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Jon & Kate's Fight -- Blame the Babysitter

8/14/2009 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You can blame the babysitter for Jon and Kate Gosselin's blowup last night.

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Sources close to Jon and Kate tell TMZ that Kate was upset because Jon wanted to leave the kids with Stephanie Santoro -- the babysitter who was handpicked by Jon.

We're told Kate has serious trust issues with Santoro, and doesn't want her playing nanny with her kids. Kate went to the house to watch the kids instead of Santoro -- and that sparked the fight that ended with Kate calling 911.

Jon pretty much confirmed all this -- in his words -- this morning at his house. When in doubt, blame the nanny.


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I don't consider either Jon or Kate as a good parent. All those 2 want is money and freebies. Jon is an overgrown teenager and Kate is an emasculating b*tch. If they hadn't had kids they'd likely have divorced sooner. Get these fools off tv while the kids still have a chance at a normal childhood.
Michael Vick? Oh, well, he gets a second chance and I think everyone deserves that.

1859 days ago


Jen - you're in the wrong forum. Who cares about Vick. They were frigging DOGS. Worry about human beings, the unemployed, uninsured.

1859 days ago


I wouldnt trust jon with my enemys kids, he thinks hes twenty five a real loser he had 8 kids quit his job to help raise them I would love to see this show end and have stud jon support 8 kids plus kate he needs this show more than words can explain,can u imagine jon getting up for his real job like a real man instead of living off his childrens future money when will he have time to relive his youth remember he said I am only 32 I can still have fun Yes u can but not with 22 years olds who just want to be on camera,i doubt they want u for ur beer gut and fake hair ooh it must be the cool earings your sporting around, STEP UP TO THE PLATE BE A REAL MAN WITH A REAL JOB AND SUPPORT YOUR 8 KIDS AND EXWIFE you made ur bed now lay in it smuck I HATE JOHN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1859 days ago


Kate probably got a call from Maty crying, " Mommy, I saw Daddy kissing the babysitter!"

1859 days ago


Man, people here are stupid. I'd love to know how many people commenting here are also parents of 6 kids, and the focus of the media 24/7... not to mention in the middle of an ugly divorce. We only know what the media shows us, and the rest is derived from individual perspective. People think Kate's the only one spending time with the kids, but we forget that she thrives on her air-time and photo ops, while Jon prefers to keep them away from the paps as much as possible. It's no wonder there are more pics and vids out there of Kate with the kids. ;p And where did ANYONE say Jon needed a babysitter to go out partying? A babysitter is someone you call in when you need them. A nanny is there pretty much day-to-day. If Jon needs to go out somewhere (for say, omg, GROCERIES), he's not dragging the entire brood out there to pap-land just for that. THINK, MORONS. If I was the only parent in that house, I'd want two qualified people watching my kids too, if I had to go somewhere and run errands. Why does no one question Kate having a babysitter as well? THEY BOTH HAVE THEM! But, of course, the mindless readers assume Jon needs one so he can go party. What does Kate do with hers? :P I think Jon gets a pretty bad rap in all of this, especially when no one knows what's really happening with that household. Jeeze, you air a reality show, and suddenly everyone thinks they know the family intimately.

1859 days ago


*8 kids, rather.

1859 days ago


He gets a babysitter that brings her 3 year old to help, LOL.
What is meat head doing holding and loving that baby for?
Poor Kate, I guessed that the divorce would make things worse not better. She was so kind and uncontrolling to give him joint custody in the first place. I'm sure it was because of the show but I'd guess that Kate's lawyer has been hearing from her lately. I
wish she'd get that that will nail that idiot to the wall.

1859 days ago


***************************BOYCOTT JON ALERT*****************************

I am going to Vegas 8/26-8/30- staying at MGM Grand. A large group of us were going to go and check out Wet Republic (pool party/club @ MGM) but I just found out Jon may be "hosting" the party there on 8/29. If that's the case, I will definitely cancel our reservations. I have no interest in attending any event "hosted" by that idiot and can't believe MGM would think it's a good idea!?! I am contacting them to find out if it's true and if it is, I am going to cancel and let them know how absurd I think he is and the idea of him hosting a party there is. Even if I wasn't going I would let them know what I think. So if anyone else is going that weekend or if you just want to let them know your opinion on dear ole' Jon you can email them at:

1859 days ago


Kate's controlling is obsessive, and in my opinion borders on the pathological. I think she has played the 'pity' game. and in subtle ways has intentionally worked to undermine Jon's credibility as a person and a parent. She is a ball-buster, and he has gotten a bum rap! She needs to butt out when he's in charge, and go do her own thing (on her own, with her security guard, or whatever/whoever). She is cold and fake, imo. She is the one exploiting the children, not Jon. He made it clear at the end of last season that he wanted it to end but, as usual, Kate and the network got their way.

1859 days ago


Doesn't anyone listen? He said he needed a babysitter while he was filming. Apparently Kate "the Martyr" does the same thing. Why is it okay for that controlling bitch to do it and not him? Way to go Jon!

1859 days ago


err... i don't know if i want my kids to be watched by someone that probably is banging their dad! If the report were true that something is going on between the babysitter and father.. I would be concerned!!! Pictures worth a 1000 words!

And i think its pretty selfish of jon saying that kate needs to approve his nanny then he'll approve hers. I think that's immature. Hello?!! what about the kids sake? Kate may control Jon's life before.. but still you don't act out for the sake's of your kids well-being. (involved with so many girls etc)

1859 days ago


For heaven's sake... to Jon's supporter.. what makes you think that jon is a good father? So far what we read.. Jon is playing some girls here and there.. and now possibly he and this nanny has something going on.. And with Kate... all she ever does so far is being with her kids.

Now tell me why do you think that KATE doesn't deserved to be mad and concerned about this? Its her kids too and she wants to protect them from the already damage situation.

Whether Kate controls jon or whatsoever... please.. you would control your man or vice versa.. STILL no reason to do that to your kids.. acting immaturely.. sleeping with other women while the divorce hasn't finalized yet.

where is the morals from this? pleasee.

1859 days ago


I dont think that Kate was angry with the fact that Jon has a babysitter.. i think Kate was mad coz there's something going on between jon and the babysitter........

1859 days ago


Jon just can't get enough of the 23 year olds. Not much older than Maddy and Cara. It's all about sex. He has no right out in public acting like a 16 yr old all over his 23 year olds. That is SICK! And by the way Haley is an UGLY girl what is he thinking????? He is not exactly a hunk. They just need to grow up for their kids.

1859 days ago


This is completely ridiculous. It was Jon's arranged day to spend time with his kids... and he blew them off and left them with a nanny? What a jerk. Kate blew it out of proportion by calling 911 on the nanny (the police have better things to do, Kate), but I can't say I blame her for getting upset. If Jon couldn't be there, he should have just re-arranged his visitation to another day.

1859 days ago
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