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Michael Vick

'I Made Bad Decisions'

8/14/2009 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Michael Vick "Please Don't Pelt Me with Objects" tour began today as Vick addressed the press for the first time as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles.


Vick said all the right things -- like "I won't disappoint," "Playing in the NFL is a privilege, not a right," and "You only get one shot at a second chance" -- but he's still got a long way to go to win over the fans of Philly. 

Remember, these are the same people that booed Santa Claus.

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I think Dog the bounty Hunter should pay Mr. Vick a visit..Take him to a penned in place, starve him. beat him,let bigger critters bite and bleed him ..then throw him in a pen with a couple of siberian tigers and watch the resulting fray..as we sit back drink gin,wager and cheer on our favorites in this match (the tigers)..No good wishes or regards for you

1895 days ago

katie lady    

Vick said in his statement that he was... "hurt by what happened"... exactly what did that mean? There was not one word of remorse in his statement. He also said he .."didn't step up to the plate ..".. Hold on there; just uno momento! What lapse of memory is happening here or has he been rammed in the head to often. Vick, personally, killed and maimed in a cruel manner more than one dog.. and he masterminded the dog killing ring... He is no prize and I will not support the Eagles..

I think he deserved more time.. anyone who can harm an animal.. and this is proven.. they have no moral compass; more likely they are sociopaths.. So I think he shouldn't be given any chance.

1895 days ago

Sid Farkus    

Yea but we don't throw cups of beer at opposing players trying to make a play on the field. I have to tell you the reaction at the stadium the night the news broke was mostly positive. Remember these people are Eagles fans and view this strictly as a chance to make the team better. The news and radio talk shows entertain all opinions and many are not fans or don't support the team in any way.As an animal lover and a Eagles fan, I have mixed emotions about this signing and am taking a wait an see approach. To those who want to condemn Vic l I say, "he who is without sin, let them cast the first stone."

1895 days ago


Okay, first of all I tvo my shows and just finished watching TMZ...I am very upset with the comment that Harvey made with the comparing of Vick and Garrison! What the hell! Garrison is just as sickening as Vick and he only harmed dogs. I am not an animal lover but I do have a heart. Yes, Vick was wrong for that...he did the crime, paid the time, and is trying to make his way in the world again. But as for Garrison!!! I have no sympathy for the creep and he should never be allowed to drive again. He KILLED a HUMAN being! Harvey said that the two incidents are not the same and Garrison didn't set out to hurt anyone deliberately, he was drunk out of his mind!! Well who really gives a damn Harvey, Garrison is a piece of Sh** in my eyes. The person he killed could have been my mother, sister, brother, or my KIDS!!! I have no compasion for drunk drivers! You say that he didn't set out to kill someone, but I beg to differ, he made an informed decision to drink and an even bigger decision to get behind the wheel of a weapon. He was drunk and he knew that he was drunk! He got behind the wheel of a car while drunk and he knew what he was doing that as well. He perhaps thought that he was sober enough to drive and totally miscalcultaed that, and guess what so did Vick. They both had misclaculated judgements and thus paid the ultimate price for them but you can not even begin to put the two in the same category, so since some one chose to put them in the same pot they both come out black!!! I hate what Garrison did just as what Vick did, but everyone deserves a second chance, after all only God can judge us right. If it were up to me i honestly would not forgive Garrison, but I am. I dont have to like him or love him but I will let the man have his own personal hell because I know he is. As is Vick. He is being publicly humiliated and ragged on while Garrisons "incident" was looked upon as "awful"!. Aww, whoa is me type of deal. Well screw that! Wrong is wrong in any language and they were both wrong. So lets just get over it already. Let the men go on with their lives as only they know how. People can either Sh** or get off the toilet!!! By the way, I would so love to work with TMZ!! I love you Harvey, but you were so wrong for those comments. Toodles...

