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Jon & Kate Kiss and Make Up

8/15/2009 2:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just not each other ...

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A day after their fight ended up with cops being called, Jon and Kate Gosselin reunited yesterday at their family home in Reading, PA.

It's good to see them put the welfare of their kids third second first.


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frogs and gravel    

I tape the show to make fun of with my children. When Maddy comes on the television we throw stuff at the T.V. ( Kind of like
The Rocky Horror Picture Show)

1873 days ago


I know this much that they try to fire jon..... he will make them miserable and not give permission to shoot.

1873 days ago


So what does this all mean ?? Are they back together again, or that Jon just let Kate behind the GATE !!?? Also, what ever happened to the 1st girlfriend, the School Teacher ?? Does she still have her job, or did she get fired, cause of Jerky Jon ??!! The Star reporter quit her job, just to be with Jon, what a JERK !!! She just met him, then quits her JOB !!!!

1873 days ago


# 85.. Flevkev2S.... Yeah, Maddy always seems to be MAD & Jealous of the other kids, she always gives me the feeling that she is going to big trouble growing-up... Maybe do-off with the whole family...

1873 days ago


I guess this story put everyone to sleep.....!!! LOL...

1873 days ago


Those poor babies seem to be hanging their heads. Enough is enough. They didn't chose this lifestyle, their parents chose it for them, and while I'm sure they've gotten to experience a lot more than the average child, I bet they would trade it all to have their smiles back. So sad.

1873 days ago


We really don't know all the facts. Maybe Kate showed up because one of the kids called her about the strange 'babysitter'. Maybe she didn't like the idea of what was going to be happening in their house, while Jon was supposed to be spending time with his kids. Not many wives would go for that kind of stuff. Jon is a man who just a year ago renewed his marriage vows and now is acting like a crazy man without any moral values. Regardless of what he thinks, his actions are going to have serious repercussions on those kids. And so many people voice concern about the effect this has on the kids, and then write things like 'when Maddy comes on the television we throw stuff at the tv' or 'she is going to be big trouble growing up...maybe do-off with the whole family'. Nice! Real nice!

1873 days ago


first is the good ole dollar. they better make nice or there lifestyles are no longer.....

1873 days ago


Those two young people need to get away from the cameras and set down with a marriage counselor and see if their marriage is salvageable. They need to both grow up and start respecting each other as wonderful parents, which I feel they are but they let their childish behavior get in the way. John and Kate need to realize its not about them anymore its about their children that they brought into this world. And they also need to find forgiveness for each other.

1873 days ago

D. Craddock    

I thought Jon was a special dad but i was wrong I believe he just likes the women and holds on too the kids just long enough to get money. Don't it amaze everyone how he can walk out and leave eight kids.

1873 days ago

who gives a shit    

These two people are so disgusting. Enough of them. It's too bad for the kid's that he is running around throwing swim parties in Vegas and that she is going on all these morning talk shows. Don't they have any shame? Boycott their program and maybe TLC will break the contract and we won't have to hear about them anymore!!!!!!!!! Don't watch, JUST SAY NO!!!!

1873 days ago


*********************BOYCOTT JON ALERT****************************

I am going to Vegas 8/26-8/30- staying at MGM Grand. A large group of us were going to go and check out Wet Republic (pool party/club @ MGM) but I just found out JON may be "hosting" the party there on 8/29. If that's the case, I will definitely cancel our reservations. I have no interest in attending any event "hosted" by that idiot and can't believe MGM would think it's a good idea!?! I am contacting them to find out if it's true and if it is, I am going to cancel and let them know how absurd I think he is and the idea of him hosting a party there is. Even if I wasn't going I would let them know what I think. So if anyone else is going that weekend (you have been warned) or if you just want to let them know your opinion on dear ole' Jon you can email them at:

1873 days ago


Jon left the house Friday. Where is he now, Jared? I am not use to Jon being away from the camera for TWO DAYS.

1873 days ago


Get both of these losers off of TV. They are doing all of this for the money. Kate is a fake ass bitch who crys on demand. Jon has simply lost his mind. The children are spoiled and feel that people owe them something. They feel entitled to anything they want because they have gotten everything for being on tv. The camera has been in the tups face ALL OF THEIR LIFE. They already made a movie about this...The Truman Show. TLC ought to be ashamed of themselves for creating this monster. Kate, go back to the trailer park where you belong. Jon, I simply don't believe that you are sexing all of these females..if you are..go get some help boy you're a nymphomaniac!

1872 days ago


I can't believe they are still filming the show while they are in the middle of getting divorced. That's gotta be even worse for those kids.

1872 days ago
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