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Jon & Kate Plus 9-1-1

8/14/2009 10:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin was seen checking in to a Days Inn Hotel by herself last night, and here's a shocker: It was all over a huge fight with Jon.

TMZ has confirmed cops were called to the couple's Pennsylvania home after the two went ballistic on each other. Cops showed up just before midnight, but no arrests were made. Cops tell us they were called out because of the argument. It's unclear who called 911.

Cops tell us they made quick work of the situation by calming things down ... they were only there for approximately 10 minutes.

Since it's Jon's turn with the kids, Kate kicked rocks -- and checked into the local hotel.


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Kate may have been wearing sunglasses to cover her eyes because she was crying. People do that.

This show needs to be taken off the air, so the children can be taken out of the public eye and lead a "normal" life.

Both John and Kate say the kids come first. Well it's about time they start acting like it. Money is important, but the mental well being of the kids should take priority over all.

1863 days ago


You all need to open your eyes....this is a ratings ploy if anything. It was announced today that they lost over 7 million viewers from their last show in June when they announced their divorce. What better way to grab the attention of people than to have a "fight".

1863 days ago

Sam Sunshine    


1863 days ago


Days Inn/

you have to be in the middle no where...

to spend the night in a crappy place like that.

1863 days ago


i don't feel one bit sorry for kate....she asked for all of this! this is what happens when you sell your children and your soul for a million dollar home and a book deal! it's so aggrivating how she is ON TV saying this is a 'private matter"!!! THEN WHY ARE YOU ON TV???? and jon is, and always has been, completely immature and a total D-bag. so why am i watching? good question. i like train wrecks.

1863 days ago


Kate is and has always been a controlling bitch. It's her who could seriously benefit from Mental Health. She has kicked her own parents to the curb. She complains about everything. Where are the childrens cousins,aunts,uncles, and other significant family?? Gone ! because Kate has pushed them ALL away. She has always wanted to be the star of this show. This never had anything to do with the children!! TLC pull the plug, and make these two work for a living!!!!!

1863 days ago


WAY TO GO #29 AND #11! I just had to past your comments again here!! I couldn’t have said it better and to think people call Kate a b…ch. Well now that we see his true colors and what she had to live with I think she was tame to say the least! If I had to deal with his selfish immature a** I’d show you what a b…ch really is!! What a jerk! All my girlfriends and myself have always liked her.

29. This stupid arrangement where Jon is in the home around Kate,is not a good thing..If you had a dumba$$ husband that is partying it up with women and the whole world knew about it would you want to be around him?? Jon should get a brain cell and stay away for a while. Who in the heck is advising this moron to party it up in Vegas and France? And what are the fugly girls seeing in Jon? "cough" Blech"..Yuck"!

11. Oh, let me guess, Jon had a whore there or correction... a prostitute lol get it straight ladies when he's paying for it even in expensive gifts you're still a hooker! He's so dumb seriously, he doesn't see that these women are after the publicity and money and or gifts that come from being with him. He wants freedom and to act like he's the age of the girls he's hanging around with... get it straight idiottttt ur 32 years oldddddddddddd and you are marriedddddddd even if you are divorcing andddddddddd you have kids let alone one you have eighttttt... what is wrong with you!!!!!!!!!!!! Grow up loser!!!

1863 days ago

love her!    

I feel really sad for Kate. She is trying to be the mom and the dad. John is turning into a novelty dad who makes the kids happy when he decides to make a grand entrance but in the real day to day life it's only Kate. I pray for her and the kids. She deserves to be treated better by everyone because what she is taking on is a lot more than any of us could ever imagine.

1863 days ago


I feel sorry for Kate. Bad divorce, bad haircut, bad life. She really, really, really needs to pull the plug on the show because that's the thing driving the stalking by 'p-people' and feeding Jon's d-list celebrity ego. No show, no more hounding, and Jon is just another fat, balding, middle aged father of 8 who'll have to haul his lazy ass back to an office instead of hanging out on yachts with trust-fund bitches. Not that Kate is innocent--she was a hateful nag on every episode that I've seen, and being mean to someone will not increase their IQ no matter what--but Jon shacking up with women in the house with the kids there??? If that is true he just needs his ass kicked. Hard.

1863 days ago

:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

So big deal. They act like every other friggin screwed up separated family in America.

1863 days ago


Probably due to the fact Jon had one of his little girl friends at the house. No matter who is right/wrong in a divorce, extramarital affairs should not be carried out in front of the kids. Jon, keep your girlfriends in NYC where you claim to be so happy!

1863 days ago

Cuckoo In California    

Isn't it clear why Kate had to be as controlling as she was of Jon? Because he's a selfish, inconsiderate, lazy boy who married Kate, wanted to have all those kids and when the reality of being there to be a dad set in, he ran. He's 32 acting like some immature college kid who wants to party, sleep around, smoke dope and act like a complete jerk. He's more concerned about himself than he is about his kids. Bringing his girlfriend (flavor of the minute) into the marital home is wrong on so many levels and if that's what the argument was about last night then Kate had every right to be there and demand that she leave. Jon is clearly not thinking with the head on his shoulders but the head you know where. What an idiot. Kate is lucky to be rid of this complete and total loser and the kids will be better off without him around all the time....not that he does much with them - he's always on his cell phone with his loser girlfriend.

1863 days ago

uNclear hysteria    

Where's Steve "the bodyguard"?

1863 days ago


#43- You're correct. Jon's brain is stuck in his zipper!

1863 days ago

Jennifer Gray    

Jon is douche! He's so going thru a mid-life crisis & he's making an idiot of himself. UGH! Everytime I see his face I want to smack it.

1863 days ago
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