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Pharmacy in Jackson Case Had Money Problems

8/13/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The pharmacy that was raided in Las Vegas Tuesday has something in common with Dr. Conrad Murray -- both apparently have had money problems.

We've pulled documents showing Applied Pharmacy Services, LLC was sued by the owners of the building it occupied in Pasadena, CA. for non-payment of rent. The landlord got a judgment of $143,267.73 -- that includes around $40,000 in back rent plus the amount that would have paid through the balance of the lease, which ended in September, 2011. The pharmacy abandoned the lease in September, 2008.

Dr. Murray was also dogged by money problems -- the bank has been trying to foreclose on his Las Vegas home, and he was ordered to jail for non-payment of child support (he never went).

Law enforcement sources told us when they searched Applied Pharmacy Services they were on the hunt for documents that might show the company sold Propofol to Dr. Murray. There are reports the DEA scored during the search.


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Everyone in this Jackson case have either filed bankruptcy, or massed debts beyond their scopes. All the loans over the years Jackson got were from shady institutions that too have filed bankruptcy lately. Hedge funds, money schemes. So, it would onlystand to reason that any and everyone that he(Michael ) associated with would be of this same business sense, theives!
The people that bought his loan are involved with untouchable men that own just about everything world wide, including casinos that are filing bankruptcy right now in Vegas. They all get money from Peter to pay Paul senario. Is there any way that all the financial institutions have failed in this country? They hedge funded men like Jackson that had debts of humdred of millions then all filed chapter 7 ,11 and just rebuild a company of fraud under another name. that Dr.Thome Thome worked for Colony Capital, there is not much real information on him out there and the rest of the players in this nightmare. The IRS will be the only ones to take any of these crooks down. Meanwhile, the taxpayers are still picking up the bills of Jacksons ,Madoffs, and the others in what ever industry they just happen to be in to overinflate and hide their underhanded lifestyle that use every loophole of the system to make the tax payer responsible in the end, as they continue business as usual.

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39. TAR - You obviously have not read..........
Posted at 8:47AM on Aug 13th 2009 by Danger Baby
good job Danger

1894 days ago


Someday the real truth will come to fruition about what really happened.

1894 days ago


Some of you need to be smarter than believing everything the media throws at you. Be smart and do your research. Find out for yourself. Not talking just about Michael Jackson. On any subject. Educate yourselves. The media will twist a story to sell it to you. The more sensational, the higher their ratings

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43. When will TMZ stop having this big hard-on for MJ? When does reporting turn to pandering? Right about now. Please stop. TMZ is gaining a few readers via this coverage, but the rest of us think it is getting stale and are leaving for showbiz news elsewhere. Oh well.
Posted at 8:54AM on Aug 13th 2009 by HadEnough
I, among many others don't understand your invalid request. TMZ is providing you with more than ample celeb coveragem etc. on other topics and boards.
If you see a MJ topic board, just browse on over, and don't go into it.
You just want something to bellyache about.

1894 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

If the Dr. wasn't rich he'd be in jail already .. It's about money money money... When your rich you almost never go to jail.. When your poor.. It's off with their head

1894 days ago


Michael Jackson’s personal physician left the performer alone and under the influence of a powerful anesthetic to make telephone calls the morning the pop singer died, according to three people familiar with the investigation.

By the time he returned, Jackson had stopped breathing, the sources said.

Dr. Conrad Murray, identified in court records as a suspect in a police manslaughter investigation, legally acquired the operating room drug, propofol, from a Las Vegas pharmacy and gave it to Jackson as treatment for insomnia, said the sources, who spoke on the condition that they not be named because the investigation is ongoing.

In an interview with Los Angeles police detectives two days after Jackson’s death, Murray acknowledged obtaining and administering the medication, the sources said. He reportedly told police that the singer had returned to his rented Holmby Hills mansion in the early hours of June 25 exhausted from a lengthy concert rehearsal but was unable to sleep.

