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'Real Housewife' Loses House, Still a Wife

8/11/2009 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lisa Wu-Hartwell needs a "Big Poppa" of her own ... the real housewife of Atlanta just lost her real big house in Atlanta.

'Real Housewife' Loses House, Still a Wife
TMZ has learned Hartwell and her husband, former Oakland Raiders linebacker Edgerton Hartwell, were booted from their multi-million dollar Georgia mansion last week -- after the couple defaulted on their loan and the bank sold it shortly after.

Hartwell's rep tells us the couple was in talks with the lender to restructure the loan because the home had lost value -- but that failed. They originally bought the place for $2.9 mil back in 2007 -- but the bank only got $1.9 mil when they resold it this month.

The rep says "Ed and Lisa are fine. They have settled in their [new] home, that sits on 10 acres and they OWN it!"


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Josie Peoples    

These women are trash black and white. We sit and watch it and laugh our asses off while they are trying to make the public believe they have money. What a joke. Kim is the smartest of them all. And by the way, the most honest. Wake up Bravo, get these idiots off the air. How about the Real Ghetto women of Atlanta for a new name.

1901 days ago


These are not short sale docs. In the State of Georgia, the lender can foreclose on property by way of a Deed to Secure Debt. The property was sold the the highest bidder at an auction. I have no idea why people are saying that these are short sale docs.

1901 days ago


who cares

1901 days ago

Robert De Niro    

73. Lisa'a name wsnt even on the paperwork, meaning the house belonged to her husband not her. Now, since the lil gold digger is married to him after leaving her other kids with her old husband, she will probaly get her name on the paperwork. (stupid on his part) Lisa what's with the aliases? Seems you have a lot to hide. Talking about Km, at least she tells you what she is. LISA YOU ARE A SNEAKY, GOLD DIGGING LESS THAN A MOM CAUS YOULEFT YOUR KIDS. THROW A BRICK AND HIDE YOUR HAND SNEAK, I CAN SEE THROUGH YOU AND YOUR KIND. LOOKS LIKE YOU NEED ANOTHER SUGAR DADDY. LOOK OUT HUSBAND # 2.

Posted at 4:54PM on Aug 11th 2009 by VIV

Hey VIV you're funny. You're as much of a joke as Kim's "singing career". I understand why you're defending Kim. Trailer trash always stick together right!! Kim says she's 30 but looks like she's 45. Then again trailer trash like you seem to look a lot older than what you are. You talk crap about Lisa but I doubt that Kim's backround never reached the trenches of the trailer park you call home. Kim tells you what she is and has nothing to hide huhh VIV. Did that ugly, old looking, cheap wig wearing, compulsive lying, clown makeup wearing, long chin, transvestite tell you that when she was 16 she had a affair with a grown married police officer which eventually led to him being fired from his job. Did that clown tell you how she used to be a stripper and escort, which is another typical trait for trailer trash like you. Did that whore tell you that Big Poppa is still married and never plans to divorce his wife or did she say he was "going through a divorce" Did she also tell you how she's a high school drop out although she CLAIMS she has a nursing degree and cancer too. I always get a kick out of that one!! If that dummy really had a nursing degree she wouldn't have said on national television that she thought she had cancer because her hair was falling out. Anyone with common sense would know that "cancer" doesn't cause your hair to fall out. It's the chemotherapy that's used to treat cancer that causes hair loss. But what do you expect from a dimwit. Did that bimbo mention that everything she has ranging from the townhouse she lives in to the car she drives comes from married man Lee Najjar aka Big Poppa whom is a real estate tycoon which makes her a gold digger who only lies on her back with legs spread eagle to get what she wants. She has no education, no career, no financial security, no stocks, no bonds and no investments. The only fact of the matter is that she can open her legs to any man who's willing to pay.....another typical trait for trailer trash like you.

Lisa on the other hand is a beautiful woman with a education, career, her own HUSBAND who loves her and respects her enough to MARRY HER AND CALL HER HIS WIFE, her own respectful businesses, and MONEY SHE CAN CALL HER OWN. Maybe white trash like you should do research on what you're talking about before you make a bigger ass out of yourself. But then again you're probably a high school drop out like Kim. Bye chickenhead

1901 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

Khandi Burrass works,has a real career she has made money off of and lives modestly,most likley,withing her means.
She is not so messy.She shouldn't marry that guy w/4Baby mommas."
DeSahwn was let go because she was too nice and quiet.I think she was living too extravangtely,though.Iwish her well.
Lisa 's businesses,dotheymakeaprofit?
Ed is finished with football.Did he save? invest wisely, like in retirement and a nice,upper-middle class home he can afford? The house was too much and they lost it.Say it as it is.
NeNe lost her house.She was renting.This place,no doubt,is rented by the show for her.
Sheeree took all she could take from Bob Whitfield who is a broke baller.look him up.
Kim owns her house and earns her money the old-fashioned way,ON HER BACK OR RIDING rich men.Well,at least she knows what to do with her money. These people are what my Daddy used to c all counterfiets.

