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Jackson Memorabilia Missing

8/13/2009 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson Memorabilia MissingSome of Michael Jackson's memorabilia is missing and the cops are on the case.

Jackson was in a prolonged legal dispute with a guy named Henry Vaccaro, who got a judgment against the singer in the 90s that Jackson never paid. Vaccaro ended up with a treasure trove of memorabilia, including 60 unreleased master tapes -- which contained 26 of Jackson's songs which have never been heard by the public.

We've been told the dispute between Jackson and Vaccaro lingered and recently Vaccaro agreed to give Jackson 8 items that Michael wanted. We do not know which specific items Jackson flagged.

We're told on July 19, two of Jackson's lawyers went with Vaccaro to the storage locker in Las Vegas where the memorabilia was being stored. According to Vaccaro, 114 items were missing, including the 8 items Jackson's lawyers were there to retrieve.

The items ended up being sold a week later by Clark County Public Auction owner Mario Trabado -- who says he acquired the items legally from a private seller.

Michael JacksonJackson's lawyers were suspicious and believe Vaccaro took the items out of the storage unit. Vaccaro says he removed nothing, and filed a report with the North Las Vegas Police Department.

The PD tells us they're investigating the case.

UPDATE: In a police report filed by Henry on July 31, he claimed over $1 million in losses from the missing items.


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171. Della I haven't seen Mullins in ages... always made great
It was so nice to see Danger Posting. She must have been busy.

I guess Dr. Murray has given up on you LOL.
Posted at 9:28PM on Aug 13th 2009 by brancarocks
Who is Mullins now? Anybody know? She did some good posting, and miss her also.

1874 days ago


211. I went to the website, and read the court records, what part of Jordan Chandler's statement did Jordan deny? and when? So you think his father put those words in his kid's mouth ???? Wow !!!

Posted at 11:33PM on Aug 13th 2009 by Ryan


1874 days ago


You can see Karen Faye, his make-up artist for many years, until he went to Bahrain, walking in the background in a few clips of Michael at Neverland? I think. He has on a black suit with white embroidery.

I wonder sometimes if there wasn't something deeper to that relationship than meets the eye.

1874 days ago


202. You're here as the supposed MJ expert and you never heard of "Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson"?....never heard of Ian Halperin?. Guess you need to catch up on your MJ trivia.

Posted at 10:49PM on Aug 13th 2009 by Susan


Give it up Susan.. Never claim to be an MJ expert... maybe u are.. I just read...
ok.. so give it up, baby.. Oh, Holmes, and that would be the REAL Holmes, is the MJ expert.. may be able to help you there.

1874 days ago



1874 days ago


But representatives of the Jackson estate say the foundation is not linked, "The Michael Jackson estate has no connection whatsoever to the "Heal the World Foundation” run by Melissa Johnson," said Terry Fahn, a spokesperson for John Branca, the special administrator of the Jackson estate.

Branca has been embroiled in a back and forth debate for the last few weeks with the Jackson family over the estate.

A spokesperson for Katherine Jackson’s attorney L. Londell McMillan could not confirm or deny a connection to Melissa Johnson. Johnson told CBS she has not been in touch with the Jackson family since his death.

The foundation plays up its connection to Michael Jackson. The charity’s Twitter account with 587 followers says, “Heal The World Foundation was started by Pop Star Michael Jackson in 1992. Anyone interested in comitting(sic) themselves to Healing the World is most welcome here”. The site notes that following Jackson’s London tour he was planning to, “live a long and full life, devoted to [Heal the World Foundation] and serving his God and his fellow man, with his fans leading the way”.

“The Jackson management that reports to you now is NOT his management staff of many years,” said Johnson of the current "Heal the World Foundation" in an email to CBS, “They recently replaced a crew of managers and those people had been working with us for years.”

Johnson told CBS News that she worked with the firm of Raymone Bain, Jackson’s former spokesperson, and particularly with Bain's former partner Van Alexander. But a representative for Bain told CBS News that Bain “never worked with Melissa Johnson or with the Heal the World Foundation.” Alexander, who no longer works with Bain, did not respond to messages left requesting comment.

