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Paris' Alleged Baby Daddy -- 'Nothing Malicious'

8/10/2009 11:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris' Alleged Baby Daddy -- 'Nothing Malicious'We just got off the phone with Mark Lester, the man who claims he's not only the godfather to Michael Jackson's three kids -- he may also be Paris' baby daddy, thanks to a sperm donation.

Lester seemed agitated when he spoke with News of the World, expressing concern for Jackson's three kids and complaining he hasn't seen them.

We asked if he might go to court to try and force the issue. His answer -- there's "absolutely nothing malicious" about his intentions and it's "highly unlikely" he'll go to court.

As for whether the Jackson family has shut him out of the kids' lives ... Lester wouldn't answer.

Katherine Jackson
's lawyer, Londell McMillan, passes this off as a "genetic lottery attempt."


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It is so good to see you! Welcome back! Hope you enjoyed your trip. Hope you can muddle through the madness in here.

1869 days ago


Wouldn't he be Jacko's baby daddy and not Paris' baby daddy? This guy didn't knock up a 12 year old did he? You disgust me TMZ! Learn to use slang properly instead of making this dude sound like a child rapist.

1869 days ago

a total fan    

Michael was their father! The courts should be very careful on how they handle all these fathers now coming forward. It will open a Pandora's box in regards to all the children out there that were brought into this world via surrogate parents. What I don't understand is why is Michael the only questioned about his childrens begings. There are many stars out there that used surrogate and no one is yelling that the children are not theirs when they hit the tabloids with their baby's first pictures.

1869 days ago


All this situation is out of control...PLEASE LEAVE THEM ALONE!! they have had enough on their lives already!!

1869 days ago


How disgusting. Why would he do that to this young girl. And he calls himself a good friend to MJ? Unbelieveable

1869 days ago


26. I'm thinkin Mark just proved how friends do not behave ... his need to go public shows a big lack of consideration for those kids and no malicious intent? BS
this man shows why Katherine is the best choice...with janet rebbie and the whole Jackson family to help...

i would like to know if he got paid for this interview
this man should stay away from MJ's kids

Posted at 10:37AM on Aug 10th 2009 by Shop77

Mark Lester had not spoken a word about parentage until he was denied access to his Godchildren.
And I seriously doubt that Mark Lester would take a dime for any interviews, he has money. Which cannot be said of those who so callously sold photos of Michael Jacksons deathbed to the UK tabloids. And who have immediately and continually kept a HIGH PAID profile in the media since June 25.

Who is this distraught looking man in this picture with Paris after visiting Forest Lawn?

1869 days ago


1 -is the news true that michael has been burried at forest lawn?
- as you (TMZ) said that he wouldnt be burried there?

1869 days ago


Didn't Debbie say Paris' name was because she was conceived in Paris? Just a short Chunnel trip for Lester....

1869 days ago

Cristina H.    

Paris' baby daddy implies she has a child, which she does not.

1869 days ago


Michaels children look NOTHING like klein or lester!! Those 3beautilf children DO look like Michael!! Remember MJ does have caucasian ancestors! I believe lester is just jealous he was left out of MJs will and the family has not been in touch with him!! lester and klein need to stay away from those children!

Sources say Lester, 51, best known for starring in the Oscar-winning classic Oliver!, and Jackson are longtime friends, and Lester did donate sperm for Michael – although one source says the timing doesn't line up for that sperm to have been used to conceive Paris.

"He has known Michael for many years and his children play with Michael's children," says longtime Jackson family associate and past lawyer Brian Oxman. But in all the years he has known Lester, Oxman says Lester never indicated he was Paris's father.

Jackson made Lester godfather to all three of his kids in Oct. 2003 at a small, private ceremony where all three Jackson children were baptized Catholic with Debbie Rowe's permission, says longtime Jackson associate Marc Schaffel, who claims to have been among the handful of people present.

Schaffel added that Debbie Rowe has always maintained that Michael is Paris's father.,,20296936,00.html

1869 days ago


CHANGE THE HEADLINE! It sounds perverse. Paris' is a child and doesn't have a "baby daddy".

1869 days ago


god this man makes me angry its only been 7 weeks since their father died, hey've had thei lives tipped upside down, did mark ever concider that the reason the family hasn contact him yet was because they have a enough to do with settling he kids in, court case etc.

its not all about him, the muppet.

1869 days ago


Michael dies and the family he was not even close to push away the God father of his children!! I can assure you that those children saw Arnold Klein and Mark Lester more than they saw Michael Jackson's siblings!!

1869 days ago


Which MJ do the children look like? The earlier African-American or the new white look? They in no way have any of the earlier traits and possibly MJ engineered his look to look more like them.

1869 days ago


He claims he only said the things he said out of concern and to gain some access to the kids and because he was desperate. Well, guess what? No adult should ever be so desperate that it ends up hurting an 11-year-old girl who just only 6 weeks ago lost her daddy, her whole world. If this man is the bio dad then this most certainly wasn't the right place or right time to bring up such a delicate issue. Especially considering Michael considered him to be a close friend. Well, now he did the one thing Michael hated the most: sold him and his children out to a filthy tabloid. There is absolutely no excuse for that. Must be really nice to know you just stabbed your dead friend and his little girl straight in the back.

If it would turn out MJ isn't the bio father, he was still their only daddy, someone who obviously loved and adored them. When Paris grows up and is old enough to understand these things, maybe only then should the possible bio father step forward and provide her with answers to any questions she might have regarding her biological background. This simply isn't the right time. Let the poor girl grow up and find her own way to come to terms with the loss of her beloved daddy.

Btw, I would have loved to see Dr. Klein's mug when he heard he's not the only participant in this lottery.

1869 days ago
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