Jackson had been using propofol as a sleep aid on and off for a decade, according to one law enforcement source. Murray told investigators that he had given Jackson doses of the drug repeatedly since taking a $150,000-a-month job as his doctor in May, the sources said.

The 51-year-old cardiologist told detectives that because there had never been a problem in the past, he felt comfortable leaving Jackson alone to place calls on his cellphone, the sources said. It’s unclear how long Murray was out of Jackson’s bedroom.

When Murray returned, the 50-year-old pop star was not breathing. Murray performed CPR on Jackson, and another person called 911. Paramedics arrived and rushed Jackson to UCLA Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead at 2:26 p.m.

Murray has maintained that he did nothing wrong. His attorney, Edward Chernoff, has repeatedly declined to say whether his client gave Jackson propofol. Asked Wednesday about the version of events outlined by the sources, the lawyer said: “I’m not going to dispute the police officers' claims in that regard. They were there at the interview, and Dr. Murray did not lie to them. But they are not telling the whole story.”

Chernoff confirmed that the doctor had spent time on the phone talking to family members and employees in his medical offices before he discovered Jackson stricken in a bedroom. Investigators pursuing the case have focused on whether Murray’s use of propofol outside the hospital setting and his decision to leave Jackson alone rose to a level of negligence required for an involuntary manslaughter charge.

The Los Angeles County coroner’s office has concluded its investigation into Jackson’s death but, at the request of the LAPD, has not released its findings. Evidence gathered during the investigation suggests that the propofol admission alone might not be enough to charge Murray with manslaughter.

Other prescription drugs, including an anti-anxiety medication, were found in Jackson’s system along with a limited amount of propofol. The law enforcement source said the presence of the other drugs without a massive amount of propofol could complicate any prosecution.

The other drugs may have amplified the effect of the anesthetic and depressed Jackson’s breathing, sources said. Another factor is Jackson’s history of drug addiction and his prior use of propofol in particular. In an interview Wednesday, Chernoff suggested that Murray did not realize what he was signing up for when he agreed to become Jackson’s doctor.

“When he accepted the job, he was not aware of any specific requirements regarding medications that Michael Jackson was taking or any addictions that he was suffering from,” Chernoff said.

But after relocating to Los Angeles, “he realized that Michael Jackson had some very unusual problems,” the lawyer said.

Chernoff criticized what he called selective leaks by investigators and said they had rushed to portray Murray as guilty and the anesthetic as the cause of death. “From the beginning, they leaked that propofol killed him. It has appeared the investigation was designed to support a conclusion they already made with regard to Dr. Murray,” the lawyer said.

He said it was evident from their searches of Murray’s properties in Las Vegas and Houston that investigators thought drugs other than propofol played a role in the death. Investigators were looking for evidence that the doctor prescribed Jackson the other medications, he said.

“I have no doubt they came up completely empty in that regard,” he said.

Murray is one of at least five doctors whose conduct is being examined by the LAPD with the aid of the Drug Enforcement Administration in connection with Jackson. Although several have had records subpoenaed by the coroner’s

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50. Michael Jackson's doctor left singer alone after giving him
powerful drug, sources say..........
August 13, 2009 | 6:00 am
Posted at 9:43AM on Aug 13th 2009 by jessie
Told ya so long ago. I don't believe Murray just left the bedroom,
but left the premises for some period of time.
Murray left MJ unattended, and then other lethal "factors" came into
Thanks for the link jessie.

posted by zombiehunter, aka tellitlikeitis
I'm hunting brain dead people who refuse to look for and see the
truth that lies behind MJs death.

1894 days ago


MJ wanted this drug and he found yet another doctor who would not say no. Why aren't you placing blame on MJ? He had the money and the means to get this drug. No one forced him to do this. He was warned of the risks and as a typical junky like MJ was, he didn't care.

1894 days ago


61. What happen to the big announcement yesterday?????I thought you was going to tell more on MJ burial????
Posted at 10:55AM on Aug 13th 2009 by MJ fan
Ditto that.

