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Candy Spelling

Stands by Her Tori Diss

8/15/2009 1:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We gave Candy Spelling the opportunity to take back the harsh words she had for her daughter Tori Spelling -- when she said Tori just uses her children as "props" for her reality show.

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She didn't.


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All of that hatred you have inside of you is starting to seep through to the outside. Look in a mirror, take a GOOD LOOK, and see what YOU are doing to your family members, and worst of all, to YOUR GRANDCHILDREN. You are one sad human. REDEEM YOURSELF before it's too late. Tori has such class, she obviously got it from her father.

1805 days ago


well i guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. where tori uses her tv show for her platform to rail against her mom, candy uses online tabloids to do just the same to her daughter.

1805 days ago


It seems Tori learned to use her kids as 'props' (which is so not true) from her momma, cause Tori is the only reason that crazy bi&*h is ever in the news!

1805 days ago


Please don't be pissed Candy is telling the truth about her daughter and her husband. Remember Tori went with a married man with children and Dean is nothing short of a pimp. Tori and Dean are completely using their family. They are no better than Jon & Kate. They make money by pimping their family out and stupid idiots praise them. Boy america is getting dumbed down more and more.

1805 days ago


Candy is never going to heal her relationship with her daughter so long as she chooses to play this out in the tabloids. Candy is way out of line and I don't blame Tori for keeping her distance.

1805 days ago


OMG! number three aka sammie baker, i just looked up the book you mentioned and checked out the general term narcisstic mothers and the description of my siter towards her one daughter "the scapegoat" is bang on. i sent the link to my niece and also did some research under narcisstic siblings. i am not crazy after all!

as for tori's mom, she fits the bill to a tee!!!

1805 days ago

Hollywood's a Hazard    

That dress looks like one of those Big K plus size tents. Is this that new the rich dress down during the economic downturn look? The only reason the rich are dressing down in public these days is that they fear being robbed.

1805 days ago


Seems to me that Candy needs to stop using her daughter Tori as a "prop"!

1805 days ago

Stacey J.    

I am a faithful viewer of the Tory and Dean show, and I don't feel in any way that they are using their children as props. This reality t.v. show is about her everyday life and guess what, her children are apart of her everyday life. As for Torri and her mother Candy, it is sad to see family not able to really put their differences aside and to see that time is short and the most important thing is each other. I pray that they will see the big picture, tomorrow is not promised. Agree to disagree but continue to love and support one other. Oh and Candy, after the printing of tabloids, at the end of the day Torri is still your baby and you would be more than blessed to be apart of the childrens lives.

1805 days ago


The poster said Dean was nothing short of a pimp and the fact that America is getting dumbed down ?

You are right on !!

I can't believe folks take this BS at face value

1805 days ago


This woman is just plain hateful. She takes every opportunity to trash her own daughter just to stay in the spotlight. Her words are meant to stab Tori in the heart in front of the entire world. What mother does that to her child? Each time Candy does that Tori takes the high road and does not sink to her mother's level. Tori is a good role model for her kids, which is more than Candy can claim. Even if Candy is telling the truth (which I highly doubt is the case) a mother who truly loves her child would not continue to play this out for all the world to see. I think Candy was too busy thinking of how to spend the gazillions of dollars her husband made to even think of being a real mother. I applaud Tori for how she is handling this situation and for not putting a hit out on her mother.

1805 days ago


Candy Spelling in E-vile! She's a stupid, rich old hag, who clearly has zero maternal instincts. There are Mamas out there that have more love and compassion for their death row kids! I am amazed at how hands-on and loving Tori is with her babes. I realize the show is edited, but I do not believe for one moment that she uses her kids for the show. They can barely talk so how is that interesting? I like the show because she and her hubbby have many of the same issues as other married folks. Plus, they are both hilarious!

1804 days ago


Tori is such a wonderful person? She was a married woman fooling around with a married man with children. Since when did breaking up families become a good quality? You people need to quit putting celebrities on pedestals. She's more narcissistic than her mother. And she is exploiting her children on reality TV. How come it's ok for her to do and not anyone else?

1804 days ago


I can't believe this woman is so ugly...Inside and out!!!!

1804 days ago


I HATE THIS STUPID woman, loser loser and more loser, go away, go bury yourself Candy, at least Tori and making and not living off someone like you did you stupid idiot, oh I just cant say enough, I would certainly kick you in the ass if I met you. GO AWAY NOONE likes you face the reality of it all dummy.

1804 days ago
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