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Jon & Kate's Fight -- Blame the Babysitter

8/14/2009 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You can blame the babysitter for Jon and Kate Gosselin's blowup last night.

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Sources close to Jon and Kate tell TMZ that Kate was upset because Jon wanted to leave the kids with Stephanie Santoro -- the babysitter who was handpicked by Jon.

We're told Kate has serious trust issues with Santoro, and doesn't want her playing nanny with her kids. Kate went to the house to watch the kids instead of Santoro -- and that sparked the fight that ended with Kate calling 911.

Jon pretty much confirmed all this -- in his words -- this morning at his house. When in doubt, blame the nanny.


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What a douchebag. He only spends a couple days w/ his kids, why does he need a babysitter??

1894 days ago


Jon Gosselin is such a loser!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who would ever want to be with him he is disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1894 days ago


please stop giving them attention so they will go away. who really cares they both suck. they need to be worried about their children not trying to get noticed maybe they could move to the middle east so we wouldnt have to see or hear about them im so over it

1894 days ago

Chris is fug    


1894 days ago

Chris is fug    

Hey Kate; karma is a b*tch

1894 days ago

Clickity Clack    

Jon's a loser. Get the 911 tape TMZ!

1894 days ago


Where did he get the babysitter? Sluts R Us? Kate needs to see the judge and get a right of first refusal put into her court order. That way when Jon needs a babysitter during his visitation he can call the best person for the job, their MOTHER! Shame on Jon treating the mother of his children like this! I think he did this on purpose to push Kate's buttons. She MOMMA BEAR and its not going to sit well with her goofball ex letting lil sluts babysit the kids. Just wait til Kate talks to the judge Jon. You are going to get your ass handed to you! You think you can just do as you please and not have to answer to Kate? HAHA! No buddy you will answer to her through the courts now and just like the crooked house deal they will side with her because she's right dumb ass!

1894 days ago

Chris is fug    

Hey to the abvious BITTER HOUSEWIVES with a gazillion kids who are pro- Kate on here: Stop spamming TMZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1894 days ago


Duhhhhh. Someone on TMZ said he looks like he's been hit in the head with a shovel and that pretty much sums it up. He looks like a total ignorant idiot. DUHHHHH

1894 days ago

Chris is fug    

She CALLED THE COPS??? Good God what an immature way to settle a fight!!!!!!!!! This family is turning into such a train wreck. Karma sucks doesnt it

1894 days ago


Jon seems like such a little regressed man stuck in high school mentality. He needed to 'get things done'? In the middle of the night? What could he possibly be doing in the middle of the night during his time with his kids that wouldn't allow him to watch his children who would, presumably, be asleep in bed at 12am. Was he running off with one of his little girlfriends?

1894 days ago


God he is so ugly!

1894 days ago


Jon, you really need to get a life. Your telling the photographer that he is unprofessional for leaving his cell on? Huh? Your god now? Jon, please look in the mirror, your standing next to a fence, scratching your belly, talking to the paparazzi...get real - who's not professional now? Seriously, your acting like a real LOSER.

1894 days ago


Now I read that Jon is hosting some bikini pool party in Vegas soon. Keep up the great work're gonna be one unhappy dude sooner that you think.

1894 days ago


This was not a control issue by Kate, but by Jon who only locked her out to show he could. Nice for the kids to know that during dads limited time with the kids that he needs a sitter - and that he locks mom out. NICE. He thinks he is so cool - what an a$$.

1894 days ago
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