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Michael Vick

'I Made Bad Decisions'

8/14/2009 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Michael Vick "Please Don't Pelt Me with Objects" tour began today as Vick addressed the press for the first time as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles.


Vick said all the right things -- like "I won't disappoint," "Playing in the NFL is a privilege, not a right," and "You only get one shot at a second chance" -- but he's still got a long way to go to win over the fans of Philly. 

Remember, these are the same people that booed Santa Claus.

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135. Playing in the NFL is not a privilge - he is there because he has TALENT and prowess on the field.
Stop trying to ruin a young black man's life!

he plays football because he is an uneducated idiot. Anyone who sayd I be ight is an idiot.

1866 days ago


Pete Rose gambled on ball games while an ACTIVE player.
He was banned because he knew full well you cannot play ball and bet against your own team.

1866 days ago


I don't think that whatever the need/pleasure is that comes from torturing captive creatures ever goes away, I believe it usually escalates. Expect another black eye for the NFL to deal with from Vick down the road.

Strange publicity risk for the NFL, I can't any edge to it.

1866 days ago

who the hell    

Posted at 3:08PM on Aug 14th 2009 by Kevin

It is people like you who keep Jessie Jackoffalot and Rev Al sharkass in buisness. Let me wake your black azz up if you think only black people put Osama in the white house then you have another thing coming most black people over the age of 18 barely can read much less fill out and mail in a voters regestration card. Some have a high school education because their MAMA went to the school and threatened the poor administrations lives if they didnt give their kid a diploma.

1866 days ago


There are whole countries where dog meat is considered a delicacy.
I wouldn't eat it but hey, I respect cultural differences.

1866 days ago


He served his time..I don't agree with what he did but why shouldn't he be allowed to play. He paid for his crime. People care more about animals in the country then humans.We have a judicial system. Let the man move on...Other "Celebs" and Stars have done far worse and paid far less for their crimes..

1866 days ago


Gotta love the Peta idiots who "love" animals but treat humans like crappp.

1866 days ago


Americans won't give up their game watching or stop eating steaks just because some animal activists try to terrorize them. Get real.

1866 days ago

who the hell    

Someone posted in my name!!! I did not type that I please accept my apology for the statement posted above my name. I graduated and not because my mother went to school and threatened the authorities I got my diploma from a high school that originally was built to be the only black school in my county . I earned my diploma you bigoted ignoramus!!

1866 days ago

who the hell    

It is a crying shame that there are people on here who have the abuility to haut time hack into peoples PC's or what have you and pretend to be you because they have nothing but time on their hands. I am a proud Black woman who loves animals and I don't think Vick should be totally unable to make a dollar because he broke the law but I do think since most young people look up to football players as heroes I do not think he should be so in the public eye.

1866 days ago


Oh good grief. Leave the man alone!
His prison term was overkill ( pun intended ) but he took it without flinching.

If he lives a productive life from now on and does not repeat the offense then he does indeed deserve the second chance.

1866 days ago


Why is that when people defend animals some jerk always says we must not value people very much. One has NOTHING to do with the other. The sick person who said animals don't feel pain, is just brain dead and needs some real help. There are felons who serve their time for much lesser crimes and cannot get a job ANYWHERE when they get out and cannot support themselves or their families even though they served THEIR TIME. They do not get a chance to go back to their former jobs EVER. Why should he be allowed to go back to his job and make millions of dollars at it!!That is not fair. He is a sick, creep and will wind up in jail again.

1866 days ago


Thank goodness I hate the Eagles. If I were a fan, I'd be outraged !

1866 days ago


For centuries the WHITE MAN has been dog fighting and has made and passed on thousands into the millions to their heirs, who are currently living off of dog fighting money! People no you do not condone the act, but you are not God, YOU DO NOT HAVE A HEAVEN OR A HELL TO PUT HIM IN, period. And if there are any of us (reporters, TMZ, etc) that do not have any SIN or wrong doings every in our lives...STEP UP AND CAST THE FIRST STONE. The real sadness to this matter is that when Michael Phelps was videoed doing drugs nothing was done, no boycotting, NO JAIL OR PRISION TIME and he can continue to go along as business as usual. Now what's wrong with that picture it was only discussed in the media for a day or so and now it's considered water under the bridge. AMERICA will come to pay a bill that she will again feels that she does not deserve, but people of color has never deserve the seperate standards that have been in place for centuries.......

1866 days ago


Vic , Did his time it's over. Let it go. Hope to see him back on the grid iron. Let the one without sin, Throw the first stone. Yall need to get a life, this is not even a story, Just some bad decisions were made. And any thing is legal until you get caught, So yall need to quit whinning and move on, Some of you sound like the little ole lady, that lives at the corner. and has her nose in everyones' Biz ,Give it a rest

1866 days ago
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