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Michael Vick

'I Made Bad Decisions'

8/14/2009 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Michael Vick "Please Don't Pelt Me with Objects" tour began today as Vick addressed the press for the first time as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles.


Vick said all the right things -- like "I won't disappoint," "Playing in the NFL is a privilege, not a right," and "You only get one shot at a second chance" -- but he's still got a long way to go to win over the fans of Philly. 

Remember, these are the same people that booed Santa Claus.

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pelt him w/ doggydoo

1895 days ago


The man apologized for his wrong doing. I don't agree at all with what he done. The court system has done there job whether you like the punishment or not. Everyone of us has done something that we want people to forgive and forget. This man is no different.
Is he sincere in his apologies? I do not know and neither do you. Only time will tell and only God can judge the hearts of men.

Michael Vick, I hope you are sincere and have seen the error in your ways. I hope you have a good career in Philly and that things go well for you.

1895 days ago



1895 days ago

Lippy Loo    

I am disgusted that the Humane Society could even look at this dog murderer! I have been a long time supporter of the Humane Society and I have raised thousands of dollars to help support them. Sadly, I will no longer support them. This is like saying it is okay to be a convicted rapist, and then go speak at a rape crisis center! Vick is Sick and he is horrible person! Those poor dogs did not get a second chance! He has not done his time, he needs pyschiatric help, and should NOT be allowed to play in the NFL.

1894 days ago

Lippy Loo    

I honestly do not know how this dog killer can show his murdering mug on TV! He tortured and killed those poor defenseless dog's for YEARS! Mr. Ick enjoyed every minute of it, I feel so sorry for those dog's, that last thing they saw in their sad eyes was Ick the killer. Yeah, Vicky is a big tough man. What a cowardly loser.

1894 days ago

Lippy Loo    

Hey Vick...you are so stupid, you don't make bad decisions when you decide you are going to torture and kill dogs! You are such an idiot. You committed heinous acts on these dogs, and you did it for years, and you enjoyed it. I have made bad decisions in my life! Like marrying the wrong woman, spending my money on things I do not need. But, to say you made a bad decision by killing those dogs? I really doubt the good lord will forgive your sorry butt! God put dogs on this earth for human beings! And, I could not imagine a world without them! May you go blind someday, and then you will begging for a dog to help your sorry ass.

1894 days ago

Lippy Loo    

Dog's are man's best friend, they are not our enemy, a dog will love it's owner unconditionally. Dog's have saved thousand's of lives, and what do they want in return? A treat and kindness, not a lynching, like what Mr. Sick did. There is no way in hell, that this walking garbage is remorseful, you don't torture and kill dog's for years, and then whine "I made a bad decision"!!!

1894 days ago

paulette leggett    

Peopl kill people and get off.Cops kill kids and get off.This is a fu***** dog get over it.

1894 days ago


Wow...if only we could see this much backlash and for so long towards slavemasters for slave owners and those racist ppl...maybe we could get somewhere in this country. Instead many of those idiots have places named after them!
I am behind ya Vick and I will be in the A taking it all in!!!

1894 days ago


I'm tired of hearing "he did his time". SO WHAT. If any of us had a violent felony on our record...we wouldn't be making millions.

It's not like he got caught betting on a dog fight. HE KILLED THE DOGS. He didn't just kill them. He HUNG, DROWNED, ELECTROCUTED AND RAPED dogs.

The female dogs had their teeth ripped out and they were strapped to RAPE RACKS so they couldn't fight back. Is that someone who should be a role model to children? fans cheering him on?

Michael Vick's BS story about "not thinking of the pits as dogs" and that he loved his "pets" has also been proven bogus. He threw his "pets" in with the pits and LAUGHED while they were shredded by the pit bulls.

Vick is garbage. I hope someone at TMZ shares the above information with the heavy set girl on the show. She's obviously ignorant to what he really did. Someone needs to tell her so she can stop saying "he served his time". The evidence against Michael Vick was OVERWHELMING. That's why he agreed to go to prison for 2 years. If any of it was just "alleged", he wouldn't have done time. He's SICK.

I agree that everyone has a right to move on with their lives after they "do their time", HOWEVER..that doesn't mean he gets to make MILLION of dollars and be a role model to children.

WAKE UP, PEOPLE! Tell the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, etc that this is NOT OK. No more thugs! If you use drugs..YOU'RE OUT...If you commit a crime...YOU'RE OUT! Show children that violence and drugs are NOT OK!

1894 days ago



1894 days ago


Michael Vick has "owned his crime and served his time" which is more than can be said about other athletes who committ worse offenses and rather than going to jail, they go back to the field - or the court. He deserves to go back to his career ... and appears to be eager to help others understand the horror of animal abuse. I wish him well.

1894 days ago


GO VICK-- JUST ORDERED 10 JERSEYS --NO. 7 GREEN = MONEY!!! any haters thirsty--got some haterade.

1894 days ago


I'm sad to see he was signed by any team! I watched him on 60 Minutes last night only because I wanted to see his eyes. I'm not sure I believe him when he says he's soryy for what he did. I think he is sorry that he was caught. The comment about what he did, didn't become real until he heard the prison doors close. How can he expect people to feel sorry for him? How did he not know he was causing pain to those helpless animals? What was so wrong with him that he did not know or care about these things? I still believe he should not be allowed to play in the NFL, but only time will tell if the old Michael Vick will come out again. I did not see what I wanted to see in his eyes, they are still very cold. If he has truly changed I think we should've seen warmth and I personally did not.

1893 days ago


Vick is a monster

take a look at some of his victims

this jerk was a college graduate who used 6 years of NFL money to fund this cruel perversity


he is a monster

support the effort to let the National Felony league and Corporate sponsors know how people feel about this felon monster


1893 days ago
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