1895 days ago

Dorothy Cantrill    

re Friday's TV program...Harvey..you really misspoke, I hope...when comparing the sentencing of M. Vick with that of a drunk driving killing...you spoke in a manner that suggested that the drunk driver was just unlucky to be in an accident that killed someone...Did you mean it to sound sympathetic,,,YOU??? A LAWYER??? DO YOU DRINK AND DRIVE AND HOPE FOR THE BEST??? DRINKING AND DRIVING IS A DECISION IN THE SAME WAY DOG FIGHTING IS....Was it just bad luck Mr. Vic got caught for dog- fighting? I didn't tape the show as I usually do...so I may have missed a qualifying phrase in your comments, but I don't think I did...maybe you should review your tape of your off-the-cuff comments, and if what I heard was correct, maybe others noticed also and you should clarify your position on drunk drivers that kill....THEY ARE MUCH MORE DISTASTEFUL THAN A DOG-FIGHT BACKER...HORRIBLE AS THAY ARE...As usual, I went on and on, but I was shocked by what I thought I heard...you seem to feel sorry for the "unlucky" drunken killer driver...would like some comment from you...directly to me...or on the show...Dorothy Cantrill Hamilton Canada

1895 days ago

jenny mo    

#15 (Angie) - Please give me an example of anyone who has done something even remotely as sick and depraved as Vick and continues to play in the NFL.

1895 days ago

jenny mo    

#56 - When Squeaky Fromme is drafted into the NFL your point will become relevant. You're a moron.

1895 days ago

Lippy Loo    

THOSE DOGS DID NOT GET A SECOND CHANCE! Miss Vicky could have stopped this cruel, evil, demented, sick, torturing and killing of dogs. But, heck.... he was having fun!!! I lost my job, due to a sadistic boss, and I will not get a second chance! ICKY VICK IS A CONVICTED FELON! He needs to go away forever.

1895 days ago


These are the same people who booed Sarah Palin!!! lol - no mercy for your Mr. Vick

1895 days ago


Get a grip people. He did an awful, despicable thing, but he seems repentant. Unfortunately there are people who have been brought up to consider animals as things without feelings. This is not to excuse but to explain how someone could indulge in such mind-blowing activities and not think they are wrong. If he would be forgiven for murdering a person, he should be forgiven and allowed a second chance.

1895 days ago


Eagles fans didn't "boo" Santa Claus, they threw snowballs at him! Duck-and-cover, Prick!

1895 days ago


I hope someone kills this sadist.I am sorry he is not sorry he is sorry he got caught. What kind of idiot decided to take him onto a team and let him make millions?! I equate his crimes to that of a Nazi and I am Jewish and my great-grandparents were in Auschwitz so that says a lot. He is a poor excuse for a human being and I pray that some vigilante has the courage to knock him off the face of this Earth so he can go to hell where he belongs.

1895 days ago


#55 - While Squeaky Fromme is an incredibly sick, scary, crazy, psychopathic bitch, she was NOT involved in the Sharon Tate murders. She is a Manson family member who protested the Tate trials, and she was arrested in the '70's for attempting to shoot Gerald Ford. But I get your point. Maybe she'd like to be an Eagles cheerleader!

1895 days ago

A Noun    

I want to see this schmuck donate 90% of his fat NFL salary, PLUS endorsements, PLUS merchandising, to animal rescue organizations.

You or I could live very well on 10% of that money. Now he can just do it. He's shown NO remorse whatsoever and I'm sure he'd just turn around and do it again, or worse, at the first opportunity - and now he knows what he must do to not get caught.

When I say donate, I do NOT mean to the phony animal-killers at PETA, or some "foundation" he sets up to siphon the money from.

I mean the real rescuers on the front lines caring for animals which are not unlike the ones Vick Murdered.

I don't care how this jerk can throw or catch or run or whatever it is he does - we all know there will be another football player in a year or two who can do it just as well.

The message this is sending out is: Just go ahead and fight dogs, kill them, beat your children, strangle your woman, shoot old people, do whatever criminal activity you please...as long as you can play football...because the NFL will do whatever it takes to whitewash you clean as a whistle. Except it won't work this time.

1895 days ago


Thats not real.

1895 days ago
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