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Philadelphia Eagles

Swoop Up Michael Vick

8/13/2009 6:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael VickLet the booing begin -- Michael Vick has officially been signed by an NFL team.

Vick's agent told ESPN the quarterback/canine's worst nightmare just signed a two-year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Details of the deal have yet to be released, but you can bet the doghouse he won't reclaim his spot as the NFL's highest paid player.

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Jim Tressor    

I think Vick will fit in nicely in Philadelphia's system - he is going to be a dangerous offensive weapon. I just hope the Philly fans accept him as one of their own! Here is a cool article about the fans' reactions to Vick's arrival: https://www.mindreign.com/en/mindshare/Sports/Will-Michael-Vick-Divide-Philadelphia-3f/sl40763392bp470cpp10pn1.html

1802 days ago


Nice dogs!?! All dogs are nice, its only the morons like yourself and Vick that make them mean...think about it!

1802 days ago

Alexander Fridman    


How come a well respected franchise like the Eagles sign up that bloody dog.
Even the Eagles fans that might be happy with that because Vick is still a hell of a player think it's just wrong:

1801 days ago


As a Pa native, I am ashamed of the eagles right now! I grew up watching my neighbors fight pits and it broke my heart everyday!!

the message this sends to the inner-city youth of Pa about dog fighting is a devastation to our neighborhoods and the continued efforts of decent citizens to clean up this behavior.

additionally, i question how Burress would get two years for shooting his own dumb self in the leg, but Vick can get off with a wrist slap. They say, "he served his time and deserves a 2nd chance." in my eyes, the justice system has failed us and this man is getting away with MURDER!!! I dont care if it was an animal or a human... the man took many innocent lives and ruined the psyche of innocent creatures for his own personal gain and pleasure. i believe that he deserves a much harsher punishment. instead he will live as a free man and continue to make more money than the misguided, inner-city youth can ever dream of.

i hope to see the eagles and vick get their asses handed to them this season!! (sorry McNabb... u r still cool in my book and I cant wait for you to be out of that administration).... never thought i would say this, but right about now.... THE EAGLES SUCK!!! You are setting such a poor example for our children who look up to these so-called "heroes."

1799 days ago


I can't believe the crap I've been reading on here. After what Vick did, he gets the opportunity to make millions of dollars. What the F_ _ _ are the P. Eagles thinking........I just watched National Geographic and saw what it is taking to try to help these dogs that Vick and his cronies ruined (for the almighty dollar) Two years in jail just doesn't cut it. People who have done such a thing to innocent dogs, should be treated the same........these poor beautiful dependent creatures should be treated with the same respect that Vick would want for his own family. I am a football fan, (the best, the Patriots) and will gladly miss a game played with the Philly Eagles. I Can't believe that the powers that be at the P. Eagles would sign this man....It is always controversy and $$$$$$$$$$ signs. The youth of America look up to these athletes and it sickens me to think that a person for such little respect for life is awarded with a chance to make a lucritave career after only two years in jail and a slap on the hand. It can be a sick world sometimes.....the almighty dollar rules the world. Shame on you P. Eagles. I will never watch a game with you again.......sickened to death with the power of the greedy..

1790 days ago
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