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Jon & Kate Kiss and Make Up

8/15/2009 2:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just not each other ...

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A day after their fight ended up with cops being called, Jon and Kate Gosselin reunited yesterday at their family home in Reading, PA.

It's good to see them put the welfare of their kids third second first.


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being a young divorced mother to a young child, i can relate to kates behavior. shes quick to snap, low patience, irritable etc... it sucks that sometimes she has a short fuse with the kids BUT shes scared shes gonna lose them and her whole life plan is destroyed!!! my ex cheated on me during the end of our marriage and only came around to see our baby when he was bored, court orded to or had some slut impress by pretending he was a hands on dad!!! it sucks and shes depressed.... give her some slack... their are many moments behind closed doors where she grabs those kids in bed and hugs them all nite!! its hard to relate if you havent been thru a simular crisis!! the fear of possibly losing custody, even tho its likely not going to happen, is a life altering event!! even tho she may at times take it out on the kids, the fear of losing them and being betrayed by your spouse who promised forever is a devasting crisis!!! shes hurting inside even tho she has a cold appearance!! its tough and shes suffering inside!! being picked apart from the media & by outsiders is gonna make every feeling she has skyrocket out of control! being called a bad mom is not something i'd like to hear daily either!! that has to hurt! realistically their are plenty of crackheard mom neglecting their kids, kids being molested by thier step dads when my turns a cheek or kids who dont eat cuz mom spends her $$ at the bar!!shes not a bad mom!! her kids are clean, mostly happy, fed, nurtured etc... i would feel safe having kate watching my 8yr old... jon on the other hand, not so much!!

1842 days ago


Cancel the show? Simply turn off the channel they are on. We all have as much say-so as the TV stations, we just have to use it. I don't (and have never) watched the show, so don't know what the fuss is about from that angle. But being an MFCC, do read the comments from fans and find it sad that all of this is done in public. Yes, money is the issue for Jon and Kate,but bottom line, each is doing what every divorced person does...fight. Until the divorce (emotional, financial, physical) is over, nothing changes. Kate will be the mother hen, wanting the best babysitters; Jon will be less intelligent in choosing, as that isn't in his nature. Both will have to learn to work together eventually for the good of the children. But this is old stuff in each divorce proceeding,and just because they are celebrities means nothing. For us, we can use our power of veto by NOT watching. The mess will continue with or without us. Sadly. And the children will grow up confused, sadly. No one wins in a divorce. But no one thinks before marriage, is this the one for me for ever?????? Again, sad. Today's world and today's marriage when commitment comes last.

1842 days ago


Kate needs Valium!!! Jon's libido needs a check... they need to seperate once and for all... save the childrens sanity while they still can!

1842 days ago

Therese Rose    

25. I bet the fight was about Kate's lack of nookie and Jon shoving his penis in every brainless wanna be wife. Jon doesn't love any one of them, I don't even think he loved Kate to begin with. Remember she pursued him, til he finally gave in.

Why is he so damn popular all of a sudden, every one knows asians have small peckers!

Posted at 12:37PM on Aug 15th 2009 by Kate III

LMFAO! This is true. He was kinda cute until his mean womanizing ways emerged.

I think he was cheating on Kate long before they became famous. He likes young poontang with lack of brains.

1842 days ago


hey eric.... i created this account all for you. im irish too... there was no need for your comment to prettyirishwoman. she has a point...or are you just to stupid to see that....?

1842 days ago


The only thing the Jon and Kate care about is the almighty greenback. They can care less that Mady needs to see a phych doctor for her troubles, that Cara is so painfully shy , that her sextuplets talk like they are only 3 yr olds instead of 5 year olds because they do not put them with kids their own age.. I really wish child services would come in and see that these children are being abused. Maybe not physically but mentally and verbally... and words cut deeper then a swat on the butt anyway , words hurt for a life time. Look at Michael Jackson. His father said he had a big nose. Why do you think he kept getting his nose done because of the hurtful words his father said to him.. State of PA needs to step in.. Make over 80 percent of the money go towards the kids that would be 10 percent for each family member but OH NO kate wouldnt have that . That would cut into her spa time, her land rovers, her trips . her new condo . She can give a rats Ass about those kids all they are to her is dollar signs.. Mommy dearest part 2 is coming soon written by Mady because she is the only one who will tell it like it is !! GO MADY

1842 days ago


Jon and Kate WHO ??????? a bozo and his bimbo, Mr. too cool and Mrs.
Cutie --- Gimmie a break and ask me if I care ------ Blow em off and give us something important to read

1842 days ago

Kate calling the cops shows that she is an over-reacting crazy bitch.

1842 days ago


Where's child protective services when they're needed? The kids are being exploited for profit. Don't we have laws against that?

1842 days ago


I have this really strong feeling these two and their situation is going to get down right dirty in the near future!! Its coming they are both a wreck, and both need some professional help and I mean fast!! Just my opin.

1842 days ago


Jon let Kate see the kids Friday because "he had his way" with the nanny, Santoro on thursday night. Kate was trying to "interrupt", his boink session.. the Gosselin children will be on Oprah someday telling how their GREEDY parents SPENT all their money and HAD AFFAIRS!!!

1842 days ago



1842 days ago


Yes she WAS mean and bossy on national TV. Yes he has been linked to several VERY questionable women( or girls) But why must the kids keep suffering. I use to watch the show with my kids, now I read the news about them alone. Their show went from great family fare to a total circus. God bless and protect those poor children.

1842 days ago

TV has a new low    

Oh look, even their make up scene for their "kids" is filmed, how "sincere" is that? (Film crew, please be here at 11:35 after I have the children dressed and fed and I have my nails done, Jon is sure he will be done bonking the neighbor teen by then and we wish to provide a scene on the west lawn. Please also bring me new MAC lipgloss in extra sparkly, I'm out, and don't touch it, don't touch anything of mine you are dirty and germy.)

"Oh Jon, boink anyone you like, here, take my younger sister, please, I must keep this house, please come over and act for the sake of the show, the ratings are in trouble, I mean I am concerned about the children, god I wish I could remember their names, everything is so busy I hardly have time to get to know them and the babysitters seems to know them more and boink you more, please call me back before I have to leave for a book tour.............

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1842 days ago
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