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Jon & Kate Plus 9-1-1

8/14/2009 10:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin was seen checking in to a Days Inn Hotel by herself last night, and here's a shocker: It was all over a huge fight with Jon.

TMZ has confirmed cops were called to the couple's Pennsylvania home after the two went ballistic on each other. Cops showed up just before midnight, but no arrests were made. Cops tell us they were called out because of the argument. It's unclear who called 911.

Cops tell us they made quick work of the situation by calming things down ... they were only there for approximately 10 minutes.

Since it's Jon's turn with the kids, Kate kicked rocks -- and checked into the local hotel.


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mari CA    

In reading the comments about Kate And Jon appalls my higher self. I myself was in a similar situation, My husband left his family to find himself at 32 years old, and I had five children the youngest being two months old. He was alot like Jon, a man with a Peter Pan complex. Jon shouldn't expose his children to lady friends, its much to early. Seen in the photo he is holding her baby. His own daughter is looking up at him in bewilderment. What is the babysitter doing bringing her child to the job?

When its all said and done, we all travel down the road and your journey takes you to fifty or sixty, he will regret all his misadventures. Kate will come out on top. She is like millions of women all over the world, who were abandoned by a man just because he wanted to find himself. Kate has to be strong for her children, she just married a weak man, she will find love again, when the time is right. Now my children's father is older, my kids are grown ,now he desires a meaningful relationship with them. They speak to him, there is no love or respect, he was the loser! Unless the readers have experienced a similar predicament, and raised a family on your own,how can every know the pain in Kates heart and soul.
Bless Kate and her eight children.

1898 days ago


Defend Jon all you want, he's not building a solid foundation for even joint custody for those children. If he keeps on his current track, he won't have anything left - no family or home. No wonder Kate treated him as a child because he is one. Do any of you think he is the responsible parent of the two? Would you trust your children with someone like Jon? I think not.

1898 days ago


It looks like daylight to me, maybe as late as 8 or 9, yet the guy keeps talking about the blowup like it happened a few minutes ago. Does Pennsylvania have midnight at the same time the rest of the country does?

1898 days ago


WTF It's clearly daylight when she checks into the Days Inn. If the cops were called at midnight where has she been for the past 6 hours?

1898 days ago


It's for the kids....

1898 days ago


If Jon is really thinking of his children first, he wouldn't bring other women around the children. Especially since he isn't divorced yet. Another thing that irks me is watching Jon spend and throw around so much money that rightfully belongs to the children. Shouldn't they be trying to save every penny they have since the show may be canceled soon?

Jon, put little willy away and grow up. Your kids need a real dad and not a bad example.

1898 days ago


Gosh !!!!! where I live it is dark at midnight (article says cops were called at midnight)

1898 days ago


Now it's gone over the line. The cops at their house at midnight?! Several things could have happened: he could be pissed at her 'bashing Jon' junket this week. Maybe he had a girlfriend at the house. Maybe the nanny IS one of the girlfriends and she found out. Maybe he asked the Nanny to stay overnight cuz he doesn't want to wake up with the kids in the morning after his non-stop partying. Maybe she doesn't like something the nanny did with regard to her kids. All of it is irrelavant, If the cops were only there 10 minutes, it tells me the kids weren't' in any physical or mental danger. However, the kids are paying the price. Every check that TLC deposits in the bank has one of the kids emotional health in the memo line. Divorce happens. ALOT. Mature adults realize that they can't control the behavior of their ex-spouse, no matter how vile, and put the kids well-being first. She can't say that she is putting the kids first anymore, Not after this. Jon-BTW, has not since the get go. Jon and Kate, pull the plug on the show, behave gracefully and maturely for your children, tell the paps (appear jointly with a statement) that you've seen the light and want to go about the business of raising your children out of the limelight and repair the damage thats been done, and ask the paps to respect your wishes and go away. You only get to raise them once, then you have to see the results of your child rearing as they become adults. Hopefully, they will turn out ok.

1898 days ago


Should rename the show: Jon's Mate plus 8. So much for an amicable split. This is just the start. As usual....the children will pay the ultimate price and be emotionally messed up forever in this melodrama. TLC...cancel the show, send the camera crews home!

1898 days ago


If she wasn't supposed to be there then she should have respected that. However, why was she locked out? Did she not have a key anymore..were the locks changed? Why would Jon be so adamant about not allowing her to enter..he obviously had female company he was cavorting. Can't he save his womanizing for when he doesn't have the kids? He is obviously not caring about the trauma he is inflicting on those innocent children by screwing around with women in his house. Someone needs to step in and protect those children...this has escalated into a damaging, three-ring circus.

1898 days ago


anyone who is a child of divorce or dysfunction can i;m sure remember sitting in your room listening to you parents go at it and then the cops come...those poor kids had to listen to their BS. i feel bad for em.

1898 days ago


I think one of the older children called Kate. Something was going on in that house. Jon was either drinking or carrying on with someone. Kate would not just show up for no reason. Two children have been hurt on Jon's time. One of the girls fell and bit through her lip and one of the boys suffered a head injury. Both instances resulted in a trip to the emergency room. Kate had a reason to be there, what it is, we may never know.

1898 days ago



1898 days ago


Jon is acting like a complete fool.

You can recapture your youth with 8 kids to take care of. And now, he's bringing it HOME?

Kate, get the best legal advice you can afford and make sure the strippers and mini-ho's aren't allowed around your kids with Midlife Crisis Jon.

TLC, this show has to go...........

1898 days ago
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