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Reggie Miller -- I'm No Homewrecker, Just a Flirt

8/11/2009 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Reggie Miller is denying accusations he got down with someone else's fiancee -- but the former basketball star does admit he flirted a little bit ... well, actually a lot. But judging by the pics she texted Reggie, two played that game.

Reggie Miller

The entire Southern California coastline was roped into the story last weekend, after Alex von Furstenberg -- the son of designer Diane von Furstenberg -- hired a small plane to fly over the beaches with a sign that read, "Reggie Miller Stop Pursuing Married Women."

It's all over Alex's fiancee, Ali Kay.

According to Reggie's rep, Miller and Ali met at a Malibu supermarket back in March. Reggie says the two flirted and spent the rest of the day texting like crazy -- each sending more than 50 texts to the other in a 6 hour span (we obtained Reggie's phone records and verified the number of text messages that were sent back and forth).

Reggie claims Ali -- a clothing designer -- even texted him 2 provocative photos of herself (above), which TMZ has obtained.

But according to Reggie, in April he had enough and took her out of his phone contact list. But Reggie says in May, Ali reconnected with him, wanting to know why he had closed the door. Reggie says the next day he got an angry call from Alex.

Reggie claims Alex then began a campaign of harassment -- repeatedly calling Miller's friends and even hiring a private investigator to tail Reggie. Alex says he escalated matters because Reggie continued to pursue his fiancee. Reggie says not only is that a lie ... Reggie had to hire a lawyer to prepare a restraining order against Alex. Alex responded by hiring his own lawyer to prepare a counter restraining order, but neither document was ever filed with the court.

Over the July 4 weekend, we're told there was a telephone summit in which Reggie, Alex and the lawyers supposedly buried the hatchet and it seemed everyone had moved on ... that is, until the giant sign flew over the beach.

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JoJo Dancer    

Reggie, remember Steve McNair and run the other way.

It seems to me that Reggie did the right thing and this trick is still trying to pursue him.

1878 days ago

doc murry    

why does tmz always pick the worst pictures to post of celebrities.all the michael jackson photos are terriable and i know there are plenty of great pictures they could be posting of him,,this picture of miller is also bad,,does tmz think they are being funny or do they just not care

1878 days ago

oh brother    

wow can you say plastic surgery gone bad? What is up with her face? Her body looks like a little boy's body. The horrible boob job did not help either.

1878 days ago

who dat    

Reggie hired a small plane to fly over the beaches with a sign that read, "Reggie Miller Stop Pursuing Married Women."
Reggie actually prefers sucking =====================D

1878 days ago


Kick her to the curb. Hot chicks are a dime a dozen. Let her be an example for the next girl that comes around. If he doesn't, he'll be made a fool of in the future. The girl is obviously a ho.

1878 days ago


This Alex dude is pathetic. As if going to such lengths for such a loose girl weren't bad enough, he just opened himself to a lawsuit. The chick isn't even married to him! So he just slandered Reggie Miller by falsely accusing him of being an adulterer. This is what happens when you flirt with the slutty girlfriend of a psychopath. Besides, ALEX HIMSELF was married when he met this chick. Maybe a little guilt by association? You know the old saying, how you get them is how you keep them. Alex, you'd better get use to the taste of strange man juices when you kiss this chick every day because you are the worlds biggest moron if you think you're the only one tapping that. She probably has the initials of the entire NBA tattooed on her rump. Kobe!

1878 days ago



Alex von Furstenberg, your fiance will allow Reggie Miller inside of her. There is no excuse for her sending a picture of her in bed or a picture of her in a bikini to any man unless she wants to f*ck him. Ahahahaha, your fiance wants to bang a basketball player and you're stupid enough to still marry her. Yeah dude, it's Reggie's fault your girl wants him. That just goes to show you how into you she is...uh, not very much.

Your soon to be wife is a whore!!!! She's hot, but a whore. If you marry her she will cheat on you...a lot. So um...proceed with caution.

1878 days ago


Reggie is just doing what he does. The designer guy is just hatin. You can see events at http://www.wincfood.com

1878 days ago


Sounds like this chick wants to use the Von Furstenburg name to further her own career as a fashion designer!!! What a skeeze and a #^@%&*)_()&^%!!!! Hopefully Alex realizes what the situation is before it's to late!

1878 days ago


The fiance needs to realize Reggie Miller is single. If she is initiating all the problems then he needs to kick her out of his life. Reggie can try to flirt or do whatever he wants to this chick but ultimately it is HER that needs to show self respect for herself and realize that she's needs to either stay or leave her relationship. This is only a sign of things to come for this Alex guy. He needs to wake up and leave her cause she's proved she's going to take him for all he's worth.

1878 days ago


ALEX! YOUR FUTURE WIFE IS A WHORE AND A GROUPIE. I don't normally make CAPSLOCK sentences but this was necessary.

1878 days ago


OMG Ha Ha Ha I followed the link...and yeah he does look like a Quark LOL.

1878 days ago


Alex is a complete idiot if he actually goes thru with marrying this woman. She's obviously a gold digger....kinda looks like Kim Kardashian.

1878 days ago


Why does money make people lose the ability to realize when they are making themselves look like an ass. Stop advertising to the world that your woman is not happy at home, dumbass.

1878 days ago

I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

Check those phony-baloney balloons.

1878 days ago
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