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Jon & Kate Kiss and Make Up

8/15/2009 2:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just not each other ...

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A day after their fight ended up with cops being called, Jon and Kate Gosselin reunited yesterday at their family home in Reading, PA.

It's good to see them put the welfare of their kids third second first.


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They need to go back to the table and get a list of **approved**
They also need to give and have *access* to the children if there is any issue they don't agree on be back at the table-childcare is a huge and should not be some two bit bar hussy. LOCKING the parent off the property is cold.

I am sorry, but if that were my soon to be ex, hiring a bar hussy to watch my kids would be a non-issue. It wouldn't happen. YOU BET I would have huge issues with IF that was his choice.

Jon seems to be a thinking with his smaller brain. YOU don't hire
your f**k buddies to watch your kids. Seems like the truth about
this dog is coming out in spades.

1862 days ago

laura bell lou    

They found out they need to act better or people will stop watching their show. Please take the show off the air and spend some time with your children. We watch enough trash!

1862 days ago


Jon obviously loves his children, so putting that aside...I am so happy he is giving Kate the controlling bitch HELL. Kate is just pissed now that she has no one she can bitch to, nd when she tries to do it to Jon now, he is calling her on it


1862 days ago


Dude where's your house? No way in hell should Kate have to give up residence everytime he pops in (with gf's) to visit his little moneymaker/dollars, but it's so him! Kate plus kids can do way better than lame-lard ass!!

1862 days ago


Why did the wieney get hair plugs before fixing his face?

1862 days ago


Time for this show to be retired, for the sanity of the kids...Oh wait....they don't matter, it's about Jon and Kate.

1862 days ago


Jon and his ever-growing paunchy stomach, hair plugs, earrings, new sports car and barely legal girlfriends is a TOTAL douche bag.

I think he and Kate would have broken up, show or no show, eventually. He obviously is into teenage girls and wants to live like he's still in college.

What a DORK.

1862 days ago


Is Jon now wearing blue contacts????? His eyes look blue in the latest closeups of his eyes.

1862 days ago


#46 you got it right!

1862 days ago


Kate, have your lawyer on speed dial

1862 days ago


Think of the kids!!!!!! PLEASE
As someone who is a young child of divorce, it's hard enough to go through, don't make it worse... My parents fought all the time, and from what the media have said and even Jon and Kate on interviews on their show, they were fighting...
Put the kids first and stop argruing in front of them...
It’s Traumatizing for them!!!

1862 days ago


I can just imagine, in my neighborhood where I see a divorced couple exchange their kids every weekend. I could just imagine if the situation were changed so that instead of the child changing places... the father parked his car with his suitcase and moved into the home while the mother left... What a totally funny sight that would be. The short fact is -- that would never happen in the real world. The requirement that the kids stay put while the parents switch is a work of a very controlling woman who wants to completely control the environment. It is just plain wrong to force Jon to do this. You are putting Jon back into an abusive place in the hands of an abusive woman. He is suffering post-traumatic stress disorder. Placing Jon back into the home is just like placing a woman back in the hands of a batterer. Give Jon some rights and let him bring his kids to his place during his weekend. If I was Jon, I would never go back to that house. Never. Why would I want to go back to a place where I know a person is going to interrogate and belittle me?

1862 days ago


Like what Harvey says, "I'm over it." Enough already...

1862 days ago

Therese Rose    

Jon, you obviously have bad luck with white women. Why don't you try an asian gal. Remember: Me So Horny (MEEEE LUFF YOU LONG TIME)!

1862 days ago


GET THESE KIDS OFF TV!! This is child abuse!!!

1862 days ago
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