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Jon & Kate Kiss and Make Up

8/15/2009 2:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just not each other ...

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A day after their fight ended up with cops being called, Jon and Kate Gosselin reunited yesterday at their family home in Reading, PA.

It's good to see them put the welfare of their kids third second first.


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I agree thier wallets come 1st! Jon is banging the new sitter thats why Kate wanted to get home, I dont blame her they need 1 sitter not 5!

1897 days ago


Someone or something gave Jon the nerve to stand up to her, and here we go. I do believe he is a 'horn-dog' but don't believe every woman he talks to he's 'hooking up' with. She is paranoid and makes sure the paps and media get hold of it!! He's a chubby little Asian guy for Pete's sake--not Brad Pit or John Mayer (ick). They are playing it out in the media for ratings. Heard the show is down to 4 million viewers. If you don't watch people, they will take it off. If you are curious about it, just wait until the next day--it will be all over the news!!! It is the only way to help these kids. Get it off the TV. Then she will be forced to get a regular job and Jon will need to find one too!!! simple as that.

1896 days ago


Remember the Gosselins, have to pay taxes on everything they are given. Can you imagine the taxes on that house? No, Kate is worried about money or I'm sure she would get out of the show at this point.
I hope she is doing the day shows to save for the time she can quit all this and just be a Mom.
Meanwhile Jon is frying himself which I hope he keeps up.
You are seeing his intelligent level now, that's why he never spoke up in front of the camera's before. Bet he was mean and ugly behind the scenes.

1896 days ago


They only want all the attention they can get, and will get it anyway they can, those kids don't matter to them or they would keep thier lifes to them sleves

1896 days ago


I think that both Kate and Jon need to grow up....I think that tey are both acting like two littlie babies actually worse than babies...I use to like to wtach the show but with her being rude and hateful to him and him not standing up to her is crap...neither kate or jon is perfect...and I am sick and tired of their attitudes..

1896 days ago

laura bell lou    

If I were Kate I would not leave my kids and take turns and let him live in the house at all. He ran around on her and left, so I do believe that's all she needs to get everything. She does not need him and he should be taken off air and a better husband and daddy should replace him!!!

1896 days ago


All of this continues to be so sad. You know the kids are hurting. They don't understand what is going on... They hear the yelling, the police showing up, Mom crying ... it's tearing them up inside!! Doesn't ANYBODY CARE? They feel responsible for every bad thing that is happening.(I have an education in early childhood development). All we can do is stop watching. TLC will eventually get it and not renew their contract. I am just so concerned for the children :(

1895 days ago


I agree with everyone out there who think this has grown ito a media circus. Those two have exploited those children long enough already and that show should have been cancelled long ago before Kate got so gready!Kate is to blame in this situation as far as I am concerned as the writing was on the wall the first time she opened that big mouth of hers on the air bereting her husband in front of everyone!! Who would live with someone like that and keep their self respect? In Canada we are all sick to death of that show and want the bloody thing cancelled. At the very least someone should tell that idiot Kate to do something about her hair!!..God she looks like an idiot!!..Get with the program will ya and get your hairdressers to finish the job you look like an dog!!

1894 days ago


I used to watch the show every week... my children and I would watch the kids and since my kids are in the same developmental group as the 6, it was great to gauge their development... I think the show took a turn for the worse when Jon stopped working outside of the home and came home and showed America that he is the better patient parent! (She has gotten rid of any and everyone that shows she is not a good parent remember Aunt Jodi) Of the times he's been alone with a group of kids, there has NEVER been a temper tantrum, nor have I sensed a potential breakdown looming around the corner... His laid back attitude is soo refreshing to watch... Kate needs to go to counseling...Her problem is not with Jon, its something internal with herself!! and I feel for those children if she is left to parent them alone!! She has 8 little Jon look-alikes in her household and that cannot be a good feeling... He loved her more than she ever knew to love him but he couldn't love her enough to outweight her non love of herself!! I pray for them all and hope that they come to a resolution SOON!!

1893 days ago


Jon is behaving so badly. I may not agree with how Kate behaved during their marriage, but she has certainly stepped up and is doing what's right for the kids. I don't understand why they did not seek out counseling for their marriage. If anything is worth it, I would think being parents to 8 kids is... The whole thing is very sad just watching the fact that Jon and Kate cannot communicate in a civil manner with each other. At first John HATED the paparazzi - now he seems to seek them out. The show has created a monster out of Jon.

1893 days ago


TEAM JON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1893 days ago


TEAM JON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1874 days ago


Has anyone actually seen the show before this season? Really she's treated him like dirt since the beginning! Everything is about what she wants. She wanted another baby, she got six, then she whined about it(Mulitple Ble8sings), she wanted to do the 1 hour special, he said no. What happened? The spoiled brat got her way again. She wanted to do the TLC series, he didn't, guess how that went. The list goes on and on. He did what she wanted to make her happy. But nothing makes her happy except the spotlight. Everything this woman does is in front of cameras because that's what makes her happy. Knowing people are talking, doesn't matter if it's good or bad, because at least they're talking. Give the poor guy a break, wouldn't you rebel a little after being treated like a child by your own wife? Kate has become a disgrace to even listen too, and her face is plastered all over t.v. and every magazine at newstands everywhere. She's become a millionaire off her kids and being the world's biggest bitch on tlc.

1868 days ago


I USED TO LOVE j&k8. I'm sick of all Jon's crap now. I just find Jon to be such a liar. Does he realize that he's not good looking, witty,or fashionable? The man who complained that he never wanted to be on tv when their problems started surfacing will not give up any opportunity to be in the spotlight. What is it about him that makes anyone pay attention? It's the train wreck phenomenon. Maybe we just want to see him crash and burn.

1868 days ago
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