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Roethlisberger -- She 'Hoped' To Have My Baby

8/11/2009 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ben Roethlisberger's lawyers have unloaded some serious allegations right back at Andrea McNulty -- claiming the woman accusing the football star of sexual assault told her friends she "hoped" Ben had knocked her up.

In legal documents filed Friday in Washoe County, Nevada, Ben's legal squad goes after McNulty's "false and slanderous" claim -- and insists she "boasted to her friends and co-workers that she had consensual sexual relations with Mr. Roethlisberger and was happy about that."

As far as pregnancy is concerned, Roethlisberger claims after the incident, McNulty "was also not afraid or apprehensive about the prospect of an unplanned pregnancy, but expressed to others that she had hoped that she was pregnant by Mr. Roethlisberger."

And it didn't stop there....

Ben Roethlisberger

In the documents, Roethlisberger blames McNulty's "alleged problems -- lack of job security, need for medical benefits, need for treatment, increasing debt and lack of income" -- on her "inability to do her job" at Harrah's.

Roethlisberger explains, "[McNulty's] psychological breakdown appears to be the sad by-product of an affair with a married man whose wife apparently concocted a scheme to have [her] fall in love with a fictional soldier and be abandoned by him to create heartbreak and instability."

The document wasn't just an excuse to bash McNulty, Ben's lawyers have requested to move the case out of Washoe County, Nevada "for the convenience of all the parties and witnesses and in the interest of justice."

So far, the judge has not ruled on their request.

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No Avatar

Tutti Froooooty    

She had the bacon frying before it was even in the pan!!!! Meaning she wanted a piece of that a$$ only for the CA$H!!!!!!! What a whore!

1809 days ago


HAHAHA! That is what he gets for sleeping with a NUT!

1809 days ago

Mary Worth    

It should be mandatory for athletes and show biz celebs to take FAN EXTORTION 101. Otherwise, be prepared to have your reputation ruined by people who worship money and fame!

1808 days ago


# 13..he isn't the one saying this, a former co-worker of hers is in her statment to the investigating police. Can't you people read?

What a whore for not using protection..both of them! God only knows where they have been!

1808 days ago

Linda Mott    

This woman really need mental help. I hope Obama's health plan allows for good coverage.

1808 days ago


#9 and #13 are IDIOTS!!!!!
They are probably insatiable females that would do EXACTLY the same thing to get money if they could... Anyone who believes this dumb broad should be strung up by their ears!
By the way... I'm a female...

1808 days ago


"She" looks like a guy.........maybe that's why he did "her".

1808 days ago

Yes I Have a Brain    

Why would #9, 11, 13, 29, and "Whatever" comment on this when they don't know what's going on? Ben never denied having sex with her. And #29, NFL players ARE tested for steroids, but thanks for your movie insights about rape defense. You can go back to watching Dora now.

Ben Roethlisberger and his legal team didn't start these crazy stories about McNulty, her married lover, and her imaginary dead boyfriend. They came partly from her own civil complaint and also from her coworkers--the other eight people she's suing. The latest account came from her friend who signed a sworn affidavit that McNulty bragged about nailing Ben then tried to extort money from him.

A horny young athlete screws a willing partner without taking precautions. A woman jumps some rich guy then looks for a big payoff and lies to get it. And you geniuses find this hard to believe? You must have been born yesterday--with underdeveloped brains.

1808 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

Another nobody is famous. Instead of filing in Criminal Court where he would do time she files in Civil Court which means he would have to pay her money. After a year of apparently trying to get knocked up by him and scoring cash that way she gives up and just sues him for the money. Anyone who believes her, especially with the sworn testimony thats now coming out in court, is lame. I just hope they put her behind bars for filing a bogus suit. Unmerited suits like this are going to continue to be filed, costing taxpayers, until those filing them are held accountable. Even losing the case, which she will, she is still going to come out 100s of 1000s richer because of interviews and such. Thats why people file suits against rich people even if they have no case. Nothing to lose and everything to gain. A woman cries "rape", even a year later, and some people automatically assume it really happened without even looking at the FACTS. DUH--braindead people.

1808 days ago


ben said in the VERY beginning...It was consenual. She thought she caught the eye of a 2X superbowl QB, then felt bad because he only wanted that few minutes and then to never see her again. Thank God she did not become someones mother that night.

1808 days ago

c'mon now    

Roethlisberger is so lame!! I hope he gets charged for his actions and kicked out of the NFL. I can't stand watching him on the field.

1808 days ago


I'm not saying Ben did or did not sleep with this woman, and MONEY does wonders...BUT....after seeing Mr. Roethlisberger frequent MANY bars at his old stomping grounds, (Miami University) the same bars I used to frequent....he would sleep with anyone or anything that would hop in the car with him. Now this woman is obviously NUTS but...he is just as guilty for being a sleeze and sleeping with the crazy B!

1807 days ago

M P    

So what if Ben picks up women all the time??? He's single, he's not engaged or committed to anyone, just like any other man his age, at 27 years old he's living the life a lot of guys would love to have.
No true rape survivor waits a year and the foregoes the criminal courts and the rape shield laws and files a CIVIL case looking for money.
You want justice, NOT a pay day.
Ben hadn't said one way or the other whether he'd been with this woman, he stated he had no intention of discussing his personal life in the press and would address the allegations in the proper forum, the courtroom.

1803 days ago

M P    

For those claiming Ben made up the story of Ms. McNulty, her married lover and the imaginary lover created by her lover's wife, that's not coming from Ben and his camp, that's coming from people who KNOW Ms. McNulty and have already filed affidavits with the court stating what her she told them before she filed her rape charges a YEAR after the fact.

What rape survivor waits a year? What rape survivor files ONLY civil charges?? Her story doesn't pass the smell test, whereas, they met, they had sex, she wanted more and when she didn't get it she starts looking for a payday, well that sounds more plausible.

1803 days ago


i am a huge fan of ben. i luv the steelers. i don't believe ben would do something like this. he really needs to stay away from the bars. he needs to start thinking about his career. don't need women in his life. i always tell my son the same thing.all they want is to get these guys into trouble.ben,keep ur feet planted,take care of urself.

1551 days ago
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