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Kurt Angle Busted for Alleged Harassment

8/15/2009 5:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TNA Wrestling world champion Kurt Angle was arrested this morning for allegedly harassing a female wrestler who had a protective order against him.

Angle allegedly was served with a "protection from abuse" order earlier in the morning -- and then was spotted following the woman to a local Starbucks.

According to WPXI in Pittsburgh, Angle was also in possession of HGH and was driving on a suspended license.

He was charged with driving while operating privilege is suspended, prohibited acts-possession, harassment and prohibited acts.

Angle is scheduled to compete in a TNA event in Orlando Sunday night.

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Rhaka Khan = Trenesha Biggars (sp?) = doesn't even wrestle for TNA anymore because they couldn't stand her working for them and she sucks at wrestling of all things. If Kurt Angle wanted to stalk a women's wrestler why not go for someone hotter like one of the Beautiful People ladies tag team? CODEPENDENT and drug addicts..these two were still living together when all this went down. She should've hopped on a Greyhound bus the FIRST time he beat her ass. He'll be out in time for the big pay per view tomorrow; he's rich. *rolls eyes*

1862 days ago


If you have'nt seen the female wrestler they are talking about she looks like a tall black drag queen and is one of the worst female wrestlers ever to step in the ring.

1861 days ago

Cedric Reed    

What the hell is wrong with him.

1861 days ago


Didn't anyone tell Kurt that you should never beat up a woman (even if she's a wrestler) and that steroids are illegal. WWE was right to get rid of him. Jeff Jarrett is laughing hysterically right now.

1861 days ago


didnt like my comment then suck gay asses

1861 days ago

George William Gockel    

I have the book Kurt Angle IT'S True,IT's True. Kurt Angle should now better not to talk Rhaka Kahn.

1861 days ago


Shame Kurt didn't have a roid rage when the cops arrested him so they would have had an excuse to put him down like a rabid dog. That guy is a ticking time bomb and it is only a matter of time before he kills someone outside the ring. Won't be long before he totally loses control, or like other wrestler he is found dead from heart attack due to roid use.

1861 days ago

Da Game    

Kurt Kurt Kurt we all know that you cant play the game, but is it really necessary to beat on your beautiful ex Karen and that she-male"girlfriend" of yours? Hey Kurt got 2 words for you...Suck it oh wait you've probally done that with your girlfriend.

1861 days ago


If this was WWE, Kurt would have at least been suspended but TNA Wrestling has chosen to ignore the situation. More proof how messed up that company is.

1860 days ago


Business as usual for TNA after this situation. They had the opportunity to punish Kurt by taking the World title off him last night but here we are Kurt Angle is still the World Champion and tonight they tape more TV with Kurt as focus point. Kurt has Dixie Carter eating out of his hand.

1860 days ago


All of you need to shut up. I've personally known kurt and his family for many years. If she was sooo scared, why was she sitting at starbucks, sipping her latte??? And to correct all you haters, Karen was the violent one;I witnessed my self. Most of you live in a dreamland. Do you think the sports you faithfully sit and watch doesn't have an athlete that doesn't take "something" for their body to recover?? They would not be able to perform if they didn't. They all have to take it!!!!! Or they can play flag football. Get off his ass, you don't know him and you don't know his evil ex-wife. You're all wanna-be's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1859 days ago


In addition, king kong or whatever her name was could leave at any time. Why did she stay. I hear he actually asked her to leave. Seems like she is the STALKER. Kurt can have any girl he wants. He doesn't have to stalk some beast at starbucks!!! Serioulsy!!! Do you people have anything better to do?? I guess that's why you watch wrestling and think it's real. Kurt, we love you and have your back!!!

1859 days ago

for; while my guitar gently weeps    

82. 69. The Chris Benoit case had little to do with steroids and more about the significant amount of brain damage he suffered over the course of his career and how it affected his brain. This is just Jeff Hardy, yet again being a dumb ass. I'm sure WWE is now very glad that he chose to take time off and not resign.

Posted at 1:53AM on Sep 12th 2009 by DC

Wrong DC, Wrong, Wrong and Wrong; Chris Benoit was the greatest Wrestling Showman ever, Jeff Hardy was filling the gap by sacrificing his body in the same manner, only' Jeff risks his back and body, where-as Chris used his head for a weapon.

Kurt Angle {from my hometown, when we both were young} who I kay-fabe hate, is also' an ultimate showman {especially' if your like me' and enjoy his losses} a Druggie, Steroid abuser and walking his last breaths along with Jeff.

DC if you cannot realize' that the "Genetic Jackhammer" Vince McMahon glorifies Steroids' in the mind of children' and in the body's' of Wrestlers' you will never understand Wrestling or Sport.

Chris Benoit was found dead' with a boat-load' of Personal use Steroids, above and beyond the amount massive bodybuilding Wrestlers consume, plus' he was walking around stupefied from brain Stem damage {Brain Stem examination' or damage repair' is outside the realm of today's modern medicine, totally inoperable} caused by his signature move the flying head-butt {frontal lobe' brain damage was also' found in Autopsy} the problems are three-fold.

First' career's are advanced for Steroid enhanced performers and the Genetic Jackhammer leads the field.

Second' drug are availability for professionals that have obtained the financial ability to access the moral-less drug providers.

Third' is law enforcement, following arrest' publicized, the rich and/or rich and famous pay' minimal fines and or incarcerations, much to do with their employers backing, with pressures applied and the "showmanship must go on attitude" making death the cost of career advancement.

The WWE requires the youngest of fans, because' many, most fans lose interest when disgusted by the evidence of trickery with stupidity, moral fabric be damned, if and when Jeff rebounds Vince will stage his act, always has with Wrestlers' and always will.

The only way to address the Wrestlers on Drug use problem, must include all rich and famous Drug abusers, by setting the example of hitting their pocketbook with both fines and ongoing financial hardship' of once busted, all testing and convincing of rehab' are shouldered on the person busted, employer's will not be able to keep pace with cost of drug use by employ.

Plus' high and mighty Doctor's and Pharmacies' must be also be pocketbook reprimanded, with' their ability to provide drugs' restricted, by paying ongoing fine that includes inspection of business practices.

So' Following Drug Arrest and Source discovery, all must pay cost for examination of books or blood, including' Person, employer, Doctor and Pharmacy, the almighty dollar, drives' the drug abuse, and only' the almighty dollar can curtail the drug abuse problem.

1834 days ago


TO: intoxica503

YOU are a wanna-be--shut up about kurt!! You know nothing of these people; are you a crazy stalker?? You "met chris and kurt a few times" Pleeeeeeeeeeeeese, get a life. Did you have to stand in line long?? Why would you want to meet a "bald bastard"???? You are a loooooooser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
P.S. learn how to spell!!!!!!

1834 days ago
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