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Pink to Vick

I Hope The Fans

Tear You Apart!

8/14/2009 11:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pink is not a fan of Michael Vick -- and now that he's playin' ball in her hometown, she's letting everyone know how damn pissed off she is about it!

Pink to Michael Vick
The singer just unleashed on the dude on her Twitter page, firing off the following message: 

"wow. michael vick in MY hometown, Philly. of all the places. I hope the fans tear him to pieces like his beloved dogs."

There are already several protests set to go off today in Philly -- no word if Pink plans to join in.

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All you supporters of this monster need someone to go over to your house and beat and kill your loved ones and you will be singing a different tune. Vick was not a five year old when he made the choice to do these horrible acts. Can't you supporters understand that it takes a monster inside someone to do this. He knew right from wrong. Vick has no feelings ingrained in him. There is such a thing as just pure evil. There was much more deserving players they could of hired. But I am not surprised by the way you Vick lovers are. It is the sign of the times.

1898 days ago


the recovering druggie and alcoholic pink is not willing to give Vick a second chance. what a no talent hypocrite!

1898 days ago


give me a break!!! you bastards act like he killed a person. get over it. why when these awful animals tear some kid to shreds, and in some cases kill them, why yall dont condem the owners of those dogs. not a word is said. protesting over a damn dog, this world is crazy

1897 days ago


If a man cannot be forgiven for his crime after serving his time in jail giving to him by our justice system then why do we even put him in jail, we might as well stick a needle in his arm. This should shed some light on how difficult it is for other former criminals to get jobs, if someone serves thier time then why are they punish through out thier lives by not being able to even get a job at walmart.

1897 days ago


Vick get a job at Walmart you pig!

1897 days ago

seeking the truth    

Good on her! I agree 100%

1897 days ago


Go Pink! I'm glad she's standing up for the poor defenseless animals of this world. Why does everyone always say there are more important matters to discuss? What a stupid thing to say. There are always going to be lots of important matters, but that doesn't mean people shouldn't talk about them all. What Vick did was sick, evil, and demented. It shouldn't matter that they were "just animals", because the man obviously has no soul, no moral code...nothing to stop him from hurting any living being. That's how I feel about anyone who hurts sweet, innocent animals. Anyone who supports someone like him, is just as bad. But this world is going to hell so I'm not surprised so many people still side with him. It glaringly shows most people's intelligence level. And as far as calling Pink a drug addict...one thing has nothing to do with the other. It was her choice to hurt her own body, not someone else's. I hope Vick is spit on for the rest of his life.

1897 days ago


I agree with Pink. The Eagles are no longer our team - Vick should get a second chance - like all other unemployed people are getting - nothing!
He didn't volunteer to help at the SPCA Let him work in a vet clinic where they have to operate and save the animals. He should never be able to have the ability to be around animals again - he does not deserve that right.

1897 days ago


I don't like football but now I am interested. The man served his time and will pay financially for a long time. Other football players have accidently and purposely KILL people and committed acts again people and no one said crap about it. Kill or mame or look at a dog wrong and the world is over. The Eagles made a business decision. REMEMBER FOLKS, FOOTBALL EQUALS MONEY FOR THE CITY IT IS IN.And if Vick can bring home a ring, even more MONEY. So, if you call yourselves Christians, the FORGIVE THE MAN and move on!!! It was not your dog or animal hurt. move on forgive and forget. There are other things that need to be dealt with in this country other than a this!! Pink needs to stop it. She is not an innocent person and neither is her TATTOO, MOTORCROSS RIDIN', LAS VEGAS LIVING, CLUB OWNIN' man. we all have skeletons, vick just got caught.

1897 days ago

Cameron Bayliss    

PINK! Performed to a sell out crowd at the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne, Australia last night, where she is spending a record 5 months touring the country. PINK! mentioned during her performance that Michael Vick "Needs to be treated like the ***hole he is and get the **** kicked out of him, the same way he did his dogs". The audience, not really knowing who Michael Vick is, applauded and supported PINK! in her fight to stop animal cruelty.

1897 days ago


If one thing has nothing to do with the other (Pink and her drug use) then Vick playing Football has nothing to do with what he did on his off time. Pink is a role model to some kids just like Vick, What Vick did does not kill you. Drugs kill people and are bad for you!! Pink makes a living singing and did drugs. Well Vick makes a living playing football and did what he did.

AGAIN, We all have skeletons in the closet!!Let ye who have done no wrong cast the first stone!!!!!!!

sweet animals. I like that one too. We all love the cute and furry what about all of God's animals and insects. Florida is exterminating all the Pythons in the Everglades. Who is helping the poor Pythons. what about the flies we kill and the spiders and the roaches come on now folks lets get real. Be sorry for all things that are mistreated or die. PRIORITIES!!!

1897 days ago

Your name:    

I didn't realize that Philadelphia was a town...

1897 days ago


Michael Vick deserves to be put into a fighting pit, like he did with a lot of puppies, and let fighting pit bulls practice their skill by ripping the flesh off his nasty bones.

Sure he served his time; but, what kind of person in their right mind thinks a few years in prison atones for torturing and murdering living, feeling creators for fun and money. Those animals will never have their precious lives back. Live is precious and he stole it, over and over and over. He is a monster.

I beg people to boycott anything to do with the Eagles. He has not done is time. He is saying what he has to in order to get what he wants. If he had his way, he would still be letting his fighting dogs rip puppies apart.

1897 days ago


don't know who pink is- sounds like a porn star- but ditto her statement. you know i'd actually be OK if his 1st yr wasn't making 1.6M. maybe if he was being let in the door at 150K I'd be OK with this "2nd chance" which is more like a 7th chance. 2nd one came after his first dog fight/kill and he chose to have a second

1897 days ago


Can someone tell me what Pink has done for PHILLY? MV is going to be bringing in revenue. I hope the real men of Philly don't turn soft because of this. I wish I owned a team I would have signed him asap. He has a lot to prove and that can only mean he will do his best to win a Ring this year. Where does the Eagles rank anyway?

Peta, Spca and all the other animal rights agencies need to squash this hate right now. Pink is basically telling people to kill a human because of a dog. MV should sue her in court for that. His safety is now at risk. If that stadium in Philly has a riot I suggest everyone SUES Pink for starting it. Because what she has done is no better than screaming FIRE in a movie theatre.

I use to like Pink too. Now she is just another silly white girl.

1897 days ago
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