she has the matching DNA. Connor is a very beautiful and talented boy. just let´s wait and see.

1893 days ago


OMG!!! ...Jesus! so many freaks out there!

1883 days ago


All i can say is that MJ, babe, I am glad you're not around to witness this atrocity. RIP sweet angel.

1547 days ago


It's so stupid and selfish for these random people claiming that they are either married to Michael Jackson or the bioligical his kids mother. They just want money and so lazy to get a job.

I hate these ball****.

1546 days ago
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