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Jon & Kate Plus 9-1-1

8/14/2009 10:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin was seen checking in to a Days Inn Hotel by herself last night, and here's a shocker: It was all over a huge fight with Jon.

TMZ has confirmed cops were called to the couple's Pennsylvania home after the two went ballistic on each other. Cops showed up just before midnight, but no arrests were made. Cops tell us they were called out because of the argument. It's unclear who called 911.

Cops tell us they made quick work of the situation by calming things down ... they were only there for approximately 10 minutes.

Since it's Jon's turn with the kids, Kate kicked rocks -- and checked into the local hotel.


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Ok Gosselins, you are in your 30's now , it is time to grow up and act like adults. Fights so bad that the cops are called is ridiculous and a heinous crime against your already leveraged children. This is a train wreck and I am so sad for all of you.

1904 days ago


I saw this coming. Kate can't handle it all. It's all crashing down on her.Her traveling around and being gone......what 25 day's out of the month on book tour's and living the high life. She also know's the show won't be on much longer. Way to much stress for her. It's time Kate join's the real world, she has eight kid's to think about. Yes John is acting out. Who would'n after living ten year's with that control bitch.

Kate's good life is about to end, so she is taking her fustration out on John, which end's up into some nasty fight's.

I cannot wait till they both go away !!!

1904 days ago


That really sucks for the kids, for real. Growing up with split parents that fight and when cops are involved, it really stinks. It's embarrassing and sad and scary and confusing, especially for 5 yr olds. Hope Jon was good with the kids after the fight.

1904 days ago

me so horny    

Who cares about this exploitive human C UM RECEPTACLE, I don't

1904 days ago


OK here's one for Harvey since he is a lawyer...I don't believe Jon could legally keep Kate from entering her own house. My guess is that he had someone in there he did not want Kate to see, fight ensues, and for the sake of the kids (who at 12 in the morning should be sleeping) she leaves. A police office could not make her leave because it is her house.
I have friends who are divorced and since the house is in both their names she can't get him out, now these two are not even offically divorced yet. Anyway enough said on that, though the question now is what happened to all we do are for our kids? This type of behavior is not in the kids best interest. It is sad that a fall from grace is a long way down, it wont be long before they have no marriage, no show, and no money, then what will they do for their kids.

1904 days ago


What is wrong with this picture? Midnight? And sunglasses? Huh?

This train wreck needs to be put out to pasture. All 8 kids need therapy.

1904 days ago

arte help    

Mark my words, you'll all say "you know, he was right". let's all say it together, "Goodnight Grandma" Under Obamacare, Teddy Kennedy would have been long dead.

1904 days ago


Why is Kate still wearing her dark sunglasses if this happened right before midnight? Just askin, cause who really wears sunglasses at midnight..........Anyway, Kates a bitch, and probably went there to start problems

1904 days ago

Justice !    

Corey Hart wore his sunglass at night... just sayin LOL

1904 days ago


KATE - it never ever ever works when 2 separated people live in the same house even if only for a DAY - Jon is doing what many many do when they want their wife's ATTENTION - and boy is he getting it. Best thing to do - dont say a word - NOT A WORD. I know it's not easy and I feel for you.

1904 days ago


Not to worry, friends. This whole disaster will be over soon and TLC will cancel this show before the year ends, if not sooner. These two are out of control now and are becoming an embarassment for the network. The public is turning against the parent's choice to continue to profit from their children during this ugly divorce. Now the police have been called to the family house to settle a domestic dispute? Classy. You can bet TLC executives are huddling behind closed doors as I write this. Hope those two idiots saved at least some money for those children's future.

1904 days ago


she may be a rag at times but jon is a douche bag.

1904 days ago


#6....dont be ignorant....and tkennedy...take your right wing b.s somewhere else...bush/chaney spread fear for 8years...that isnt going to work anymore, educate yourself you might grow as a human. as for this show....TLC is pathetic...I feel sorry for the children who will someday be able to look back and see all this toxic behavior from their parents...very sad...someone needs to put an end to this show.

1904 days ago


This stupid arrangement where Jon is in the home around Kate,is not a good thing..If you had a dumba$$ husband that is partying it up with women and the whole world knew about it would you want to be around him?? Jon should get a brain cell and stay away for a while. Who in the heck is advising this moron to party it up in Vegas and France? And what are the fugly girls seeing in Jon? "cough" Blech"..Yuck"!

1904 days ago

leave the gun, take the cannolis.    

Why couldn't I have been at that hotel for some "get back at you" sex. I would have banged her like a screen door in a tornado.

1904 days ago
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