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Jon & Kate's Fight -- Blame the Babysitter

8/14/2009 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You can blame the babysitter for Jon and Kate Gosselin's blowup last night.

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Sources close to Jon and Kate tell TMZ that Kate was upset because Jon wanted to leave the kids with Stephanie Santoro -- the babysitter who was handpicked by Jon.

We're told Kate has serious trust issues with Santoro, and doesn't want her playing nanny with her kids. Kate went to the house to watch the kids instead of Santoro -- and that sparked the fight that ended with Kate calling 911.

Jon pretty much confirmed all this -- in his words -- this morning at his house. When in doubt, blame the nanny.


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The cops totally screwed up in this instance. They should have
gone inside and checked on the kids and made sure they were
ok with who Daddy (and I use the term loosely) had in the house
to watch them.
I think Mady or Cara called their Mom and told her who was in
the house.

1896 days ago


I find it strange the police told her to leave? What. It is her house regardless of. I don't see how they can make her leave. Plus, those are her kids, she is their mom she has a right to protect them. This whole thing is confusing. I wonder if she went to her lawyer today... I would have. That is not Jons residence anymore. He moved to NY. He was visiting is children. It is however her home.

1896 days ago


So in other words, Jon was getting his visitation with the kids and the first thing he does is hire a babysitter so he can go out and party.

1896 days ago


This is nuts. I never really knew anything about this show, until they divorced. I now see her taking the kids places, outside playing, and being a mom. I see him off with young girls, riding his 4-wheeler, and traveling. Now he gets time with his children and wants a babysitter? Why was there an argument, if he didn't want to spend the time there why a babysitter instead of the mother. Poor Jon, always worried about what people who aren't his children think of him.

1896 days ago


165 - Jon wasn't intending to go out and party. He was staying in and probably was partying WITH the babysitter. That's the problem.

1896 days ago


I would get Mady and Cara a cellphone and tell them to TEXT me
whenever something went on in the house that they weren't
comfortable with, instead of calling me.
Then next time if I was barred from my OWN home I would show
the cops and demand that they check on them to make sure they
are ok.
Then I would give copies of the texts to my lawyer.

1896 days ago

Mr. J    

First of all, Kate's not as innocent as most of you people think. If you really, really look between the lines, Jon DID have a regular job. Jon only QUIT because KATE told him to so that they could do the show FULL-TIME. Kate didn't want to stop the show because she saw it as a good SOURCE OF INCOME and wanted to make the SHOW a FULL-TIME JOB for her. Kate didn't have a job to begin with. So if wanting to go out and having someone watch your kids is worse then exploiting your kids for financial gain then this world today is F***ed up!

1896 days ago


I really feel for Jon's lawyers. . . how do you portray him as a "caring" father when he keeps showing his a$$ to anyone with a camera!?
Anyone with half a brain can see through this idiot. He met a skanky bar fly, hired her as a "babysitter" to fulfill some sick fantasy of his, with no thought about his children. It's so sad. I hope and pray that God intervenes in this situation. Stay strong Kate. . . you're all your kids have! (And for the record, I think you are doing GREAT. Your children are blessed to have such a strong, caring mother.)

1896 days ago


He only has them for a few days a week. Why the hell did he have to leave them with a babysitter at midnight? To go out & party with young girls. He is horrible. I used to like him so much. Kate had a right to want to be with them instead of a babysitter. It is still her house too & it IS what would have been better for the kids. Jon is such an idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1896 days ago


MR. J- "Kate didn't have a job to begin with."

Wrong. She is a R.N. Try again.

1896 days ago


what a piece of trash jon is. hes rarely with the kids, and when its his turn to have them, does he take advantage of it? NO! he pawns them off on a babysitter! why the hell even have turns with the kids when you dont even want to take advantage of your time with them? I HOPE KATE GETS FULL CUSTODY AND JON GETS NOTHING - as hes made it quite clear he doesnt want to spend time with his own children. DEADBEAT DAD OF THE YEAR.

1896 days ago


I think kate has every right to be angry if jon is messing with the nanny, the children haven't had anytime to ajust to the seperation of there parents, I don't think they are ready to see there father aka jerk with another woman. Not everyone is as ready to move super speed forward as Jon is, Kate understands that now is the time to focus on the kids and help them slowly ajust to the changes in there lives. Kate I have always supported you even when family and co workers spoke of there distaste for your temper. You are a great mother and if we could be a fly on the walls of every family in America you will find you are not any different than any other wife out there with a lazy no good thinks he's 20 husband. Also, there isn't an American family out there that wouldn't put their family on t.v. if it ment that they could offer their children a life like you are living with the large nice house and great education and wonderful vacations. I know I would!!!

1896 days ago


i think Jon Gosselin NEEDS a psychiatric evaluation. he has gone BEYOND what is NORMAL. he has slept with 4 women in 3 weeks.

1896 days ago


Excuse me? it's his time with the kids and he hires a nanny? Is he kidding? If I were Kate I would be furious to. He needs to grow up big time. I feel sorry for her-this is the way it's going to be with him. Soon he'll have a young wife who will be the mommy. He cant do anything on his own!

1896 days ago


So Kate is staying at the near by Days Inn on Jon's days with the kids and Jon parties all over the world with sluts on Kate's days. The man (loose term) is a lazy bum. Kate quit her nusing job to raise the kids. Jon quit his job to be a couch potato and later a party animal. Kate had no choice but to nag him for a litle bit of help.

1896 days ago
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