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Cam Douglas' GF Busted for Being Drug Mule

8/11/2009 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cameron Douglas' GF Busted for Being Drug MuleCameron Douglas' girlfriend is now in a drug pickle of her own -- she was busted on Monday for allegedly trying to smuggle Cam heroin while he was in a courtroom facing mega-drug charges.

Cops say Kelly Sott was arrested yesterday after she was caught trying to pass Cameron an electric toothbrush -- which happened to be stuffed with dime bags of heroin -- in a conference room inside a federal courthouse in New York City, according to NBC New York.

Cameron -- son of Michael Douglas -- was in court facing drug charges from his recent crystal meth bust ... the one in which the DEA believes he's been slangin' pounds of meth over the last few years.


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stupid is as stupid does. Goodbye for the next 10 to 25 moron.

1861 days ago


Moron! What a tool! What a flippin idiot! She must have been high and thought she was doing something cool for her man. Child pls...

1861 days ago


How stupid! What a world class ditz this "girlfriend" of Cam's must be! Can you believe it!!! She trys to give the guy an electric toothbrush stuffed with dope!!! There are no limits as to what stupid people will do - absolutely make no mistake about it! I hope this ditz gets five years and personal visits from all the "corrections officers" in every facility from the county prison to state. Yes! - she better hope she can buy KY Jelly from the commissary or she is going to be very sore.

1861 days ago


The term "dumb as rocks" comes to mind. I mean really, what will it take before these idiots learn a lesson? Doesn't California have a 3 strikes law? Does that include drug trafficking? If Mr. Douglas is found guilty somebody better tell him it's strike 1. And the girlfriend...what a pathetic piece of trash.

1861 days ago


Wasted potential. Isn't the saying...much is expected of those to whom much has been given?? What a selfish b*st*rd!

1861 days ago


Quite possibly one of the stupidest girls ever to have walked the face of this eart. Wait, is that my ex?


1861 days ago


I know kelly and she is as dumb as they come. if you want to see a pic of her, here - she's on the far right:

let's all pray they both get the help they so obviously need.

1861 days ago

cgirl Caron    

That is so completely great!

1861 days ago

Yolanda Nixon    

Sounds like you're pretty trashy too "terry".

1861 days ago

I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

I bet that was one laid back toothbrush.

1861 days ago


Smuggling in drugs, actually bringing them to the courthouse where the case is about a drug offense. No one could b that stupid u have to be kidding right?....right?

1861 days ago


why would you do this? I liked his acting and movies. I guess he will be out of the theater for a while.

1861 days ago


Jesus H! She actually thought they would ALLOW an electric toothbrush in there anyway?? Would have been more do-able if she baked brownies to smuggle them in! What an idget...

1861 days ago


Cameron Douglas is one messed up dude. He gladly provided a friend of mine with heroin. So he not only f's around with his own life, but apparently has no problem dragging others down with him. Sorry, but I hope they put him away for a LONG time.

1861 days ago


greed is good

1861 days ago
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