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Pink to Vick

I Hope The Fans

Tear You Apart!

8/14/2009 11:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pink is not a fan of Michael Vick -- and now that he's playin' ball in her hometown, she's letting everyone know how damn pissed off she is about it!

Pink to Michael Vick
The singer just unleashed on the dude on her Twitter page, firing off the following message: 

"wow. michael vick in MY hometown, Philly. of all the places. I hope the fans tear him to pieces like his beloved dogs."

There are already several protests set to go off today in Philly -- no word if Pink plans to join in.

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I'm COMPLETELY disgusted with the NFL. Thankfully, I've never cared for the Eagles, anyway. I hope the protesters can get this stopped. He needs to volunteer at shelters scrapping crap off the floor before he does anything else. He's only sorry because he got caught. Otherwise, he'd still be doing it. He is a vile, cruel, disgusting excuse for a human being. And, yes, ALL animal fighters are TRASH!!!!

1863 days ago


He did his time? How about his dogs? They're still doing their time.

1863 days ago


Someone please saw off Pink's penis like she sawed off a tree with her husbad's name on it.
Stupid bitch.

1863 days ago


I agree that Vick has served his time, but this does not mean that he should be allowed back into the NFL to enjoy a life of sports elitism. There is a huge difference between serving his due penalty to society (and more importantly, to animals), but our society has too often allowed these sports figures to break laws, pay a penalty and then come back to the home front earning big bucks. These professional organizations need to stop it: Vick, Tyson, and this latest footballer, Roethlisberger, if found guilty, need to be barred from professional sports. Professional sports is not only about being 'excellent' in the specific field, it is about holding high cultural morals which ought to be maintained.

1863 days ago

Yeah its me    

Fighting dogs = NOT COOL
Pleading guilty to killing a pedestrian while driving drunk = COOL (?)
Shout out to all the drunk drivers!!! Keep up the good work!

1863 days ago


omg she should be the last one to talk i'm pretty sure she has fur in her closet and plus the bitch is half crazy. and he killed a dog but not a bear or a deer and he goes to jail now that's not fair.

1863 days ago


Pink sounds like she is back on drugs.
The American public as a whole does NOT support Peta and its militant tactics.

1863 days ago

wishing they would just go the hell away!    

Normally my heart says forgive and forget, especially when someone has served time for their crimes, but when it comes to animal abuse, child abuse or abuse against the elderly, i say FRY THE BASTARD!

1863 days ago


No one can stop me from enjoying my steak! Eff off Peta and your assorted nutcase members!

1863 days ago


What Michael Vick did was inexcusable....HOWEVER, I believe the true test will be in the next few years. What kind of person does he become, what is going to show the world right now about who Michael Vick truly is. He is charged with repairing trust in him. Not an easy task, for sure. If he succeeds, then he will deserve the chance he is getting.

1863 days ago


how about fans of real music rip Pinks ass apart

This won't do anything to fans of football, PETA thinks they have more pull than they really do. Stand in front of a fan who paid for a ticket with a picket sign, and we'll see who wins....morons

1863 days ago


Peta = American Taliban

1863 days ago

Wish Belkin    

The man slaughtered helpless innocents. It's hard to get past that, even if he did "his time".

1863 days ago


So Pink does not want people to eat meat?

I'll stop eating meat just as soon as she stops eating puzzie.

1863 days ago

JoJo Dancer    

PETA is made up of terrorist. These are the same people who sabotage animal clinics and put people lives in danger on sea. I am for their causes but their methods have injured people and they have assaulted people. I can't get behind that.

1863 days ago
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