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Kate's the One Who Gave the Fuzz a Buzz

8/14/2009 12:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

kate gosselinSources close to Kate Gosselin tell us she was the one who called the cops last night after she and Jon got into a blowout.

Police arrived to the Gosselin's Pennsylvania home shortly after the call was made.

Cops told us they were only at the residence for around 10 minutes -- long enough to make everyone take a chill pill.

Kate eventually left the property to stay at a nearby Days Inn Hotel, because it was Jon's turn to watch their litter.


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wishing they would just go the hell away!    

I pinch my eyes shut even tighter and wish even harder, and they STILL don't go away :(

1865 days ago


If Jon killed somebody, then he could reasonably expect leniency by blaming Kate. After all, Jon is not yet grown up enough to be responsible for his actions. He is a fat, ugly piece of crap.

1865 days ago


What I don't understand is how these two think that their lack luster show benefits their children aside from the money ?
They are sending these kids mixed messages, " It's okay kids to have cameras shoved in your faces as long as we get paid" and then " But if we are not filming, they are the bad guys" Maybe they should be careful what they wished for ... Or maybe not being so damn greedy at the expense of ones own children...

1865 days ago


Anybody that has access to a gun, I beseech you to put a bullet hole between Jon's eyes. Let's buck the devil once and for all. This is a clarion call!

1865 days ago


Kate, why didn't you go stay with family???? Oh yeah thats right! YOU pushed them away too! Why didn't your body guard, Steve-O help you - isn't THAT what he's suppose to do??? What a lying, cheating thief......

1865 days ago


oh my god, those poor children

1865 days ago

More important!    

Instead of the Days Inn, Kate should check into a mental hospital because she's clearly having a breakdown.

1865 days ago


Shame on you Kate......shame, shame.
I bet you're kicking yourself this morning.
You made a fool of yourself, didn't you?

1865 days ago


Kate probably caught another one of his whores there and interrupted it and he got mad and called the cops...did any of you Kate haters think of that? Jon is an've seen the pictures of the so called babysitter trying to sneek out while the kids weren't even there..he's a whore

1865 days ago


what happened to that bitche's statements about, "Not upsetting the kids"?

they are both utterly WORTHLESS

1865 days ago

ruth connor    

It is time for TLC to take this show off the air. The show is so far from what it was originally supposed to be it is scary. These people think they are celebrities, have way too much money, have divorced and are continuing to exploit their children. For the sake of the children, please, please pull this show! It is a ridiculous show now and why TLC would want to promote this type of family is beyond me...

1865 days ago

who really cares?    

Why are these people famous and why do we really care?

1865 days ago


I am so tired of these two and, their kids. They have had their ten minutes of fame; get over yourselves and stop putting your dirty laundry out to dry in public. Enough already!

1865 days ago


How wonderful that the kids got to witness that display of trashiness! She stayed at a Days Inn??? C'mon...isn't she making bank? Why doesn't she have a condo somewhere that they can stay in when it's the other's turn to hang at the house with the kids?

1865 days ago


Did you people notice that it was daylight when all this was taking place? Kate did this so people would speculate that Jon had one of his Ho's there. She knows the show is dying and is desperate to extend her 15 minutes in the spotlight. She still thinks she's all that and a bag of chips.
I think some of you have forgotten that prior to the divorce it was Jon + Nannies who took care of the kids. She can' t handle the fact that she can't galavant all over with her "book signings" and speaking engagements anymore.
I think Jon is a horse's arse. But I'm not too sure this whole thing isn't a publicity stunt to boost the ratings.

1865 days ago
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