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Michael Vick -- A Tight End to the Rumors

8/13/2009 10:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Vick's days as quarterback might be over -- because last night in Virginia, the former dogfighting Atlanta Falcon told our Fantasy Football playin' photog to mark him down as a "tight end."

Michael Vick: Click to watch
Ironically, that was also his nickname in prison.

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Word on the street he was a bottom. So that would make him a loose in.

1898 days ago



1898 days ago

ATL res    

@ Chop Chop,

Who died and made you the authority on how ATL residents feel. As an ATL resident myself I can vouch for the fact that MANY of US Falcon's fans STILL love MV and always will. Since you are such a fan, I'm sure you noticed all the 7 jerseys in the stands last year. You self righteous, animal lovers need to get over yourselves. Damn!!!! That man did his time and its done. I wish all your transgressions were front page news so we could sit back and judge you all and feel better about ourselves. And if you don't hate him bc he's black- why even address the race card? So quick to say we blacks pull the race card so much but so silent on all the racist BS that still goes on. You don't like Vick- Cool, You hate him- even better. But let that man live and find someone else to judge and hate. People are complex and we all have good and evil in us.....you know what- why am I even bothering- some people need someone to look down on so they can feel good about their average "regular" life or jobs- so carry on.....

Do You MV!!!!!!! Hate it or Love it- he will be back!

1898 days ago


He's playing the "please forgive me" game to restore WHATS LEFT of his career. WHat ever happened to the construction job they set up for him? All the people collecting and out of work and someone HANDS him a job. He's a murdering jerk who tortured the dogs he did not have time to kill. He got caught and NOW HE IS SORRY..... Only because he was caught. Flippin loser should still be in the clinker.

1898 days ago

ATL res    

# 20- Mikey,

that was cute and subtle......and blacks play the race card too much. Go kill yourself!

1898 days ago


#18 I can tell you are a hateful animal. I would be scared to run into you in an isolated place. My fear is you would tie me to your truck and dragged me down the road or if you are the lazy type you might use a knoose?

1898 days ago


vick has thug written all over him, he can't hide that

1898 days ago


There's quarterbacks and then there are QUARTERBACKS. All you haters,get a life as MV has paid very well for his choices.....I'm so sick of you making cruel comments ,if you don't want to watch him play,then don't.

1898 days ago


Why is it that black people feel the need to use the race card when someone black screws up? I dont understand. They want equality but only when it benefits them. I think it is sad that professional atheletes are not role models to young men. I think he is a horrible person and will pay in the end for the pain he has caused. I cannot believe that any team would hire him..is he really that good of a player???

1898 days ago


I can tell you are a hateful animal. I would be scared to run
into you in an isolated place. My fear is you would tie me to your
truck and dragged me down the road or if you are the lazy type you
might use a knoose? humans before animals!

1898 days ago

Harry Kunt    

Vick can go to hell and stay there

1898 days ago


Mike looks like he was ready to take this paps face and use it like a cold rag cooling off a hot engine....lol

1898 days ago


Is there a team called Hell.

1898 days ago


Only white people think ball(football,basketball baseball) players should be role models for kids,.be a role model for your own kids and the kids in your own family.I bet there are people making commentsi on here who are not worthy of being a role model to anyone. BECAUSE THEY CARE MORE ABOUT DOGS THAN HUMANS.

1898 days ago


Arrogant, ignorant, p.o.s.
How can anyone defend him?
Like he treated his dogs...... if he can't play and win, put him out of his misery.

1898 days ago
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