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Michael Vick

'I Made Bad Decisions'

8/14/2009 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Michael Vick "Please Don't Pelt Me with Objects" tour began today as Vick addressed the press for the first time as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles.


Vick said all the right things -- like "I won't disappoint," "Playing in the NFL is a privilege, not a right," and "You only get one shot at a second chance" -- but he's still got a long way to go to win over the fans of Philly. 

Remember, these are the same people that booed Santa Claus.

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What more do you want from the guy? Sounds like you want to kill him. What does that say about you. Everyone on hear sounds like a terrible human being. If you made the same deal you are making with Vic for child molesters,rapists and murders. maybe this would be a better world. Oh, sorry I know you only value nature forget the human race.

You guys make me sick. Sorry, I love animals but an animal will never be the value of a child or any human being not even my dog. And I love him dearly.

1893 days ago


I was a die-hard Eagles fan, no matter how good or bad they played from season to season. That has changed. Michael Vick could help bring them win after win and take them to the Super Bowl and I could care less. I will no longer be an Eagles fan. This "man" and I use the term loosely,gets to play a sport he loves and get paid for it. Those poor animals had no say so in their life. They had to fight and suffer and die and he gets to live on and play. I don't care if he served time, it will never make up for what he did. I agree with Pink, I hope the fans tear him to shreds.

1892 days ago


i hate anyone who abuses animals they are trash

1892 days ago


i hate animal abusers his guy is trash

1892 days ago

Lippy Loo    

Vicky was on the news today and I watched one minute of his sorry ass, saying he is disgusted by what he did!! Gimme a break! And, he also calls them animals, he can't even say the word dog. This sick puke did this for years and years and years, and now all of the sudden he is sorry and disgusted. There is no way in hell he is sorry and he would still be torturing and murdering those poor animals, if he did not get caught. I am not a convicted dog murderer, but do I get a second chance at the job I lost? NO!!!

1892 days ago

Lippy Loo    

I am sickened that the Humane Society would speak with this piece of garbage. I guess rapists should go speak at a rape crisis center for women.

VICK.... YOU NEED PSYCHIATRIC HELP.. YOU SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO MAKE YOUR BIG BUCKS AND PLAY IN THE NFL. YOU ARE A SICK, WEAK, COWARD, PATHETIC THING. And, I guess you have never heard of all the wonderful things that dog's can do for us humans. Seeing eye dogs, hearing dogs, K9 officers, companion dogs, rescue dogs, etc. Hmm... I wonder if your sorry ass goes blind someday?

1892 days ago

Lippy Loo    

This loser makes me want to puke! What is with that stupid tongue of his? This man should not be allowed anywhere near children or our beloved pets! Sick f...er

1892 days ago

Lippy Loo    

God will get you for this Mr. Icky! God did not put mans best friend on this plant for you take into your own hands and torture and kill them!

1892 days ago

Lippy Loo    

Sorry, but I am no longer an Eagles fan. I cannot support a team that hires a convicted dog murderer, especially one that would still be doing these heinous acts, if he did not get caught! Gawd... Ick the Vick makes my skin crawl.

1892 days ago

Lippy Loo    

I agree 100 percent with Snoopy! Expect it is planet not plant...lol. Dog's are a wonderful animal! Couldn't imagine a world without them.

Vick get help, you are a felon.. you must not have a brain in that head, to show your mug on tv, it is disgusting.

1892 days ago

Mike Codner    

It is disgusting that the Eagles gave Vick a $7 million contract only weeks after being released! Verizon should pull its sponsorship immediately and I have organized a boycott of Verizon until they do which anybody can join here - http://www.boycottowl.com/Verizon+Wireless/7

1892 days ago


He paid his debt to society which makes america great, right. No it's the double-standard that kills that fact.

If a child molester moves on your block after getting out of prison, would people be marching in protest??? America is free, but phony, just like the people that won't allow a second chance to someone who did something horrible but learned from it.

I grew up and was brainwashed to believe dog-fighting was normal, if your not from ghetto you wouldnt understand. He wasnt making money off of the dog fights he already had 150 million, he thought it was a sport. he had 2 years in prison to think about the horrible things he did.

we have more important things to worry about in america right now. What about all the stars that wear furs, they might not kill the animal but if they didn't want it they would not be murdered. what about police murdering young men by shooting them in the back and they had no weapon??? protest that

P.S. the same people who care so much about dogs but hate another race need to take a good look in the mirror.

1892 days ago


what would Vick be doing today if he hadn't been caught??? Can anyone say woof-woof???????

#1 Steelers fan

1892 days ago


He has paid his debt to society and deserves a second chance. He made a mistake and paid the price...you guys aren't saying anything about when a human takes another human beings life in cold blood...It's ashame that you care more about animals than your fellow human being. In New York an off duty police officer killed another off duty police officer for no reason and he isn't being punished for his behavior...WHAT ABOUT THAT??? God help you all!!

1892 days ago

Girly Girl    

Really not the greatest arguement to say that "if he hadn't gotten caught he wouldn't have learned his lesson".Of course he would not have because he would not have been punished...

It was absolutely horrible what he did.But he has paid the price what else do people want from him? He isn't really getting a reward seeing as how he lost a 150 million dollar contract, spent time in jail, went bankrupt, spent time away from his family and is on probabtion, and did not get to play the sport he loves as well as the fact that he will always be known as a dog killer.

Also before we post lets do some research he is signed for a 1.6 million dollar contract but the team also has an OPTION of signing him on for 5 million.So not really sure why some of you are saying 7 million.

1892 days ago
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