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Pharmacy in Jackson Case Had Money Problems

8/13/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The pharmacy that was raided in Las Vegas Tuesday has something in common with Dr. Conrad Murray -- both apparently have had money problems.

We've pulled documents showing Applied Pharmacy Services, LLC was sued by the owners of the building it occupied in Pasadena, CA. for non-payment of rent. The landlord got a judgment of $143,267.73 -- that includes around $40,000 in back rent plus the amount that would have paid through the balance of the lease, which ended in September, 2011. The pharmacy abandoned the lease in September, 2008.

Dr. Murray was also dogged by money problems -- the bank has been trying to foreclose on his Las Vegas home, and he was ordered to jail for non-payment of child support (he never went).

Law enforcement sources told us when they searched Applied Pharmacy Services they were on the hunt for documents that might show the company sold Propofol to Dr. Murray. There are reports the DEA scored during the search.


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I CAN NOT wait for the day when they finally arrest murray. I think I will throw a party that day. how could he be so reckless and NOT monitor Michael while he was under?? SERIOUSLY...not to mention, he shouldnt have gave him the drug in the first place but if your gonna do it at least keep him alive. shot, if Mike was paying me 150,000$ a month I would even watched him while he used the bathroom. c'mon dr. murray

1895 days ago


Seriously your comments are moronic...............It's nice to see we all live in glass houses. Dr. Murray was the fall guy how do you think it was that Dr. Murray brought all that equipment into MJ's house ? Do you all believe in the toothfairy too ? What will be the next therory you will all come up with ? That Dr, Murray forced MJ to get these IV injections. You all seem to be pointing to the wrong person, or you just are interpreting any stories about MJ to fit your own diluted minds. MJ was a prescription junkie, MJ wanted these drugs, and anything MJ wanted, MJ got. He was well aware of the risks of having that drug administered in his home, he knew that he might never wake up, he knew all the risk involved and still watned it. So MJ is dead and there is really no one else to blame but MJ. Sure all the yes people in his life are going to be held accountable. But I know for a fact that MJ was NEVER forced to take anything he took....He made the decisions about what went into his body. He clearly understood the dangers and was wiling to take the risk. So stop blaming Dr. Murray for being so start struck that he did whatever MJ asked him to do. Murray is not the only person going down on this investigation, MJ abused drugs for years, years, years. He was just as bad as a junkie on the street corner trying to cop himself/herself drugs. The only difference is MJ had money, and used his star power to get those drugs whenever he wanted them. You FANatic's need to wake up and face the truth, this man was a low life, living in a mansion, neglecting his kids, and choose drugs over his kids and family. He surrounded himself with yes people like any good junkie would. His children should have been taken away from him when he was first arrested in 2004. When they went through his house and found all the drugs, he should have been charged back then with not just molestation, but with drug charges, and child neglect and abuse. Thank god he's dead, thank god these children might actually have a normal person taking care of them. Although I think the entire Jackson family is nuts.....full of secrets....and its all about the money.

1895 days ago


Well, lets all be happy that MJ is no longer living. Now all the little kids in the world will be safe :-) Hope the doc gets off of all charges.

1895 days ago

Shenaz, TorontoCanada    

How do I ask TMZ a question? Is there an email address or do I have to post a comment and they will pick up the question?

1895 days ago


I just hope that doctors and other greedy people in this world learn from this incident. It's a shame that people don't realize that all the bad that's going on in the world, the economy, wars and all is a sign of things to come and God is watching all of this blasphemy and giving people a chance to repent and live their lives right, and yet more and more people are falling prey to deceit, manipulation and evil doings. God help us all. I'm just overjoyed that Michael is at rest and not have to worry about all of the evil doers who have wreaked havoc on his life and success. I pray for his soul and his family.

