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Gets Blunt

'I Smoke Marijuana!'

8/14/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The cat is out of the dime bag -- Stephon Marbury admitted, on camera, that he's in love with Mary Jane.

Stephon Marbury: Click to watch
After lighting up a suspicious joint on his livestream -- which we posted yesterday -- the basketball star came clean about what he was actually smoking. Anyone surprised?

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Sam Sunshine    

After Obama became president of the United States, African Americans have had a chance to change the stereotype that people have about Black people. When you have an ex NBA player recording himself doing drugs live, African Americans take 1000 steps backwards, because of CLOWN like Stephon Marbury. Very sad, is all I can say.

1897 days ago


Stephon Marbury: "Im Not Sane"
Stephon Marbury: "Im Not Going To Get Signed To Another NBA Team Ever Again"
Stephon Marbury: "Im Showing The Kids Of Today a Right Way To do Wrong"
Stephon Marbury: "Im a Perfect Example Of a Quitter"
Stephon Marbury: "I Hate Myself"

1897 days ago


Versace chill out, its just weed .relax smoke a bowl u just might like it

1897 days ago

Jim Seavers    

Hey, pot is good! A little pot never hurt no one now did it?


1897 days ago


You people that think its so bad to smoke weed need to chill. Gimmie a break, it's a plant that grows from mother earth. A plant people. Why is it considered illigal? because the government says so. Drinking beer is an accepted leisure in our society, and is far worse than smoking a joint. Get off your high horse, yeh I said HIGH, cuz their more people than you think that smoke it.

1897 days ago


Holy crap!......with those lips he could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch

1897 days ago


Sam Sunshine,
Are you black? Whether you are black or not, you've got to be intelligent to know that the electing of a Black president is not going to dissolve any stereotypes of Black people...no more than the electing of white presidents changed any stereotypes of white people.

1897 days ago


I want to reply to "I HATE CRIMINALS", while it is very true that a lot of people smoke marijuana, the majority of smokers happen to be white people. But for me to say that all white people do is smoke meth, would make me as ignorant as you are. In this day and time there is truely no need for such idiotic ideals. People are peole, all over the world. Obviuosly you have not been any farther than you television screen. The time is now, to educate and relate to one another. Your views are obsolete..............

1897 days ago

Rip Off Chris    

Go Green! I say.there are way to many misconseptions about pot.it's a herb people! I was a bartender on and off befor I finally had ,had enough.I would rather deal with a mellow pot smoker than a stupid drunk any day!Do you every hear of someone killing people stoned driving thats a big NO!.Do you ever see a bar room fight with stoners? NO! but when alcohol is involevd it's a whole other story,yet it's leagal so that makes it ok?I live in a very small town and we have over 35 places tht sell liquor the city hands out liquor licences like halloween candy here.It's no wonder why our town has so many drunks.People really need to get a grip and do some research befor they open their mouths on the subject.
Don't bogart that joint my friend! Pass it over to me....
Rollllllllll another one.....Just like the other one!

1897 days ago


what the hell is wrong w/ people? do they really think that just because they are famous and have money, that posting a video of yourself getting high is going to keep you from going to jail? dumb ass. i've never heard of him until now. he's such a moron.

1897 days ago

Maureen Heim    

O-M-G! This guy is an idiot! He says he's "not under contract", so it doesn't matter. Guess what pal -- you never will be again! I'm not sure what NBA team would hire someone who flagrantly, proudly and admittedly smokes an illegal substance on video for all to see. Wonders cease to amaze me!

1897 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

That's what dope does to you, laura.
So glad you're clearheaded enough to see it for yourself

1897 days ago

S D M F    

What was that loud sound?.........That was the door slamming shut on what was left of your career.

You suck and you are an uneducated idiot.

1897 days ago


No one goes to jail anymore for smoking a little weed.

1897 days ago


oooooh....surely not all Americans make such a big scary deal out of someone smoking the Ganji?. Apparently they do when you see the prison sentences people get....very strange.

1897 days ago
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