1901 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

Bad business.Bad business.I can't feel sorry for people who have it all and don't be wise.I read it again.And other places. They bought the house for 2.9million.they poid the bank1.9 (1 mill,900 hundred thousand)and now you can say they lost 1.9million.WOW!!! Bad news. Correct me if I am wrong. For regular folks,foreclousre means you lose all money you spent. How more sensible it would have been to BUY in CASH a home for 1 million down to 800 hundred thousand.

1901 days ago

Robert De Niro    

Big Poppa can leave Kim today or tomorrow and she wouldn't have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. The jumpoff would get kicked to the curb...lmao. It's only a matter of time til Big Poppa leaves her for a actually pretty, much younger chick. What would Kim do And about Kim knowing what to do with her money, i mean "Big Poppa's" money, I wouldn't call having a deformed boob job, botox at age 29, stripper shoes, handbags, hooker clothes, bozo makeup and cheap wigs an investment. If anything Kim should spend her bust it baby money on voice lessons, a butt lift, and a 21st century wig. Maybe then she'll look human.

1901 days ago

Robert De Niro    

80. All of these women with the exception, perhaps, of the newest atlanta housewife, are posers. They are not who they pretended to be which is successful, progressive,business women. They are merely women living beyond their means and much below their own self-imposed images. It does not necessarily make me feel good to see these women fail. But all of them except for the newest one, conducted themselves as though they were entitled. No one is entitled. Even genuine big money people like the Kennedys work for a living. These "hoes" seemed to think statuts and fronting is a job. Its not. Nor does it apparently pay terribly well because three ( dont forget Sheree) of them have lost their homes. Frankly, all three of them deserve it. Maybe they will get real jobs now. rather than collecting from Bravo by being ignorant, loud, abrassive and catty.

Posted at 6:33PM on Aug 11th 2009 by cece

Yeah while those "hoes" are becoming famous, getting rich, making money off another season of the show, getting the highest ratings out of all the other housewives franchises, and most importantly making the most money per episode out of all the other housewives franchises, your loser, pathetic, incompetent, broke ass is sitting watching them "hoes" on television ...lmao.

1901 days ago

clayton dow jacobs    

News Flash. They are real people. Everyone has been hit hard in these tough times. I am sure they will get though this hard time and laugh. I wish them all the best in having a beautiful healthy child and I refuse to make fun of another persons loss of their home. It is a terrible thing to go through for any family........ But, I feel the name of this show has to change..

The new name is......Delusional Housewife's of Atlanta.
"If you'd like to see things from their point of view,
Stick your head up your as ass as far as it goes"


Were not stupid; Were possessed by retarded ghosts.

or We are the housewives of Atlanta
The Secret to our success is

Our Parents are siblings

1901 days ago


None of these women live in Atlanta or represent Atlanta. They have no class and can not afford to live in Atlanta or Buckhead. They are trash without money. The show should be called "Housewifes in Foreclosure" because most of them have been.

1901 days ago


Roflmao! Fake bitch couldn't pay her mortgage? ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1900 days ago

Granny Moo    

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Hartwell ~ I do not know you and I do not watch the program, but I am always sorry to learn of situations such as yours. Downsize if you need to; make whatever adjustments in your lifestyle are necessary. Above and through it all ~ keep the lines of communication open between yourselves. Find pleasure in a country drive and stopping for ice cream. You will survive this. Well wishes, Blue Kentucky Girl

1900 days ago

Robert De Niro    

Roflmao! Fake bitch couldn't pay her mortgage? ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know exactly what she went through. I just got evicted from my trailer last night!!!!!!!!!!!

1900 days ago

angels 4 kids    

Sad to Say Michael Jackson is just a dead cow it seems. Because everybody trying to milk what ever than can get out of his fame. the should be a law for people trying tyo get over when someone dies. the Jackson are long washed up. Please stop trying come back, concerts to honor Michael.
dam how many times are you going to have something in honr of his death. Katherine is hungry for money too. No one in that family should be over Michaels estate. Sadly I hope is broke so they don't get nothing. and Latoya of all people trying to make a come back on Michaels death. No morals. Sit down we are not interested. I am sure this family has so many skeltons in their closet that bones are following every where. Janet is rich but burnt out.
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1900 days ago


Lisa is a big joke.. lmao thats what she gets..
She trys to act like she dosent need her husband, like she has all these other business ventures going on & there so successful.. HA! what a joke.. now she lost her house...
tht just goes to show she's just a typical nfl wife that needs her hubbys money..
just like Sheree the 2 that were acting like they were BIG MONEY.. turned out to be flops.. and im LMAO..

1899 days ago
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