The Heal the World Foundation website boasts an exhaustive list of projects related to Michael Jackson: the Michael Jackson Annual Telethon, Michael’s Army (of volunteers), the MJ Film Company, a newspaper and publishing company, Kid Care Centers, a Michael Jackson movie, “animal projects” and “Learning Centers”.

1874 days ago

vanessa williams    

The bible says Michael is at peace and no one can no longer hurt him because the dead is conscious of nothing. The people that love Michael is the only people who are not at peace because we love and miss him so much. Only time will cause the pain to go away. In time we will find joy and smile at this great persons accomplishments in life. He alway said the love us more. The white MEDIA and greedy people can no longer hurt MICHAEL.

1873 days ago


2. Who cares??? Enough of Michael Jackson! He did it to himself, it was his choice to take the chance on dying. He turned himself into a freak, took heavy drugs, and now everyone wants to know why??? Talk about crazy!!!!

if you really don't care about this guy, you can ignore all news about he. no one force you to pay attention to his news and wirte this stuip comment.

1873 days ago


I am just going to correct one thing in the many points you are raising

The Mormon Church has only one choir of note and that is the Mormon Tabernacle Choir which has an equal amount of female sopranos and altos and male tenors and basses, just like any other chorus. I was in the Mormon Church tho inactive now. I was born in Salt Lake and lived there for 22 years. I know this fact with absolute certainty as I know the culture of the Mormon Church and being a musician, I was involved in church music activities with members of the MTC, knew many MTC members personally, as well as singing with the Utah Symphony with dual choirs, the U of U A'Capella of which I was a member and MTC. You don't even have the right name of the choir. There is no such Mormon Church Choir, and no choir associated with the church is made to sound castrati.

1872 days ago


Ok now. As far as Micheal Jackson wanting to be THE is that wrong? THE BEST is the goal..whether you are THE BEST pop star, THE BEST mechanic, or THE BEST garbage collector. There is pride in all jobs as long as you try to be/do THE BEST. That is what makes progress.

He came a long way and had an awesome, mezmerizing talent. He could grab an audience just by standing there on stage. He had enormous presence and went completely out of the zone onstage. How many performers can actually do that? I am not talking about riling up an audience full of crazed groupies who scream so loud the music is muted, but an actual COMMAND of the audience.

1872 days ago


I was just wondering a couple of things. I saw on the news that
Katherine Jackson was supposedly going to have a third autopsy
performed on Michael before they buried him due to the fact that
she did not believe that he died of natural causes. When the second
autopsy results came back, it was reported that they were not any
different than that of the coroners. Should his fans assume that the first and second autopsy showed findings of death by natural
causes (simply cardiac arrest), or whatever natural causes may be. Why would she want an autopsy proving that he did not die of natural causes if the first two does not state he died of natural causes? Could he have passed from health conditions and rigorous training and beings the doctor admitted giving him the propofol,and, upon the commencement of this investigations, they found the aliases and different doctors and of course, the mystic that always surrounded Michael Jackson, they persued an investigation because of this practice being so reckless and unethical, and not that it actually killed him? I just have to wonder why Katherine Jackson would state that she was considering another autopsy because she did not believe that he died of natural causes if she was never told by either autopsy that he did in fact die of natural causes? And, if she was told that he died of natural causes and that is why she boldly made the statement that she did not think he died of natural causes, why would she think she could file a wrongful death suit against the doctor. The doctor is not arrested yet, after having talked to police, he believes he is not guilty and the truth will come out and prevail. What is the chance they are only NOT releasing the cause of death because they still want to persue their investigation but in fact know that he died of natural causes?

Leslie (A devout fan) I will just be so glad when we know what happened and he is buried, finally given the peace he so desperately seeked for so long. I will be glad when someone is
arrested and severely punished if they are at fault.

1869 days ago
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