1894 days ago


32. Seriously your comments are moronic...............It's nice to see we all live in glass houses. Dr. Murray was the fall guy how do you think it was that Dr. Murray brought all that equipment into MJ's house ? Do you all believe in the toothfairy too ? What will be the next therory you will all come up with ? That Dr, Murray forced MJ to get these IV injections. You all seem to be pointing to the wrong person, or you just are interpreting any stories about MJ to fit your own diluted minds. MJ was a prescription junkie, MJ wanted these drugs, and anything MJ wanted, MJ got. He was well aware of the risks of having that drug administered in his home, he knew that he might never wake up, he knew all the risk involved and still watned it. So MJ is dead and there is really no one else to blame but MJ. Sure all the yes people in his life are going to be held accountable. But I know for a fact that MJ was NEVER forced to take anything he took....He made the decisions about what went into his body. He clearly understood the dangers and was wiling to take the risk. So stop blaming Dr. Murray for being so start struck that he did whatever MJ asked him to do. Murray is not the only person going down on this investigation, MJ abused drugs for years, years, years. He was just as bad as a junkie on the street corner trying to cop himself/herself drugs. The only difference is MJ had money, and used his star power to get those drugs whenever he wanted them. You FANatic's need to wake up and face the truth, this man was a low life, living in a mansion, neglecting his kids, and choose drugs over his kids and family. He surrounded himself with yes people like any good junkie would. His children should have been taken away from him when he was first arrested in 2004. When they went through his house and found all the drugs, he should have been charged back then with not just molestation, but with drug charges, and child neglect and abuse. Thank god he's dead, thank god these children might actually have a normal person taking care of them. Although I think the entire Jackson family is nuts.....full of secrets....and its all about the money.

Posted at 7:04AM on Aug 13th 2009 by TAR
I agree with you

1894 days ago


64. ok well post mj was a junkie---that post made no sense whatsoever, but that is what i am talking about ignorance runs high with some of you on is just sad that the mj haters cant find anything other than this to do with there time than to come on here and show there ignorance..i am sure there are plenty of other headlines on here you could put your 2 cents worth into.without any kind of knowledge of ongoing stories that some of you know nothing about, WHAT A TERRIBLE WASTE OF THE MIND!!!! RIP MJ-SUE FROM TAMPA

Posted at 11:26AM on Aug 13th 2009 by sue

Pot kettle. This post proves just how illiterate you are. Telling the truth about your idol who was a major junky makes us haters? Only in your ignorant little mind. If you can't deal with the truth, which is obvious you can't. Leave the internet and go slither back under that frock from which you came from.

MJ didn't have a mind to waste. He rotted it away on drugs. You sound like you are on that same path.

1894 days ago


My question is if AEG was so worried about MJ passing a physical and insuring his health, why did they not investigate Dr. Conjob Murderer??? If they were going to have this "Dr." on tour no matter if he was on MJ's payroll, you would have thought that they would do a background check on him to make sure that he was the best man for the job. There is a huge domino effect here....from the pharmacy down to the Dr. So many people played a roll in MJ's death, I hope they nail everyone that is involved. I am still so sad and cannot get enough of him on Youtube. MJ didn't have to put his fans on his payroll, we loved him freely and we are very loyal. Nothing can change that. We want justice for our beloved King of Pop, something he was denied in his lifetime. God Bless his beautiful children and all the family, friends and loyal fans. Rest in Peace our sweet,sweet, Prince.

1894 days ago


33. Well, lets all be happy that MJ is no longer living. Now all the little kids in the world will be safe :-) Hope the doc gets off of all charges.

Posted at 7:17AM on Aug 13th 2009 by Loki
Aint that the truth

1894 days ago

Michael Jackson    

I turned on the cable news the other day and guess what. Outside of the TMZ and other MJ fan sites nobody is eating, sleeping or eating all of this MJ news. The world is actually still turning without him. Who would have thunk it?

1894 days ago
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