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Propofol Manufacturer in MJ Case in the Dark

8/13/2009 6:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson PropofolWe just got off the phone with Hospira Inc., one of the Propofol manufacturers mentioned in the Las Vegas warrant used to search a pharmacy connected to Dr. Conrad Murray.

It appears law enforcement believes Hospira manufactured one of the bottles of Propofol found in Michael Jackson's home after he died.

A rep from Hospira tells us "Hospira is one of a number of companies that currently produce Propofol. Hospira has no information regarding the manufacturer of the alleged bottles of Diprivan/Propofol at Michael Jackson's home. Any licensed health care provider could purchase drugs from many sources, including wholesalers and other distribution channels."

Translation ... they won't say if law enforcement has contacted the company -- though we know the DEA has already contacted the manufacturers of the Propofol lots found in Jackson's home.

The company also appears to be saying ... once it leaves their facility, they have no idea where it goes.


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Manufactures should keep tract of their drugs for quality control. FDA should get busy and do thier job.

1710 days ago


A new wrinkle has emerged in the case against Dr. Murray. Was the Propofol he used tainted?

Check out to find out!

1710 days ago


You don't seriously expect the pharmaceutical supplier to be responsible-beyond distribution controls and recordkeeping already in place by law- for how drugs are used or misused? Is this going to develop into one more party other than Michael Jackson who is accountable by fans for his death?

1710 days ago


Quote: "Does PROPOFOL come in varying strengths? Could it be human error? Looks like the bottle in the picture reads 200mg per 20 cc (ml)..... Injectable bottles. Happy for the tour but I now I regret it....the price was too high!"

All Propofol comes in the concentration of 10 mg/ml. It can be supplied as 20 ml bottles, 50 ml bottles, or 100 ml bottles. The concentration in all is the same per ml (or cc).

As for the manufacturers, they would only know the location it went when leaving their facility. This could be a distributor, hospital, pharmacy. As for who purchased from a distributor, and the chain of where it went from there, that would have to be tracked. I know in a hospital setting, the hospital either purchases it from distribution or the manufacturer. Then in the hospital, it could either go to ambulatory surgery, Inpatient operating room, Intensive Care Unit, and in some hospitals Endoscopy and Angiography.

For TMZ to think that the manufacturer should know how their bottle of Propofol arrived at Michael Jackson's home is just plain ignorant.

1710 days ago


I need to find out where Dr. Gabriela practices and avoid that place.

1709 days ago

Rita Stone    

Cra to know something I do not think Michael Morris ta his death very strange to me then that death was forged and end-point Brasil-Ulianopolis_PA

1709 days ago


Oh for Cripe sake enough of the MJ crap too. The guy abused drugs PERIOD folks. PERIOD. Those of you still thinking this guy was a straight as an arrow need to get a grip on reality. There was something seriously wrong with this fool for even contemplating having this drug administered in his HOME with his children present. Great example MJ. He was a VERY talented entertainer but it stops at that. His surgeries, his actions, his peculiarities made him a joke. I feel bad for his children and him. I don't know what haunted him but he eestroyed the once handsome man and ended up killed himself over it.

1709 days ago

Stranger in NC    

Michael was not a drug addict. I will never believe that BS. This is all for the media to run wild and make money off of his name. To me this all seems like some big hoax....

1708 days ago


are all the medications pictured from 1992-2002???

1708 days ago
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