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Jackson Memorabilia Missing

8/13/2009 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson Memorabilia MissingSome of Michael Jackson's memorabilia is missing and the cops are on the case.

Jackson was in a prolonged legal dispute with a guy named Henry Vaccaro, who got a judgment against the singer in the 90s that Jackson never paid. Vaccaro ended up with a treasure trove of memorabilia, including 60 unreleased master tapes -- which contained 26 of Jackson's songs which have never been heard by the public.

We've been told the dispute between Jackson and Vaccaro lingered and recently Vaccaro agreed to give Jackson 8 items that Michael wanted. We do not know which specific items Jackson flagged.

We're told on July 19, two of Jackson's lawyers went with Vaccaro to the storage locker in Las Vegas where the memorabilia was being stored. According to Vaccaro, 114 items were missing, including the 8 items Jackson's lawyers were there to retrieve.

The items ended up being sold a week later by Clark County Public Auction owner Mario Trabado -- who says he acquired the items legally from a private seller.

Michael JacksonJackson's lawyers were suspicious and believe Vaccaro took the items out of the storage unit. Vaccaro says he removed nothing, and filed a report with the North Las Vegas Police Department.

The PD tells us they're investigating the case.

UPDATE: In a police report filed by Henry on July 31, he claimed over $1 million in losses from the missing items.


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I wonder if Shawn King pulled out because 50% of the take was to go to one of Jermaine's charities and isn't he associated with the NOI ? Isn't that the group that Michael rented that over-inflated priced home from? If there was any whiff of that at all, Larry would back right out. Very interesting...

The apple didn't fall far from the tree when you compare Jermaine with his father, Joe.

1895 days ago

Jimmy Gimbels    

Oh my God. Did they get away with his real nose and skin color? Damm those thieves!!!!

1895 days ago


Oh.... in keeping on topic that's who I think grabbed the loot in Vegas...

1895 days ago


RE: #87. Interesting if true that Dr, Murray left MJ 's room to make phone calls especially since he told cops he didn't call 911 right away because he had no phone available.

1895 days ago


8. I really don't know why anyone would want to be famous, much less go as stratospheric as Jackson did.

Why not just be rich and powerful?

All you get with fame is hangers-on, fake friends and lots of people with bad intentions giving bad advice. All that can end-up happening is that the famous become paranoid (rightly so), but appearing entirely irrational to the "outside world".No wonder the life expectancy in Hollywood appears to be so low.

Posted at 3:00PM on Aug 13th 2009 by CJ

You're absolutely right. It's horrible what these people who are so famous have to go through. Couple that w/ it happening to a really sensitive, insecure person like Michael-- insecure because he was verbally and physically abused by his dad, and although Michael adored his mother and called her "perfection", grew up with a mother that did little to stop it. A person doesn't ever expect to become as famous as they do, you just can never imagine the scope of it all. With Michael, he was/is THE most famous of any. You can't go to anywhere on any continent and not have someone NOT know who he is, it's insanity. And this all happened to him before he even hit 30!

I just had a conversation w/ a friend of mine who was in Spain visiting a really famous motorcycle pilot.... he said after spending 2 days with this person, he has realized that he would never, ever want that kind of life, in terms of being famous...... he'd gladly live with the money lol, but definitely not the fame. He says wherever they went, there was a mob and cameras flashing, you couldn't sit down to a meal out with out being interrupted time and time again. You had to always be prepared to take photos and provide autographs before leaving to the owner, staff, chef and so forth. Going out for anything is a complete production. He says you need to constantly be aware of the way you look, always looking your best, which believe me, can get really tiring! And it goes on and on..... I am surprised Michael made it to 50 at all, how can one live like that and think to live a full and normal like-- they won't let you! Michael had/has the most fans of any human ever.....

1895 days ago


sounds like the old insurance fraud scheme ... hehe

how much jail time for such a stupid act ? they both should know better ... almost amusing, how can anyone take 114 items from a storage facility without storage staff or any authority saying it's ok? ... clearance has to been given right? sign in sign out? anyway i hope they are made to give it all back and get slapped with fines and jail time

1895 days ago

welc ome    

Jeramine is now the spokesman for MJ and Family. Is that because the public likes him? Notice how the other jacksons are very very quiet now. Not a peep out of them trying to sway the media. Why would anyone buy tickets to a concert and not know who is preforming? This is just like the jacksons, the stunts they pull. going to put it together really fast on MJ birthday none the less. Don;t know who will be there, sure wouldn't want to go if it was just the Jacksons. I think this might flop for them like all the other concerts they never did.

1895 days ago

welc ome    

Seriously how many tributes are they going to have for MJ. I thought the LA Tribute was sufficient. Sounds like just an idea to run with in other countries to make some money off MJ name. Hope the Estate Lawyers see through this.

1895 days ago


Jackson didn't pay up most of the time, funny he paid the kid he molested 26 million. An innocent person would never pay that much money. Michael Jackson was a pedophile.

1895 days ago


You know what makes me sad. What makes me sad is that Katherine and Joe never said, you know what we're old...we've lived a good life michael we can cut back by 30% like most elderly people. A lot of brand new - 2yr old cars in that family.

I bet the cost of one of Katherines old Roll's would have paid the storage unit bills and none of this would have happened. They really took advantage of MJ. No wonder he liked to spend. Parents didn't mind putting him on the road and living the high life.

LOL at the thought of Branca doing some forensic accounting on the parents... what a thought. Where's McBillions lately. Staying off the news or maybe the offers have stopped coming in since he's not in the know. Loved that there is guardian ad litem. HUGE blow to McJoe.

Honestly, I do think some of the items should be returned to the estate...I just do especially the really personal things.

1895 days ago


105. Seriously how many tributes are they going to have for MJ. I
thought the LA Tribute was sufficient. Sounds like just an idea to
run with in other countries to make some money off MJ name. Hope the
Estate Lawyers see through this.

Posted at 5:30PM on Aug 13th 2009 by howmany
Where ever they can make money.

1895 days ago


I just visted the Tribute site...
shameless Jermaine

1895 days ago


(MJ)..."pulled away from the loving family that possibly could have helped him."
Posted at 3:32PM on Aug 13th 2009 by Lucy
Oh, please!

1895 days ago


107. Jackson didn't pay up most of the time, funny he paid the kid he molested 26 million. An innocent person would never pay that much money. Michael Jackson was a pedophile.

Posted at 5:37PM on Aug 13th 2009 by lilybelle
People fail to see that. They only see what they wanna see. Why would a innocent person pay that much money?

1895 days ago


Oh, please!

Posted at 5:39PM on Aug 13th 2009 by zombiehunter


I almost fell out of my chair on that one!!! they would have pushed farther over the edge!

1895 days ago
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