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Jon & Kate Plus 9-1-1

8/14/2009 10:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin was seen checking in to a Days Inn Hotel by herself last night, and here's a shocker: It was all over a huge fight with Jon.

TMZ has confirmed cops were called to the couple's Pennsylvania home after the two went ballistic on each other. Cops showed up just before midnight, but no arrests were made. Cops tell us they were called out because of the argument. It's unclear who called 911.

Cops tell us they made quick work of the situation by calming things down ... they were only there for approximately 10 minutes.

Since it's Jon's turn with the kids, Kate kicked rocks -- and checked into the local hotel.


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Anything for publicity.

1896 days ago


She was probably wearing sunglasses because it was SUNNY.

1896 days ago


She needs to get her ducks in a row and file for custody of the house and children. He needs to be a part-time daddy and get the kids for weekend visits. That will scare the leech hoes away. It is over Kate. Move on. Jon is just a horny 17 year old kid in his mind. He is not the same person you married. The girlfriend one-night stands at the kids' house have to be stopped. If he won't cooperate, go after him through the lawyer.

1896 days ago


Kate is a total HUGE control freak, and now she has no control and it is so freaking funny

1896 days ago


Isn't either of them ever at home with their children? It seems to me that both are always away promoting or douchebagging. The one time we hear of them actually at home...they are fighting. 911? Please.

1896 days ago

Brianna from Australia    

We just had the very first episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8 screened here in Perth, Australia. I had no idea who they were and know nothing about them however, I have to say, from first impressions, Kate seems like a very well adjusted, quietely spoken, intelligent woman, who rightly so has alot to be concerned about due to the fact that she has eight small children very dependent on her and a very immature, conceited and selfish husband to deal with. I hope the fame hasn't gone to her head because she really does seem like a nice, normal, average, level headed mom and person.

1896 days ago


How does it feel Kate to have the tides turn on you? Your constant nagging, belittling, badgering and controlling way are now comming back to haunt you. I don't feel sorry for Kate AT ALL. Go cry to your bodyguard Kate, he is the only one you can turn to, everyone else has thrown you to the curb. Jon loves his kids, he would NEVER put them in harms way. Stop your grandstanding and STFU!

1896 days ago


Jon and Kate should just get out of the TV show and Fix their lives - Kate and needed Help for years - did you not watch how she treated Jon and were are all the other people - she got did and them to - you never see any of her friends anymore - I would have loved to bin married to someone like Jon but NO I had some one like Kate - always yelling for everything - she needs help - Jon wanted to go Marriage help but she didn't - people say if you had eight kids you'd be like her - people have more then that and they don't yell like her - if she keeps up yelling all the kids will be like her - some already are

1896 days ago


Leave her alone. The papp are such losers for keeping on following this story. She's not a celebrity so go after someone else that's interesting. She's going through a divorce - YAWN.

1896 days ago


What is wrong with a kid sitter - she has them and she is always on the road trying to sell her stuff - stay home with the kids they need you and quit yelling at Jon in front of the kids - GET HELP KATE - meds will help you

1896 days ago


47. She was probably wearing sunglasses because it was SUNNY.

Posted at 11:05AM on Aug 14th 2009 by LivinLA

Sunny, in Pa. at midnight? hmmm

1896 days ago


Don't they have an agreement that if it's the other parents turn, the 'off duty' parent can't be in the home? It's why Jon was out partying while Kate had just the girls down in FL, he wasn't ALLOWED to be in the home at the time. So now it's his turn and she is not allowed there while he is there. If they have an agreement then it could be considered 'custodial interference', that's probably why the police sent her away instead of forcing Jon to let her in.

I think both of them are stupid, but it's not fair to slam Jon for not being there 24/7 when they have a custody/visitation agreement that does not allow it. Plus it pisses me off that she keeps talking about how he was gone a lot, she doesn't know when he moved out because he was never really there, etc. He took care of the 8 kids while she was gallavanting all over the country on her 'book tour'....where she would spend an hr signing books then just up ad leave. She was goe 3 wks out of every month from oct to may! She is a controlling bitch, she does nothing herself, she just makes lists and yells at everyone else to do things. Jon was always the one to get the kids up and dressed, took the kids to school, fed them, bathed them, drove everywhere, heck Queen Kate didn't even pump her own gas! Now she's got nannies and PAs doing it all for her. But yet she's playing the martyr. I don't see a problem with him going out, he's not dragging the kids to the bar, the only way they know about it is from the tabloids. Not much different than any other parent going out to a bar. As long as he's sober when he's with the kids and actually PLAYING with them who really cares???

1896 days ago


Kate is no jealous because Jon is getting some. She expected Jon to crawl under a rock, while she shined, but the tables turned. the bitch deserves everything she gets.

1896 days ago


# 52, I totally agree with you. This just happens to occur right after their big ratings slump. People are going to get very tired of them, they're spending all their money on cars and big houses, the kids are just kids...big deal that she had 6 at one time. Pump a woman full of fertility drugs and millions could do the same. Not supporting Jon here but at least he's looking into future money making ventures. Kate puts her whole life on this show, she's too self involved and stupid to realize it WILL end!!! She knows people are only interested in watching them crash and burn, so she's going to do what she has to the detriment of her try and get ratings for her "show". She's an idiot, not playing with a full deck at all.

1896 days ago


so the story says after midnight, but in the video it's clearly daylight, did she not leave until the next morning? 10 minutes...doesn't make any sense!!

1896 days ago
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