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Candy Spelling

Stands by Her Tori Diss

8/15/2009 1:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We gave Candy Spelling the opportunity to take back the harsh words she had for her daughter Tori Spelling -- when she said Tori just uses her children as "props" for her reality show.

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She didn't.


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This is so sad for Tori. I have watched her show with her husband and children, and I think it is a sweet show. Her mother, is a sick person. Tori, enjoy your life with Dean and your adorable children. HUGS

1863 days ago


UH....Does TMZ hire the dumbest and most ignorant paparazzi or what?
This "brother" needs to learn some proper english grammer. DUH!

Wow....what an ebonic speaking, illiterate skank of an excuse for a paparazzi/reporter.....just another fool with a camera.

Dumb ass wanna be's SCRUBS like this fool make me ashamed to be an educated and employed BLK man with NO criminal record.

SHAME on you pay and allow this sort of idiot to represent and work for TMZ.


1863 days ago


This biatch looks like a gremlin! "Mothers" who are jealous of their own daughters are scary, Tori is lucky to have escaped with some sanity and wise to avoid this hot mess.

1863 days ago


Interestingly...there has been quite a few people writing in to the oxygen network and asking that Tori stop bashing her mother on the show . So it will be interesting to see just how far Tori and her husband are willing to take this

1863 days ago


Candi, pppllleeeaaasee go away. Tori doesn't need your crap.

1863 days ago


Tori could take the high road and quit using her mom for ratings when Candy has made it very clear she wants to meet Privately............So answer your mom's texts and emails girl !

1863 days ago

Linda Mott    

I'll bet if she threw her daughter a couple of million, she would forgive her. People don't realize that hurt is relly anger turned inward. You are the only one that suffers when you hate someone or are hurt.

1863 days ago


If you watch Tori and Dean's show or read any of her books she is not using her children. If I was Tori's mother I would be so proud of her. Candy is so jealous of her daughter it's sickening!

1863 days ago


Considering Candy and Aaron Spelling put BOTH their children on television at a young age and mostly in Aaron's productions--- this is one mother that needs a reality show for a reality check.

1863 days ago


My advice to Tori Spelling and her husband is to stay quiet as soon as Cany Spelling is going public. Just let her say what ever she wants no matter how disgusting it may be. Keep calm, do not comment just withdraw. That has much more style and gets more respect from the public then any other reaction.

Candy Spelling is a stranger to Tori Spellings family and can not judge anything this family is doing today. She has even become a stranger to her own child. So what ever personal she claimes about Tori Spelling, her husband and her children is just as unreliable as any other strangers remarcs on this family.

1863 days ago


B ! T C H

1863 days ago


Sad when stars or anyone for that matter air their dirty laundry on the web, some things are private and need to stay that way. I communicate with my wife directly, would never write a blog to tell her how I feel, too impersonal. I do see how families may think airing greviances on the web may be helpful or just an escape from confronting them. I learned a long time ago when I got sober that amends are essential to having a life of freedom, making amends to all those that I hurt was essential to my recovery process, same goes for anyone that has resentments, hatred, anger toward anyone, very healing. Does not matter who the person or persons are, does not matter what they did, just pray and ask God for help, He will strengthen you, guise you and you will be free. We can all use more LOVE.

1863 days ago

Pls don't make me feel sorry for Ryan!    

I think that Tori starting giving her parents the silent treatment when she got older and they wouldn't support her in the lifestyle to which she had become accustomed. Tori was expected to get out there, hustle, and earn her own way in the world. The fact that the gazzilionnaire Aaron left her less than $1 mil confirms it. In Hollywood, this is petty cash. I think if Candy would loosen the purse strings and help Tori out financially (in a substantive way ... not more petty cash), she would see a big difference in their relationship. Unfortunately, this is the reality of life when you raise materialistic kids. They have high expectations of being surrounded by materialism and get bitter when the previously doting parents suddenly cut them off and expect them to survive on their own.

1863 days ago


Candy is such a passive aggressive old bag. Let's hope this doesn't get repeated with Tori's kids.

1863 days ago

Hollywood's a Hazard    

Candy is bad for ones health.

1863 days ago
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