1895 days ago


post #30 tar--how can you say that you know for a fact that mj wasnt forced to take what was put into his body---well you seem to know more than all of us, we dont know what or if anyone helped him get to this point DO WE??? only from what we get from tmz and news.. no one knows what was going on behind closed door..unless you were in the room with him you dont know anymore than the rest of us.. it is a very sad situation no matter how you look at it, and its not our place as a society to judge anyone. rip mj and i pray for you and your children and your family---sue from tampa...---------------------------

1895 days ago


post #31--loki--well i think the one children should not feel safe with is you, HOW CAN ANOTHER HUMAN BEING WISH AND BE THANKFULL FOR ANOTHERS DEATH... AGAIN YOU HAVE NO FACTS THAT MJ DID ANYTHING TO ANY CHILDREN--HE WAS NEVER CONVICTED OF THAT!!!! and you dont know anything about it obviously because you have never kept up with his life , like alot of us fans that have followed him from day one... i will pray for you and hope that the lord will have mercy on your soul for wishing that another person is dead... YOU NEED TO BE AN EXAMPLE OF THE CHILDREN IN OUR WORLD NOT THE ONE WHO FEELS THERE MIND WITH NASTINESS AND UNKNOWN FACTS, ABOUT ANOTHER HUMAN BEING...RIP MJ--SUE FROM TAMPA

1895 days ago

danger baby    

TAR - You obviously have not read Margaret Maldonado's book: "Jackson Family Values". If you had, you would realize that a woman who was married to Jermaine and a part of the Jackson enclave for years, said that of all the Jacksons, Michael was consistently the sweetest, kindest, and most generous. She never believed for a moment that he was capable of hurting a child. Not for a moment. Michael stood by her and offered her a helping hand when his brother got rough with her. She claimed that Jermaine beat her, refused to pay child support, and was very jealous of MJ's success (around that time Jermaine wrote "Word to the BADD"). In contrast, everything said about Michael in her book points to him being a CLASS ACT. And by everyone's account, he was an amazing father. We don't know the history behind his prescription drug use, and the how, the how much, or the why. Fortunately, your scathing judgment is offset by about 6 billion fans who know he was beautiful inside and out, and a genius musical talent.

1895 days ago

danger baby    

Loki, you suck.

1895 days ago


When will TMZ stop having this big hard-on for MJ? When does reporting turn to pandering? Right about now. Please stop. TMZ is gaining a few readers via this coverage, but the rest of us think it is getting stale and are leaving for showbiz news elsewhere. Oh well.

1895 days ago


POST -32 GO ONTO EMAIL can ask questions mj-sue from tampa

1895 days ago

Missing MJ    


The pharmacy did NOT pay the rent, that's why they were sued. They signed a lease to rent a building in Pasadena, CA until September 2011, but they stopped paying (or never paid) rent there and abandoned that location in September of last year. The picture with this story is of the pharmacy in Las Vegas that they moved to after they skipped out on the rent in California.

Dr. Conrad and the pharmacy; Birds of a feather......

1895 days ago


Of course they had money problems. If the DEA was trying to do it's job, they would investigate this pharmacy FULLY not just for the MJ case. I'm sure they were supplying more than just Dr. Murray

1895 days ago

Michael Jackson    


Here are some other things I can't say about MJ because I "never saw it."

MJ never ate...I never saw it.

MJ never breathed...I never saw it.

MJ never got sick...I never saw it.

MJ never slept...I never saw it.

MJ never got dressed or undressed...I never saw it.

MJ never went to the bathroom...I never saw it.

MJ never bathed or shaved...I never saw it.

1895 days ago


i am sure with this investigation they will find many doctors and patients not just celebs that were getting stuff they should not have had.. they really need to check into all who had anything to do with mj and they will come up with alot more than they could have ever imagined. he will be after death a beacon for them the investigators to get all these quacks off of the streets--- so you see he is even doing something good after his death. THAT IS WHAT HE DID , HE HELPED ANYONE HE COULD AND AT TIMES DIDNT EVEN KNOW HE WAS DOING IT. IT IS A SHAME HE WILL HAVE TO BE THE ONE WHO LOST HIS LIFE TO THESE IRESPONSIBLE PEOPLE , AND NOW HE CAN CARRY ON HIS LEGACY OF BRINGING THOSE PEOPLE DOWN IN ONE WAY OR ANOTHER...RIP MJ--WE LOVE AND MISS YOU!!! SUE FROM TAMPA

1895 days ago
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